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  1. Who is this queer? We need a name
  2. Vrabel played with Tom Brady. He's not a dinosaur coach from a bygone era, he knows that a balanced offense is key and hired an OC last year in order to implement that.
  3. He forgets who is passing the ball. It would honestly be shocking to see all of those players achieve those numbers. They are much more likely to cannibalize one another's targets. Mariota can hardly throw for 3,200 yards, yet he's going to get that out of 4 players. Lol
  4. Hooker didn't even specify when TD asked him. He basically said TBD Davenport was the only one who I saw make a comparison, but he's still saying that Tannehill throws a better ball and is more accurate. But added the offense looks like it flows better with Mariota, though added he's comparing one guy with the first unit to the other with the second
  5. I'm sure that video went over well with Coughlin. I love that they hired him, because he had absolutely no idea how to deal with young players in he NFL today
  6. Sharpe and Marcus were healthy at the same time for like 5 minutes. He's not great at creating separation, but people make it sound like he's a boat anchor and he's not nearly that limited, athletically. But he's not going to succeed with a QB who has to "see" open receivers consistently. He'll be in the right place and the ball will need to be delivered
  7. Matthews was one of the best intermediate targets in the league for his short-lived prime. Averaged 15 YPC and 60 YPG with Mariota and Tanne hill throwing the ball. I'm not convinced that he's the same after the injury
  8. With a young QB, they get more of the benefit of the doubt. Even going into year 5. Numerous OCs, mediocre supporting cast, etc. etc. There could still be micro examination with a QB like Tannehill, but you also still acknowledge the limitations when he struggles, even when he's not completely at fault, and don't celebrate the positive moments as much unless they are truly special. Right now, some believe that Mariota is a coach and couple of players away from being Mahomes, but even the biggest believers will eventually accept that he is what he is.
  9. Denver was fortunate. NE's line we apparently bad enough to make BB convince that OL coach to come out of retirement. And Carolina's offensive prowess and SB appearance was a testament to a QB's ability to elevate a team, as Cam played out of his mind that year. But Phillips and that defense reminded the world that their #1 WR was Ted Ginn, their RB was old as Dick, and that their LT wasn't good enough to play RT for Tennessee. Denver would have been rolled by many playoff teams since then, IMO. But anything can happen once you get to the playoffs, so we need a QB who we feel confident can take us there
  10. Another year of this, and Mariota will start being judged like an NFL QB- meaning, perfection being the standard. Every QB not named Brady is slammed for the failures of their team, even in Indy, GB, and Seattle when they are the only reason for their relevance. It's funny how the narrative changes over time. There are plenty of people in Miami calling Tannehill a choker and claiming he's the reason for their failure, when 25% of the games he's played since 2016 have been won via 4th quarter comebacks. Half of their wins during time. He's been the same guy as Mariota over the past two years, but with better stats and much more consistency from a clean pocket and when his defense holds the opponent to 25 or less . Yet he's trash and Tennessee has yet to build an acceptable team around Mariota
  11. One thing that I would like about RT being the starter is that people would be more critical of his performance. We wouldn't observe what was obviously mediocre play by the QB and have to hear everyone other than Mariota take the blame. We'd hear things like: "he held onto the ball for too long on that play", "he has to get rid of it" "he can't miss that throw", instead of ,"11 sacks???!!! OL SUCKS!", or, "WR RAN THE WRONG ROUTE!!!"", or FIGHT FOR THE BALL!!! (Ball was 5 yards above WR's head"
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