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  1. So much WR talk...feel like the draftcast is tipping their hand
  2. I may be a jerk, but that was the most unattractive girl I have seen in a long time in that ShoeDazzle commercial
  3. Wouldn't mind him as president compared to Trump, but I think his time has passed. He will be 78 going on 79 when is sworn in (more than a full year older than Reagan was when he left office). If he is the nominee out of this field, he will need to take one of the younger, further-left candidates like Pete (or Beto in an attempt to lock up Texas) as his VP. I do think his touchiness and Anita Hill stuff will hurt him in the #MeToo movement. But it would be nice to have a real experienced politician as president again. He would be the first one since Clinton/Bush Sr. to have any real extensive political experience on a high level.
  4. HBO/Entertainment Weekly released stills of the next episode. Nothing that hasn't been shown in the preview, except a picture of Sansa sitting down and a creepy face in the background.
  5. Do you mean Dragonstone? I don't remember anyone but the Unsullied visiting the rock.
  6. Thunder need to do something drastic soon. Westbrook's entire game revolves around athleticism, and he will be 31 next year. He also doesn't have he IQ of LeBron to make up for his soon-to-be declining raw athleticism.
  7. Last question on the silly topic...hypothetically, how old is her character in the series at this point? I would assume she is 17-18? ...Really, how old are many of the characters at this point? The show aged up a few characters like Dany among others.
  8. Trump has basically alienated the majority of millennials/young folk. These people talk big games about getting people out of office, but don’t vote usually. I think he has repulsed them enough to change that narrative for 2020
  9. I read the supposed plot of episode 3, and it seems to be supported by other posters. However, it also seems like a pretty big leap from how much of the story has gone.
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