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  1. I’ll give him credit for reminding me that NASCAR still even exists. Totally forgot about that dying sport.
  2. So are you saying he is a communist or a socialist?
  3. There is rarely a post regarding the Obama family from him That doesn’t discuss her being a man or Obama being secretly gay.
  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!1!!1!11!!1!1!11!1!111one
  5. He’s on ignore, but how many times was Michelle Obama mentioned one his posts in this thread?
  6. Badass! Maybe he re-enacts Dale’s final turn at Daytona.
  7. I do wonder if him pumping them with money was a prelude to running for president. Like, was he just trying to get the dems in power because he believed it was the right thing, or was this a long play for his candidacy. Of course he would never admit it, but I have wondered it.
  8. Main reason I don’t like Bloomberg - those damn Bloomberg Terminals are a pain in the ass to use and have a steep AF learning curve. Made college pretty miserable for a couple semesters.
  9. Glad we have a president who doesn’t do this anymore!
  10. One day, maybe one of your wild conspiracy posts will actually come true.
  11. Would Booker align well as a VP for Bloomberg?

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