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  1. So...what's your wishlist? (Knowing that TN never gets elite players)
  2. He is still in a learning curve. He isn't an experienced player. But it seems capable of reaching to that level. Give him a couple of seasons.
  3. Well, Goff took his team to a SB. he's still a QB who's got very good numbers, eventhough he has missed his favorite targets due to injuries. I am not sure why you aren't calling Goff a franchise QB. Explain your reasons.
  4. It's aside and far from a "love or hate" standpoint. Take well care of a sport. A sport who drove millions to follow for something really important. competition...legal competition and SPORTMANSHIP. If sports had become important in millions of kids' lives is for the formation, for the pysical condition enabling all that to also understand why an efficent team work is important to create a force. Not only sportwise, but classroomwise and later jobwise. if a sport sees those attributes dilluted or lost, then the world has lost the sense of what's a true discipline and talent. It seems that in our times or in recent years the selfish acts had been socialy glorified...and the path to what really matters for any human-being to become truthfuly succesful had been also lost. Personally I refuse to glorify the selfish acts.
  5. I have serious issues thinking that the Titans had solve the issues anywhere. Anybody got any idea why this team turned in a RB scrimmage type of team? I am having a hard time adding a logic to that. It's the same hard time I am having deciding what went wrong with KC against NE...or what the Rams presented at the SB.
  6. Cheatting as video-recording other teams' playbooks...using a snow mover clean the kicker spot...deflating balls during a SB. Amphetamines were out of control during the 80s...yet, the biggest issue about using that substance, was that later players who consumed them were having serious health issues or dying too young. basiclly that's why the NFL banned it's use, to protect their well being. The NFL was becoming in an important national health issue. Not because that helped many teams to get into the SB. there's a clear difference.
  7. What a mass of bipolared stuff. GET REAL!! I am sure that the 70s Steelers didn't cheat...the 49ers of the 80s didn't cheat. Miami dumbfucked themselves with Marino's mistakes...same with the Cowgirls by Romo (most chocking QB at important games in NFL history).
  8. You are clearly dumbfucked...and if you didn't get it, here's a synonimus: FUCK YOU!!!
  9. Agreed. I always was against his induction.
  10. Being aware of the context is very important. Moon was part of that team on that aweful comeback. Key phrase: Was part of. nothing can take that away from him or any player at that game. Then he choke always at playoffs. He even lost a playoff game against Joe Montana, when Montana was with one foot on the retirement, and he was with Kansas City. yet the Oilers had to get the loss against them at the Astrodome. That day I was about to barf fireworks out of frustration. So again..Moon was impressive at regular season games..and he chocked constantly at Playoffs. He played in a 100% designed passing offense. Yet he couldn't get that team to even a Championship Game. SO what took him to the HOF were his regular season numbers. Yep...the HOF can admit players like him.
  11. No. The thing is that you are really ignorant to even understand. Not my issue, kid. Go back to school and do something more constructive in your life. Since you are wayyy lost.
  12. Moon imploded too many times when arriving to playoffs. He could be a throwing machine during regular season...different (and choke) story at playoffs. And also part of the Oilers who suffered the worse comback on playoffs ever.
  13. Your nonsense is reaching to new, undiscovered levels? you are pushing those..and too hard, kid.
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