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    2018 NFL Draft Rumors & Speculation Thread

    I think the last 1/3 of the first round is really the beginning of the second round in terms of talent. So you’re not finding sure fire studs, but potential starters. At that point it’s all about who fits your needs and scheme. I think we have locked in on Hubbard and Sweat, but we know we can get them a few picks later. If we can find a trade partner, that’s great. If not, Jrob is gonna stick and pick one of those guys, probably Hubbard since he’s a little safer given Sweats past injury history. Not a sexy pick but hope he at least becomes a reliable starter.
  2. I think we might have been the team to medically flunk LVE, but instead of saying that’s the reason we instead said that he probably wouldn’t last till our pick.
  3. http://www.titansonline.com/video/videos/Back2Campus-Derrick-Henry-and-Rashaan-Evans/d67c4240-2620-490b-bc7f-199493aed93e Derrick Henry and Rashaan Evans back on campus. At the end, Henry says something about Evans being drafted by the Titans. It's weird to me that we haven't even brought this guy in for a visit, or any 1st round graded ILB for that matter.
  4. In today's mock draft by Charlie Campbell at Walterfootball.com, Charlie had this to say about our pick at 25: "In speaking to a reliable source, they believe the Titans are targeting outside linebacker, inside linebacker, and defensive line - in that order - for this pick. They felt that Rashaan Evans or Harold Landry could be the finalists for this pick. This source told me to lock in Marcus Mariota many months before the 2015 NFL Draft. They told me the organization loved Jack Conklin in 2016, and last year, they said to mock a receiver at No. 5 and Adoree' Jackson at No. 18. Thus, I'm going to listen to this source even though some other teams have told me they have Landry graded as a second-rounder. I think Titans general manager Jon Robinson also would value an inside linebacker later in the draft, as he was part of Tampa Bay landing Kwon Alexander in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo are aging while nearing the end of their contracts, plus Landry is a good fit for Mike Vrabel's scheme as well." In my experience, Charlie does actually have a good source on Titans draft targets, and I recall all those hits he mentioned in the last several years. Given our pre-draft visits with Josh Jackson, Justin Reid and Jaire Alexander, I think you also have to add DB/S as one of our position targets in the first round. Although we haven't found out about any official 30 visits with first-round caliber inside linebackers or defensive line (like Evans, Payne, etc.), I don't think you can rule those guys out, especially given what Charlie's source is saying.
  5. LangeSohne

    Who is your guy at 25?

    What I want to happen at 25: Landry, Davenport or LVE. What will likely happen at 25 based on our visits: Jackson, Reid, Sweat or Hubbard.
  6. I don't think we will trade up in the 1st this year. If that was a possibility, we would not have cancelled our official visit with LVE. We would also be seeing higher profile names coming in for official visits. Instead, we see names like Josh Jackson, Josh Sweat, Arden Key, Justin Reid, etc. We should all be prepared to be a bit underwhelmed by our 1st round selection, at least compared to the last couple years. We're not in a position to grab a premium player (in my opinion there are only 10 or so of those guys in this draft). Our best, reasonable hope is to simply land a decent starter in both the 1st and the 2nd.
  7. LangeSohne

    Arden Key one of the Titans 30 visits

    I’m really surprised we’re considering Key due to the off field issues. I heard he was out for rehab for pot use, and regardless of one’s moral view on that it’s against NCAA/NFL rules. I would hate to waste a pick on a Randy Gregory or Nkemdiche. I’m annoyed we’re even wasting an official visit on him.
  8. LangeSohne

    NFLN Path to the Draft Titans breakdown on tomorrow

    Cool, I used to live in Asia so understand how tough it is to follow games and stuff live in the US.
  9. LangeSohne

    NFLN Path to the Draft Titans breakdown on tomorrow

    Do you live in Australia? Early to be up on a Saturday!
  10. LangeSohne

    NFLN Path to the Draft Titans breakdown on tomorrow

    Yeah. I would be surprised and disappointed if we took a TE in the 1st. I doubt Jrob does that so soon after investing a high pick in Jonnu. I think it's interesting that Jeremiah believes Landry would be available at 25 and also that they aren't listing ILB as one of our needs (but WR is listed as a need).
  11. LangeSohne

    NFLN Path to the Draft Titans breakdown on tomorrow

    Titans segment on NFL Network coming up now
  12. Jrob previously said he would not spend a 1st round pick on a guy that he doesn't bring in for a visit. And his actions have proven that in the last couple drafts. Our 1st round pick this year will be brought in for an official visit, guaranteed. It's just that we only know 1/3 of the official visits so far. I also think this board is downplaying Sweat and Reid, or at least how Jrob sees those guys. Those two are absolutely possibilities at 25, whether we think it's a good value or not.
  13. LangeSohne

    Titans cancel pre draft visit with Leighton Vander Esch

    Based on the official visits we known of, Sweat and Reid are our possibilities at 25. Not all the media mocks may have them in the late 1st, but it seems we do.
  14. I was liking the uniform until this two tone silver/gray shoulder thing came out. Ugh, so tacky.
  15. We may have a first round grade on Justin Reid.