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  1. c'mon, Russian bot, at least use the right form of their.
  2. Was just reading a similar article about how Harris is a 3rd tier candidate now and her support has collapsed in the last 5-6 weeks. I figured her support would grow when she tossed her hat in to the race a few months ago, and she started strong, but is going full Super Bowl Atlanta Falcons right now.
  3. The majority of trump supporters just don’t give a fuck about defunding planned parenthood...they just wanna stick it to them libs and what better way to do that than going at one of the things they care about. And btw, fuck those unborn babies.
  4. And if you want to read something not posted by stupid dumbfuck OP... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/planned-parenthood-to-withdraw-from-title-x-funding-program-over-abortion-restrictions-11566242931
  5. If conservatives had anything else in their arsenal besides "whatabout," they might actually offer an ounce of value to any conversation.
  6. Laredo. God I hate Laredo. One of the most dead-end & depressing cities I have ever been to. If you took all the bad things about Texas and lumped them into one town, you would have Laredo. Sprawl/massive tract housing, shitty roads and public services, and strip malls as far as the eye can see down interstate 35. Oh, and its almost always hotter than anywhere else in the state.
  7. And when the new series starts the thread will come back to life
  8. I swear they are the San Antonio Spurs of NFL WRs. They just find guys who they can plug and ply and churn out pro bowl seasons. Meanwhile we struggle to get a single WR to crack 1000 yards every couple of years.
  9. I’d pay to see him attempt any form of exercise. Talk about comedic gold. Any activity more stressful than thumbing away at twitter would kill him - which would also be great to see happen.
  10. What’s the opinion on Shea Patterson in a later round? I think he was the number one QB prospect a few years ago and has been alright at both of his schools. He’s heading into his final year.
  11. poor guy poor guy.. like dis if u cry everytim
  12. At the stadiums I have been to, you can usually find a 3rd party vendor outside of the stadium, but inside the gates, its usually all home team gear. Just go to a nearby mall or sports memorabilia/sporting goods store and you'll usually have 1-2 jerseys of every team.
  13. Only one president could fuck up this trip. And he fucked up.
  14. Go read an SEO book and you will understand how the search function of Google works so much better.
  15. I’d look at 2014, 2010, and 2006 instead of presidential election years if you want to compare senate races. You’ll get a more accurate picture of Demo changes for red/blue percentages over time I think.
  16. Flip Tarrant County or blue it up and Texas becomes very much in play. There is a palpable shift here.
  17. Chans are near-totally-anonymous message/image boards. 2chan was the original board that started back in Japan a long time ago. Then an american/western version of 2 chan was created - 4chan. 8chan was created after 2chan and 4chan if I recall. It is the much more extreme site. As for "what is a chan?"...There is a big difference between the various 'chan' boards (8chan, 4chan, 2chan, etc) and a traditional message board like here or even reddit. On this site you have a user name, and all comments are tied to that. A chan board doesn't have that, so everything said is difficult to trace to an individual. Naturally, this lends lots of assholes posting as people have much more bravado when they can't be traced as well, as there are no social cues to discourage this behavior. This means that the individual chans have their own unique cultures overall as well. 8chan is pretty infamous for recent shooters leaving manifesto-like documents, however. They also had issues with child porn and other hot-button/raunchy issues. 4chan had this issue as well a decade or so ago to a lesser degree, and is much cleaner overall. I still avoid both.
  18. Give him the Frank Reynolds treatment. Throw him in the trash
  19. Yes. I’ll just wish he has a debilitating stroke so he has to retire but live to watch his legacy get ripped apart.
  20. Unfortunately tux was not a victim of either massacre.
  21. I think you may be the first person I’ve ever heard say anything nice about Foxboro stadium!
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