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  1. Couldn't agree more. They both get categorized as finesse players, but they'll do the dirty work and whatever it takes to make a play, no matter the situation. We all know Burns' elasticity and athleticism. But his effort and physical ability against the run on just one single play that I saw was all that it took to make me fall in love with him as a prospect. And it seems silly, but he made a catch at the combine which just blew my mind. And he's got to have a great work ethic to bulk up to the level that people wanted to see him at the combine, without sacrificing his athleticism. We're all over him at 19. If he gets close enough, he's too talented to not trade up for IMO.
  2. That Fournette tackle was the thing of HOF players. He's still getting accustomed to the position, yet he was grading as well as a run defender as anyone in the league at the end of the season. He's got Patrick Willis ability IMO. That physically and athleticism isn't all that common.
  3. His cut ups are fantastic. I didn't realize how quickly he got to Wentz. His motor and speed turning the corner fly off the tape. I can't believe he fell to the 2nd.
  4. Hockensen makes sense. Irv Smith and Fant do not.
  5. I'm not going to go crazy and say he's Gronk or Kelce like everyone else. But he's got the highest floor I've seen from A TE. It's obviously a tough position to project as well as being a coveted one, so if you can get a pro bowl caliber player then it's absolutely worth the investment.
  6. We are absolutely taking Hockensen at #19 if he's available. That's not a slight to Jonnu. NE is a pass heavy team which has featured 2 TEs when available. It's easy to piece together Robinson's draft history along with his comments to get an idea of what he's going to do. I can't recall if it was him or Vra bel, but a comment was made that we were looking for a TE or DT. Robinson apparently had a hand in getting Gronk. Hockensen likely isn't him, but he's in the same mold. I really don't see us getting any other one in R1 and think that comment was in reference to him specifically.
  7. The negativity regarding Taylor is interesting. I am a GB fan,and people in their forum were proposing a trade for Taylor, basically saying that Mariota was trash and didn't know how to do anything with him. I mean, his production was around 600 yards if you use his per game average (he missed 3 games), Mariota was efficient while targeting him, and he had a very high yards of separation per target and catch %. All in a run-first offense with a QB who could hardly function. You think people would look at this as a sign of promise from a young 3rd rounder. But he sucks because receivers aren't allowed to drop balls, I guess.they must be perfect in all aspects at all times. It's likely just altered perception from fans of a franchise who have seen like 2 WRs develop over the last 30 years
  8. The only area where Mariota really has him is in YPA. But Miami had a bunch of shorter passes to make up for the lack of an O line and running game. He seems pretty consistently accurate in all areas of the field, and as the article suggests , he allows the routes to develop downfield and he'll test coverage and stays focused in spite of pressure. He'd have to be seriously rattled to lose a fair competition to Mariota. He's a more polished passer with a bigger arm, with more experience. He is a perfect West Coast offense QB, as he puts good touch on shorter throws and has the arm and mindset to push the ball downfield. He does tend to slightly under throw passes. If the passing game is still mediocre with Mariota, it's only a matter of time before Tanny comes in. Vra bel is clearly a bit agitated with Mariota's lack of aggression and willingness to throw the ball downfield, while Tannehill has absolutely no problem with giving his WR a chance to make a play on the ball. I think that he has a lot of talent. Clearly not elite, but he's closer to a NFL caliber starter than Mariota is and it's not that close at this point, IMO.
  9. I can't take any video seriously that compares Metcalf to Calvin Johnson. Johnson is several heads and shoulders above him in terms of talent.
  10. Wasn't aware of his age. On the flip side, Simmons is 21. If he's still growing into his body, then, damn.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/brickwallblitz.com/2017/06/17/ryan-tannehill-is-the-nfls-most-underrated-quarterback/amp/ Some great throws in there. Interesting he was the #2 downfield passer in 2016 and #1 in TD %.
  12. I do like him. I just want him to stay healthy and get better. As much as I criticize him, I have the utmost confidence when he has the ball in critical moments in the fourth. It just irks me that he can't bring that urgency on every play. Henry decided to, now he's a completely different guy. Now it is Marcus's turn.
  13. Antonio Brown is undersized. ODB is undersized. A 6'1 250 lbs player with 4.4 speed is not "undersized" . He's a matchup problem that even sorry ass QBs not in the league anymore got more production out of than Mariota has.
  14. All that we have is the pro bowl and his production with unproductive QBs. He was as productive in 15 with Marcus out and had his second most productive season and most YPC the year prior to his arrival. He can clearly play and criticism needs to be directed elsewhere
  15. People seriously exaggerate what it takes to run an adequate passing offense. You got a QB? You have, at worst, an average passing game.
  16. When your QB is Marcus Mariota, you have a fucking problem. I've seen some excuses, but Delanie?? Wasn't he literally the MVP at the pro bowl amongst all of the Super stars, and a consistent top 5 player at his position? 10 sacks vs. Baltimore were a result of him holding the ball more than 3 seconds. I'm not sure what other proof you need to convince you that he's a big part of that problem. I saw many instances of him holding the ball and trying to Russell Wilson his way out of bad situations he created, and he failed miserably. We have a QB with a limited throwing radius and who can't create shit outside the structure of the play. Which is why when the play design sucked in 17, he sucked hard.
  17. Very, very few impressive throws and he has absolutely no touch or pocket feel . You can understand why he has such miserable stats.
  18. I mean, if you are expecting a guy who can beat the likes of Bouye and Ramsey in coverage , catch everything, and have his second playbook nailed down in his second year, then you're going to be disappointed with any rookie WR that you want to bring in as well . The fact that he can do the first is great. But I hope that he changes your mind as well.
  19. I meant you can't let him sit back and throw the ball all game and expect to win. You need a plan for him, to sprinkle in passes that he's comfortable with.
  20. Tanny was at an absolute dumpster fire of an organization. I'd like to see him in a better situation. I've watched tape of both, and it's difficult to come to a conclusion. Mariota has a better team and coaching staff. They do more in terms of play calling to help him and give him more open reads and throwing lanes. He doesn't appear to be someone you hand a ball and tell to win a game, or ask too much of. But when he throws ball, it comes out quickly and gets to the target. But you can also see how he can really struggle if circumstances are difficult Tannehill has a bigger arm with better touch. Also a better creator and is truly a pass-first QB. He can hit players in stride in the short game and get the ball over defenders, he doesn't require a clear throwing lanes. Also more willing to test coverage and throw 50/50 balls. But I absolutely hate watching his tape. His team sucks. Or maybe he sucks and makes them look bad, though it appears he's fighting an uphill battle. But I like his chances on a better team with a more structured offense, given that he stays healthy.
  21. Two of the drops occurred during the first game of the season (in which our QB was terrible, so I don't think it's fair to expect perfection from our young WRs) and during a game on a different continent. I think it's reasonable to expect there to be some nerves or discomfort there. Personally, I don't give a flying fuck if a young receiver drops a few balls. What I want to see is if they have the ability to separate and make plays, and he does. The consistency just comes naturally with experience. He has drops but he had many key plays for us. Several first downs against Philadelphia, including the 4th and 15, he gave us our only offensive TD against Houston in a very impressive manner, he had three 3rd down conversions early vs. Jacksonville when it was still a contest, he led all receivers vs. Washington and averaged over 20 YPC, and was huge in the comeback vs. NYJ. That month after returning from injury, his production would put him around 1,000 yards on the season and 17 YPC. Combined with his efficiency and the amount of separation he had as a receiver,I don't see how anyone has anything other than excitement to see how he develops. And I have no idea how you or anyone else can criticize him while defending Marcus, who has shown nothing more than to be an OK quarterback who has had trouble staying on the field and limits the passing game more than any WR ever will.
  22. And how does your last point not apply to Mariota? And even if Watson isn't playing at that level, he's still very good and accounted for 4,700 yards and over 30 TDs, on a team with no O line and one weapon, albeit a great one. If that is being "adjusted" to, then he's gota great career ahead of him. Mariota's production after being adjusted to is far less promising.
  23. Mariota threw an unsustainable yardage per TD ratio which has plummeted into the depths of hell with QBs like Geno Smith and Blake Bortles. Even in that great 8 game stretch, he was still on pace for under 4,000 yards. Either way, looking at his last 5 starts in 17 prior to injury, Watson's numbers projected to around 60 TDs and over 5,000 yards. Marcus' stats are relatively mediocre when even projecting an entire season based on a few games where he played the best football of his life. You could be disappointed, sure. Or you could look at his very good 3.2 yards of separation per Target, 66% catch rate , and increased production and YPC at the end of the year as signs of improvement and numbers which indicate that he could be a more impactful player moving forward . We could very well be getting John Ross if we draft Hollywood, he guarantees us nothing. 166 pound receiver with a middle of the field thrower, sounda bad for his health.
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