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  1. Worrisome thing is that Evan's Combine numbers were all lower than the backup QB's. Gabbert was a bit bigger than Evans when he tested as well. Rashaan's stats were nothing special, just a one year starter as a senior, and the SEC coaches didn't even consider him worthy of First Team honors. They picked Skai Moore ahead of him who was UDFA. Then he skipped Senior Bowl and refused to run 40 or lift for the scouts.
  2. Falk is basically the anti Gabbert. Blaine was highly touted, came out very young (21 his rookie season), big guy, big arm, very athletic, but not much experience and average college stats. Falk was considered a third day pick, turns 24 this season, average size, average arm, not very athletic but spent 5 years in college and put up video game numbers. It's a question of taste, I suppose.
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