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  1. Mueller got shit. TRUMP 2020...book it. You libs better figure something out beside...."you are racist, you are homophobic, ect." if you want to win in 2024. Ivanka in 2024. 1st woman President.
  2. Yeah, barry/jimmy really fucked up.
  3. Yes, and easily defeat what ever liberal fool the d's put up after he wins a contested Primary. TRUMP 2020...DOW 35,000....book it.
  4. Was barry/jimmy a traitor is the real question since all the Russia, Russia, Russia happened on HIS watch. TRUMP 2020...book it.
  5. I have NO outrage...LOL...hoping you have a stroke about it though...TRUMP 2020
  6. So, russians did something literally Millions of American's do every day, on sites, just like this one. Mueller got shit. TRUMP 2020....book it.
  7. So, I'm former NAVY. What is EOA school?
  8. You are NOT invited to my beach property.
  9. poor people are a horrible investment...you really have to try to be poor in this nation.
  10. Not that have any power anyways...such a shame...I love visiting a few of the areas....Malibu is great...SD area is nice....
  11. NOPE, sorry...it is PRESIDENT TRUMP..not president SheBitch.
  12. were these the same polls that had shebitch winning in a landslide?
  13. Whether we like it of not we are the world police. Don't like it but it is a fact. If the UN was worth a shit perhaps we wouldn't have to be.
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