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  1. Jones justifies this contract, if Mosley and Alexander are the new norm. The writing is on the wall for Brown, IMO. He'll be a rockstar FA with his ability and magnetic personality. We'll have to groom someone
  2. He said that Jonnu hasn't practiced over the off-season. We knew that, which is exactly what I said. How does that confirm his questionable status for week 1? It's got nothing to do with spying on him in the showers or whatever people are getting from this. It's speculation which is useful for fantasy football and not much else
  3. Vrabel is extremely protective of the players, their injuries, and the timetable of their returns. But he'll allow a reporter to leak all of this information? Okay. Even if it's speculative, Wyatt is old enough to know better. If his firing is announced, I'll believe this to be true
  4. That's even more reason for him not to share confidential information. Vrabel would fire his ass in a heartbeat for doing so
  5. So we're trusting some jag reporter to provide us with the week 1 status updates and lineups of our team months from the fact? I think that we could do better.
  6. Vrabel told us Jack shit about injuries last year, and he obviously didn't share privy information with anyone. I doubt anything has changed.
  7. Again, this was from a fantasy football website. This is not new information. If we don't know something, Rotoworld sure as Dick doesn't. They are speculating based on shit that we knew a month ago
  8. From what I recall, he said that he was interested to see how the position shook out in TC and that he was athletic, and discussed the role that we used him in. It wasn't so much the content, but he brought his name up several times and had a positive infliction and gave unprovoked compliments while discussing him
  9. Greg C. seemed to be high on Firkser while evaluating Mariota
  10. You don't know what you're talking about. He restructured his salary this year as well, and Miami is taking a dead cap hit of over $18M in 2019 for Tannehill.
  11. Tannehill restructured so that he could be traded. He was set to make a lot more than that. They got rid of him because they were eying a QB in one of the next two drafts. They've historically won enough games with him to keep them out of the running for a top pick, while Fitzpatrick is inevitably going to screw up so badly at some point that they'll have to bench him in favor of a backup (preferably a young one) and lose a lot more games. Now they have Rosen to toss into the fire to see if maybe they struck gold. You can't seriously think that they are going into next season with any aspirations of being competitive. They are currently trying to trade the best remaining player on the team.
  12. Greg Cosell said the same thing. We should tell him that he's wrong because JakePA (Pouty Ass?) said so. And there are like 2 people who say Brown will be better, who I'm going to assume overreact about most things.
  13. Please show me how they tried to eliminate Tannehill's excuses. They traded his best receiver, cut the starting center on an already horrific o line, cut their best defensive player before his final "chance". They had made their minds up that they were going to move on and couldn't clean up their mess they created. We're actually attempting to field a competitive team and culture and put the QB in a position to succeed. The OC excuse is a bad one. There are a few OCs who help their QB succeed. The rest are guys with a clipboard who have their QB to thank for their jobs. The issue was that Miami was looking forward, knew what Tannehill was, and decided he wasn't the elite QB that they wanted and/or they didn't want to keep paying a QB who they couldn't keep healthy. The issue with Mariota is that we don't know what he is, and are trying to be competitive now, and we aren't sure if he can be part of that or keep himself healthy
  14. Kittle is on a completely shitty team. Howard's isn't much better. Not really a knock against them, but it's easier to show what you can do when opposing teams aren't really concerned about you. Those two guys are getting s ton of YAC, which indicates to me that teams are kind of letting them run around relatively freely and aren't trying too hard to shut them down. Walker had his two best seasons on shitty teams, and his personal best YPC season came with Locker and Mett throwing the ball. Jonnu actually started the 2017 in higher regards than both of those guys, both as a blocker and receiver. But then it seemed like overnight, every team finally realized how to give this offense fits in every single regard But surely you all realize that this is based on absolutely no information, and is catered to fantasy football and those who did not know that Jonnu missed OTAs.
  15. Yes, and his praise for him is hilarious to the point of being satirical
  16. He's also shown that those two things that you mentioned can also be his biggest red flags.
  17. There are definitely going to be some undeserving LBs ranked higher than Jayon.
  18. Gordon is "better" in terms of being a more versatile 3 down back, but his asking price is probably much higher and he's far closer to being damaged goods than Henry . Henry is definitely a committee back, which could either make his asking price too high after a productive season, not valuable enough to be worth extending, or we may be achieve the ideal co mpromise where he continues to play at a high level as a runner, but accepts a friendlier deal for taking fewer hits and having a longer career (and being in an. income tax free state). I think that he'd love to get paid like a super star if he could, but he's not going to strong arm his team because he's got a lack of wear and longevity that guys like Bell and Gordon don't. He should put himself in good situations to keep his value and name hot, since the salary cap will only increase, rather than try to cash in now As far as Clowney is concerned, I don't trust his health, work ethic, or discipline for his asking price. I hope Houston pays him a lot
  19. Gordon has had one season in which he's averaged over 4 YPC. That's not the case at all.
  20. There's no way he didn't consider that. GB's offense has been the epitome of ass the last two seasons without Rodgers and is practically the exact same. Even without Walker, I like Davis, Humphries, Brown, Henry, and Lewis more than Adams and the corpse of Jimmy Graham.
  21. He's had nearly 400 more carries. I sure would hope so.
  22. Who cares? Didn't you all see where we ended up on his last two rankings? He sucks at this.
  23. It's not like he's saying anything over the top. He simply watched the film, something 99% of these dickweeds don't do. My football IQ is prettylow, but I could put together better analysis than most of these guys because I'd actually be willing to put the legwork in as opposed to looking at everything from a fantasy football perspective.
  24. He's not teaching us how to play receiver. Just forming an analysis by reviewing his film and comparing that to many, many years of film that he has of all of the successful WRs who have come through the league. Do you value the opinion of Deion Sanders more? Because that's the quality of "analysis" that you get from most people formerly associated with the game. Until more former NFL members find some incentive to analyze the film to that degree and present their opinion, and have a long, relatively clean track record, that of a guy with his experience and respect among his peers should be valued.
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