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  1. Doughboy

    Who is your guy at 25?

    He can be had in later rounds too.
  2. Doughboy

    Who is your guy at 25?

    We can get Carter later in the draft IMO. There’s no way we can pass on Evans if he’s there at 25. He’ll be a monster if we let the damn Steelers get him!
  3. I think I read we’ll wear color rush twice a year. On Thursday night we’ll wear all light blue.
  4. I think it’ll look great honestly. Especially with the all-white or white on navy.
  5. Ok, I shit on them pretty bad when I saw the leak, but they look a lot better worn with the uniform. I still think either silver on shoulders or blue on sides, but not both. BUT I like them. Love the light blue, really wish that was the primary. White looks sharp too.
  6. When the team moved I wasn’t going to follow them, but at the end of the day I still liked a lot of the players. I was in the military stationed in Germany at the time so I decided to embrace the Titans. I’ve been on board ever since. I’m not originally from Texas, but my grandparents lived around Houston so Oilers, Astros, and Rockets have been my favorite teams my whole life.
  7. I wouldn’t mind the stripes. I heard three red stars too, but I’m tired of guessing at this point. We’ll all know soon enough. The road and alt jerseys sound like they’ll be fire, so looking forward to seeing the real things!
  8. Normal shit talk is one thing, but you want to talk tough and speak of my grandmother. You better hope that fate never brings us together. Go Titans, I’m done with your sorry ass.
  9. You keep hiding behind that keyboard bitch! You are a total piece of shit. I thought it would awesome to finally have a Titans message board to go to, but I didn’t know there were bitches like you here.
  10. How about your faggot ass calls me a cunt again or ever speak ill of my grandmother I will find you and beat the ever living shit out of you. You want to find me I’m in Kerrville, TX. You can’t even respect the fact that for 37 years there was a fan base. Some of us followed the team here. People like you act like you got an expansion franchise. You got a divorced woman with grown kids. Acting like they don’t exist doesn’t help anything.
  11. You’re too ignorant to waste my time with and you clearly have a limited vocabulary. Go back to playing Madden, you know nothing about the Oilers.
  12. Eat shit! You don’t know anything about Oilers history except for one game. Columbia blue, Scarlett red, and white were some beautiful colors and uniforms. You’re not going to ignorantly shit on the Luv Ya Blue fans and players or the house of pain and run-n-shoot Oilers teams. One of the best RBs and QBs in NFL history played for this franchise. To say they always sucked is an ignorant statement.
  13. I have an unhealthy obsession with seeing these uniforms! I need to see the picture!
  14. I really thought they’d go silver too. I’m just ready to see the damn thing!