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  1. I could get behind locking her up just so I don’t have to look at that cross-eyes, insane eyebrow, claymation face.
  2. Sounds like here in Austin. Austin used to be just a large college town with a hipster streak, but it has gone insane here in the last 10-15 years. It seems Nashville is poised to be the new "it" city.
  3. Best season in quite some time. Seasons 19-20 were unwatchable almost with the stupid arcs. 21 was an improvement, and this past season was even better. I still wish they were longer seasons so that they could have more evergreen/less topical episodes thrown inbetween their usual news-story-of-the-week formula, but the show is certainly rebounding.
  4. Just purchased a pair of Nike metcons myself. I’m a bad patriot.
  5. As long as I put away ~45% or so after all expenses (bills, very nice apartment rent, food, nice car, student loans) from every paycheck, I am happy. I do occasionally buy something crazy (85" Sony 4k TV the other week, or a christmas trip to California to go hiking/being a tourist) and I am not afraid to go out to the bar with friends or go to a nice restaurant at least a once or twice per month, but I do keep track of spending and can keep it well in control. I can be fired tomorrow and have more than a year of cash on hand to live at my current lifestyle, and almost a year and a half if I were to live frugally. But it all comes down to building good habits. I like expensive things, but I get just as much pleasure by seeing my savings go up by $1500-2000 per month. Finally, I do think it is a male-female thing to an extent as well. Myself and my friends can all live how we do because we manage money effectively. I compare them to their GFs and my list of GFs/former GFs who almost never knew how to save up or budget their lives. I forced my current one to open up her books and let me set a budget for her, because she makes slightly more than I do, and we both got jobs out of college at the same time, but she barely has enough money to cover herself for 2 months in case of getting fired, and is always balking at paying for things because her bank accounts are in such poor shape. We looked at her spending, and even though her big expenses (apartment, car, student loans) all come out to what I spend roughly, her choice to eat out all the time (3x days per week) drink Starbucks every day, and always buy small purchases at Bath & Body Works, the grocery store, and other places just rape her account. She doesn't need Lululemon workout attire when she can get nearly the same quality at Dicks. She doesn't need a smelly candle when she has 16 half used ones at home. She doesn't need 20 pairs of shoes, 80 sets of underwear from Victoria's Secret, 40 bras etc. Its just buying stuff to have stuff.
  6. I think Booker is a bit of a grandstander, and that every move he’s made for years has been with the goal of the presidency in mind. Not that there is anything too wrong with that, but he seems a little too full of himself.
  7. Yeah I used to hit up free folk but it is just great memes now. I do love me some Bobby b, but yeah this season feels much more locked down.
  8. So anyone with a legit/moderately recognized plot leak like what we got before season 7?
  9. Can we get a breakdown of the candidates views on everything aggregated in here or another thread. Just to see where they stand on most things. They'll all be pretty similar, but it would be interesting to see their small differences, and if these change over the next year or so.
  10. I think he is. And good for him if so. However, I have (an unfounded) a small part of me thinking he is getting played because of his inclination.
  11. I like it, but recognize that it is not the greatest. Its a situation where its a pretty good place, but not particularly the best at anything (except guns, military sending etc.) that has let special interests and corporations dictate entirely too much.
  12. I hope their mini-insurrection happens, because the military will snuff 'em out real quick and the world will be better for it.
  13. Republicans/Conservatives are at the point where anything that doesn't help wealthy white men exclusively is seen as evil and progressive. Its like seeing human evolution branch off again, with the conservatives being left in the rear view mirror as neanderthals. To reasonable people, the things quoted above are all good things enacted by the governor.
  14. Feel better now? -Cant prove she hates america -Married to white man Or by hating white men, do you mean her audacity for asking questions to the drunk judge and the keebler elf? Just say what we all know you really want to say..."I don't wanna see this god damn dirty mongrel nigger woman be my president"
  15. Kamala is far and away the best candidate to enter so far. She checks many of the boxes for those who vote on identity, and on paper should be a genuinely good candidate: -Young-ish -Minority -Woman -DA/AG for 13 or so years -Not a long-term Washington politician/insider -As someone mentioned earlier, she is a good in debates. YouTube some of it. -Milf -#THICC
  16. It is what it is with Trump supporters at this point. He could tell them anything and they will eat it up like the idiots that they are. Fortunately, his base is finally cracking at this point.
  17. Not sure if posted, but a solid article regarding this powers of a National Emergency Declaration, and just why Trump of all presidents should not be allowed to declare one. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/01/presidential-emergency-powers/576418/ For those too busy to read, just think of Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith: UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!!
  18. Wasn't a fan of the Oilers' look, but loved our Titans' jersey combos when they came out in 1999. They were modern, and just stuck out. Though I was from Memphis, the new look Titans were probably the final tipping point of me becoming a Titans fan and leaving Cowboys fandom...plus I was only 9. I had hope for the new ones last year, but when they leaked, I was so disappointing. I think the rule is you have to wait 5 seasons to change again, so here is hoping we have new unis in 4 more years.
  19. I would buy that jersey. I don't even buy them anymore, but I would buy that. Our current jersey is trash, but always had potential.
  20. Listed to him talk while driving to work this morning. Just Wow. Between talking about Bezos' divorce, calling out every every single reporter who asked a question on their network they represent as being enemies of the people and in cahoots with the Dems etc. and the sheer amount of lies, he sounds unhinged and borderline frothing at the mouth. He was everywhere and completely scatterbrained.
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