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  1. I got 10-6. Losses to Philly, NE, Dallas, La and splitting with the Jags and Texans.
  2. I did know that much. To me it just says he was ahead of his time. Again, never got to cut on a tv and see him pass protect, be a threat in the pass game or hell, even throw the football like I did Walter Payton. All that on top of his ability as a runner. That era (Payton) was about as far back as I can remember seeing football and being amazed.
  3. This. Talk about a wicked combo of world class speed, size and the ability to knock tackler's lungs loose. He was sick
  4. I am with you on Payton. Best all around football player that I ever witnessed to play the game at that position. Jim Brown, I never got to watch live, only highlights and features. Gale Sayers, same boat, but his highlights are nuts. Hard to argue with your list. I would still have to have Sanders in mine, but hard to eliminate any of your list.
  5. Earl had a unique combo of break away speed and overwhelming power. Don't know if I agree, but to be fair, I only seen highlights of Earl. Can't fairly say because I didn't see him game in and game out. His Collision with Tatum was sick. I know he ran tough and could run away too.
  6. Who do you have? Serious question. Lot of great backs over time.
  7. I believe Walter Payton was a better overall football player, but definitely loved watching Barry do his thing.
  8. Spring League apparently isn't doing kick offs. I read something to the affect that the losing team would get a 4th and 10 play to convert to get possession of the ball. Bet that's similar to what the NFL looks at. All garbage if you ask me. Either play real football for millions or go drive a forklift or something.
  9. A slow C. J. would have been just as worthless to the team as him not playing. Besides, the offense moved along just fine without him. Thank you, Alge Crumpler.
  10. John Kelly would be a steal if he were had in round 5. No real opportunity to shine at UT, even though he was by far the best player on the team.
  11. One cut, live with it. Can Henry be that decisive? I don't know, but I believe the flexibility will be there to put everyone in position to succeed.
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