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  1. Dallas signs trash players who the fans believe can be good. We sign good players who the fans trash. They win.
  2. How many guys like Jackson exist in the league? There have been many, many offenses who have excelled without someone like him, and many receivers who have excelled in every part of the field without that speed. No matter who you have out there, it's up to the QB deliver the ball to them, and that's where the problem lies. I can hardly recall Mariota taking a single deep shot on anything other than PA.there were several occasions last year when he had the opportunity, butt didn't take /see it
  3. You people saying we need a WR to stretch the field are hilarious. Teams stack the box against us, and it ain't because of our WRs. Taylor actually had the 3rd most cushion of any WR in the league. Until our QB actually attempts to get the ball downfield on anything other than PA, it doesn't matter who you put out there.
  4. He averaged over 10 YPC j twice, and half of his yardage came on one play in one of them.
  5. If Taylor goes into camp and executes his assignment correctly, there's no way in hell that happens. I agree that Nelson is insurance for if that doesn't happen.
  6. It depends on how much he's looking for. Robinson clearly wants to avoid any issues the team had last year, and WR depth was one of them. If someone goes down , we don't want some waiver wire pickup getting extensive time on the field.
  7. No it doesn't. We have 4 WRs currently on the roster. We need more.
  8. So the solution is to forego his development and get another young guy? The production of our QBs was the equivalent of dog shit, so I think that should be taken into account while judging the production of our TEs.
  9. And you think we are going to be able to get 100% from a 340 lbs. player on every down?
  10. LOL. Tajae Sharpe was the leading FBS receiver at UMass. You can't use what he did there as a basis for his projection to the NFL, at all. Taylor was a great route runner and had very few drops in college.
  11. How often would he actually be on the field in in those situations?
  12. Has anyone looked into this guy? I like what I've seen. 7 sacks is pretty good for an interior player in the SEC.
  13. Young players are notorious for bone headed plays. It won't be any different with whatever guy we draft.
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