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  1. Someone call a moderator. This dude is bypassing that function and it's hijacking a thread!
  2. Bunch of fags! 3 or 4 idiots against one. The first guy who punched first, did it when the one who he punched was looking to his left. The other dumbfuck power slams him, while that dude was dizzy after got punched. The 3rd one...slapping him while being on the floor...well, that wanker is the more faggoted of them all.
  3. Antonio Brown is a great example of a dumbfucked wanker.
  4. We are two, at the moment. The rest are (were, including myself) constant posters from Titans Tailgate. And it has been a rabid free League.
  5. Tannehill owned it against Philadelphia. It could be just pre-season, but Mariota has got a bunch of starts and also injuries. An offense is benefited by having a more accurate and certain QB. Not someone that has been irregular most of the time.
  6. It's absolutely indignant how Trump presents himself at the hospital, with a larger-than-life attitude and laughing. (at 1:56 from this video) Then he left many babies, toddlers and grown-up children parentless. Not knowing why their parents never showed to pick them up (6:00 at this same video) a clear guvernamental torture. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/i-m-shooter-accused-el-paso-gunman-told-police-he-n1040901
  7. It's pre-season, but why not going for the FG kick? isn't that putting the rookies under too much pressure? I think so.
  8. I watched Tannehill behind Miami's controls too many times. It seemed to me that what he was ordered to do by coaches keeped him off balance..and then his lousy OL.
  9. I do not agree with that. The OL he had was very suspiscious.
  10. No it wasn't. Studfield played really well, but seems that his wrists aren't tough enough. Or maybe he rescent an old injury.
  11. I said it when they signed him. He was a much capable starting QB than fragile Mariota.
  12. Someone kind enough....take the keyboard away from this, dongdong!!!
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