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  1. I trust in the WRs development and addaptation to the new system. There's still a huge amount of time for them to learn it. Who I don't have a lot of trust is in Davis. That dude has trully been injured way too much. The guy is talented, but dealing with so many injuries is hard to help his case. It's like only having a Mercedez Benz, with a broken block in it.
  2. Not sure if you understood or read the whole paragraph in that matter.
  3. Any of both must have a breakout season soon. Both are talented and both need to leave the "somophore" bubble in 2018. I am leaning to think, that Mariota is closer to that breakout year and establish himself closer to the new elite group of QB's. That, if he can ban injuries from himself.
  4. I am having high-hopes that RBs and WRs will excel in 2018. With the other coaches, they were clearly cripped with that lousy playbook. Henry showed what's made of (finally) up to the playoff game against KC.
  5. Tell the Trump supporters the following, lets see how they defend him toward the following: Trump started his term in office with approval ratings of 45% and equal disapproval ratings. Since then, his approval rating has slumped 8 points and his disapproval rating has hiked 12 points, in Gallup’s presidential tracker. Reporters have written endless stories about the loyalty of Trump voters to their president, but these narratives do not square with the numbers. It’s very hard to get elected, or re-elected, with 37% approval. For some context, it’s worth noting that Barack Obama was 22 points higher at this six-month stage of his presidency, in the middle of the worst recession in living memory. Gerald Ford was languishing at this level at the same stage of his presidency after he pardoned Richard Nixon, who left office in disgrace with 24% approval. At his current pace, Donald Trump will hit Nixon’s departure numbers in another 10 months. Just in time for the congressional elections. Global confidence in the US has plummeted 42 points since Trump moved into the Oval Office. Only one country has gained anything like that amount of confidence in Trump’s America at the same time: Russia. More Trump's flaws: • Pulled out of the Paris climate agreement. • War-torn Syria. • Having dismayed most of the world. • His actions at the G20 must had made more countries to cozy up with Putin, since Trump's decisions or plans aren't creating any confidence at him. • In fact, the vice-chair of his own panel admits that he doesn’t know for sure if Trump’s votes were above board. (Tampering and he dwelled at length on the Russia investigation that is already undermining his entire presidency.) • The provocations are not hard to find if you take Iran and North Korea at their word and ignore all the consequences of military action. Trump is especially expert at failing to see the consequences of his actions. • Trump has compromised national security with the Russians so many times.
  6. Everything is just a suppostion until the regular season arrives, and sure many changes can be seen during the preseason. The Titans F.O. has been under the NFL Executive radars for a couple of seasons now, it's valid they still are at it, and only facts will develope who is right or wrong in 2018. For me it's an exageration that they aren't conform with the 4 players Drafted, since that's just getting a very narrowed look at the whole team. But a much better early analisis could be made up to after week 6. Then is when anyone can have a more clear idea of how things are or could be doing/ marching on. Now, this is a process. Vrabel has a good team and a good coaching staff. Sure, this is his first season and he has a long way to prove what's he made of, all all in all, Vrabel looks he has it, but he needs to end the season with 10 wins at least and advance to the championship game to prove he is the right one? Many things are on display to get around his goals. If playbooks are the correct ones, applied to expand the players' capabilities then (is safe to think) the march of the team will be a solid one.
  7. Seems that Trump totally ignores Abraham Lincoln's example (quotes): “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” “Those who look for the bad in people will surely find it.” “Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery (personal note: lets change this word to BIGOTED in this matter), I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.” “I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.” “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”
  8. Tennessee is just a good playbook away to be in a much better place on offense. I am sure that LaFleur will pin-point on that. The scheme will be different, and also players seem motivated at interviews. I am not concerned about the players talent. They got it. I will never base thoughts on what Mularkey and Robiskie delivered because that was just good for a high-school team...or maybe not even that.
  9. "Now, what the Titans' defense with look like under Pees, that remains somewhat a mystery. Neither Pees nor the Titans are sharing many, if any, details right now. Oh, there's been talk of showing different looks on the defensive line and being consistent in coverages." "The Titans were the AFC's best against the run and allowed a league-fewest five touchdowns rushing and tied for fifth in sacks, they still have plenty of room for improvement on defense" (with LeBeau) " They also gave up the most first downs through the air last season" (2017) -giving up 239.3 yards per game- "With Pees the Ravens led the NFL with 22 interceptions and also tied for 10th against the pass giving up 213.8 yards per game." "Outside linebacker Derrick Morgan, now on his fifth head-coach with this franchise, said the defense remains primarily a 3-4 base. Each coach uses different language to describe plays, and Morgan said learning that is the biggest challenge." Byard echoed Morgan's comments. "We're not creating a new Cover 2 or Cover 3 or anything like that," Byard said. "It's just we're trying to execute at a high level man. DP just brought a great defense, and I think we're trying to execute it at a high level."
  10. 100% sure that Butler is getting the starting job over Ryan. Woodyard was the best LB, so not sure about that.
  11. -"Rather than looking on past year, everyone receives a new shot" -"We had a LB at Baltimore, and he got the opportunity and he ended up being in (the starting lineup) the SB" About Jeremy McClin -"All players here (at Tennessee) are what we were advertised they were" -"Retirement seem a good opportunity to watch my grandsons to watch over them, over their sports activities" -"My grandsons were the ones looking confused and a bit letted down of not looking at me wearing a uniform" -"Evans and Landry are doing a great job" -"We aren't t expecting them (rookies) to not make mistakes, we aren't expecting them to be perfect" -"We are expecting them to be consistent" -"I will never compare anybody to nobody" On Byard "Kevin is one of the leaders, he gets incharged down there (in the field), he studies as much as home as he does here"
  12. Someone unblock this good man from the "Bud Adams Syndrome" inercy.

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