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  1. The expert has arrived. (I mean it)
  2. Buahahahaha... Just change that "scouting" word, since it's making you look a lost dumb....
  3. Troll...you had been always a troll.. and the one to give fun to kids... You couldn't remember anything, since you were too busy trolling....
  4. And you still can recall me...which keeps you into the suspicious picture. I was one of the most avid posters on the TOMB... I am not talking or referring when I joined this MB..I am talking about the TOMB, and I surely posted quite and often over there..so, since you can't recall me, and I can't recall you...I think we are stepping on the same ground of things...
  5. You are just a kid....seriously you are. You seem to be one of those online gamer kids, who thinks showing how dumbfucked you are...it's the real deal...
  6. he did the same during PAST offseason....kid.
  7. Pfft...if you were at the TOMB, you should really recall me...so...secondly, and for that matter...you wouldn't be calling me "kid". Thirdly, when the TOMB died I went to a message board, which a former moderator at the TOMB opened (now is almost dead in activity)...
  8. This confirms it..you are utterly fucked up! always and all the way. The reason to be on a message board is to bring your honest analysis or about happenings or current things. Try to do a much better effort than just portraying yourself like someone with a bit of football knowledge. This is a football board..not your personal You Tube Channel, kid.
  9. @japan ... you're just a typing-obssesed fellow..just that! You never offer any type of sincere insight...
  10. Well... his putative son (Vrabel) seems to be targetted.
  11. You are awlays utterly fucked up....what gives?
  12. I retired myself from doing odds like that. This NFL word..is too damn unpredictable.
  13. Instead of using just random words...try to explain further where your fundamentals come from... Could we agree?
  14. Yeah! read @japan's posts, since he already decided to communoicate better! (I am supproting you @japan .. do not dare to put me a WTF emoji... )
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