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  1. Ok draft over. I’ll give it a solid B. I’m happy. Goes up to B+ if we get Clowney!
  2. We need Clowney now. When can we sign him and not risk losing our 3rd round comp. pick next season?
  3. I want Breeland and Blakenship in 7. best CB or WR in the 5th
  4. Kevin Dodd and Austin Johnson say otherwise. That Dodd pick still pisses me off today. At the time it made no fking sense with Jack and Jaylon on the board.
  5. We need to trade down, and scoop up an extra 3rd. 2nd - CB 2nd - DL/EDGE 3rd - RB 3rd - WR/OL Also, give me a kicker - Blakenship.
  6. What’s this mean for a comp pick? Round 5?
  7. I'd trade our first for Chris Jones and a 4th. Jones/Simmons Mississippi State Alums!
  8. We problem need to restructure Lewan and/or Butler to sign Clowney.
  9. So we have 20M to spend on a FA(s)?
  10. Well this sucks. Need a new avy.
  11. Colts traded #13 for Buckner and are giving him $21M a year. YIKES. AFC South making weird moves.
  12. From CT but always hated the Pats and Jets/Giants ... first season I watched was the superbowl run in 99-00 when I was 9 and never looked back.
  13. I’m fine with that. What could we get? A 2nd?

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