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  1. So much WR talk...feel like the draftcast is tipping their hand
  2. I may be a jerk, but that was the most unattractive girl I have seen in a long time in that ShoeDazzle commercial
  3. Wouldn't mind him as president compared to Trump, but I think his time has passed. He will be 78 going on 79 when is sworn in (more than a full year older than Reagan was when he left office). If he is the nominee out of this field, he will need to take one of the younger, further-left candidates like Pete (or Beto in an attempt to lock up Texas) as his VP. I do think his touchiness and Anita Hill stuff will hurt him in the #MeToo movement. But it would be nice to have a real experienced politician as president again. He would be the first one since Clinton/Bush Sr. to have any real extensive political experience on a high level.
  4. HBO/Entertainment Weekly released stills of the next episode. Nothing that hasn't been shown in the preview, except a picture of Sansa sitting down and a creepy face in the background.
  5. Do you mean Dragonstone? I don't remember anyone but the Unsullied visiting the rock.
  6. Thunder need to do something drastic soon. Westbrook's entire game revolves around athleticism, and he will be 31 next year. He also doesn't have he IQ of LeBron to make up for his soon-to-be declining raw athleticism.
  7. Last question on the silly topic...hypothetically, how old is her character in the series at this point? I would assume she is 17-18? ...Really, how old are many of the characters at this point? The show aged up a few characters like Dany among others.
  8. Trump has basically alienated the majority of millennials/young folk. These people talk big games about getting people out of office, but don’t vote usually. I think he has repulsed them enough to change that narrative for 2020
  9. I read the supposed plot of episode 3, and it seems to be supported by other posters. However, it also seems like a pretty big leap from how much of the story has gone.
  10. I think there is certainly a chance. Was Michael Hiesman's character coming back this year? Him and the second sons would be interesting.
  11. I can't believe people are supposedly so up in arms over Maisie Williams sex scene. She grew up and is well beyond being of-age. It wasn't anything more than some really half-assed side-boob and some bum. It isn't like the nude scene from American Beauty with 15-16 year old Thora Birch...who was also the little daughter in Hocus Pocus.
  12. Go full dragonball Z with a mid-battle filler episode where characters are just having inner-monologues while everyone gets ready for the war. Good god I would love it even if it was just to watch people flip their shit.
  13. It would have worked too...had they made a full 10 episode season.
  14. I just don't like that 2 huge story arcs are ending so quickly. The NK/White Walker story line could be half a full season on its own or more. Same with the iron throne story.
  15. I assume what others have said in that there are three groups: 1-White walkers on horses + a legion of wights 2-Golden Company nearby coming from the south to attack. 3-Night King going straight for King's Landing...which would make sense from Dany's visions of the burnt red keep in ash/snow in season 2 and other images of dragons seen by Bran.* *Yes I realize Bran said the NK would come right for him. I mean how effective would dead in the crypts be. The only fresh meat in there is Rickon and maybe Catelyn. Ned was chopped up, and the rest of the bodies in there have decayed too much to be able to even move I would think. I would guess that the people seeking safety down there/her new BAE die and she is running from them and getting above ground to tell them they are being attacked from inside.
  16. Yeah crypt people are probably screwed. Many secondary characters should die since they have served their purpose: -Varys (Like Littlefinger, he is basically useless now) -Berric (They have warned about him only having a final life too much in the last 3-4 episodes) -Gendry (Forged the weapons. Sexed Arya. May still be needed for something else, though) -Jorah (Acknowledged that Jon has his family sword. Doesn't do much anymore) -Greyworm/Missandei (No happy tropical retirement) Just going to guess that either Jamie or the big lady die in the next episode. I also want to say Sam, but I think they end up letting him and maybe Gilly/Sam Jr. live.
  17. How many white walkers are there? It looked like hundreds of them forming an entire first line outside of winterfell
  18. Ciarin Hands^ guy has actually been in a lot of big movies. Very underrated actor.
  19. You’re such a piece of shit poster. If I was a mod and could ban anyone here, I would ban you.
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