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  1. Yup, if I am a Denver fan I would much rather go with Cousins and still have a top 5 draft pick to secure the offensive line needed. If the money all works out. I heard they may need to get rid of both Talib and a WR either DT or Sanders to get it done.
  2. He will be tagged/paid next year 99%. Only if he gets hurt next year (or awful play) will throw a wrench into the plan. Even then I would say they will probably tag him and draft a QB high. AAS loves him and why not? Since she has taken over the team he has made her the most amount of money any other player on the team has by about 5x. Remember he was the #1 selling rookie jersey his first year and 16th overall in the whole NFL. Which is almost unheard of for Titans. As a business it is always hard to get rid of your cash cow. If he gets hurt or plays awful then and only then will JROB make th
  3. It's too early. I am in wait and see mode.
  4. Also the draft starts april 26th this year so it will be the best time to build the hype up.
  5. Whats crazy is that Foles is playing better in the playoffs than Wentz in the season. I put his stats up earlier what a performance so far.
  6. Foles has lit the playoffs up! 43-57 76% comp 522 yards with 2td's. With a quarter and half to go. Jesus
  7. Year before rankings be damned but next years schedule is nothing like this years 2nd easiest. If they go 7-9 depending on who we beat next year would be a MAJOR improvement. No way was this team winning more than 3-4 next year.
  8. Haha, no he will want to run an actual NFL offense.
  9. I know Jimmy really wanted the head coaching gig here when Mike Mularkey was hired. He is in a really good spot in Philly now with the amount of talent on defense there.
  10. It is not the hurry up. This is what my point was to @JonBoy weeks ago. We are still hiking the ball with less than 10 seconds on the play clock and sometimes less than 5. Its the actual offensive change. Earlier in the season we would literally go multiple drives a game and never have a Titans player line up outside the numbers. Which has made a ton of Titans fans pissed and rightfully so. The other dramatic change in the last 3 games minus the Jax game is we are now running out of shotgun. Our play predictability when Robiskie was calling the plays was awful. By week 13 or 14 we
  11. You didn't see a BIG difference in play calling? That is absurd.
  12. LOL. These 2 point conversion plays look like the first 16 weeks. Cmon coach just let Marcus do your jobs
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