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  1. abc2330

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    They aren't better. But with Mariota, we typically only win games that a backup QB could handle. Our defense allowed 20 points in regulation in ONE win this year (the Jets scored 22, but Marcus gave them 7). The number of such victories in 2017 was 3 (Indy scored 22, but Mariota, yet again, gave them 7). In 2 of those games, we allowed 20 flat. Mariota has essentially performed like a quality backup QB. If the defense does a great job, then we are likely to win. But he's not productive enough or careful enough with the ball to compete with a high caliber offense.
  2. abc2330

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    You acknowledge that Mariota won 8 games in 2016, yet somehow we won 9 games. You excluded that from your brilliant math equation. Cassell went 1-1. Gabbert went 2-1. Mariota finished the Jacksonville game, but Gabbert brought us back from a deficit against Washington, so he absolutely deserves credit for a win. That's 3-2, or 60%. Better than our winning percentage with Mariota. My math is fine.
  3. And the results when Mularkey didn't have a talented team also speak for themselves. He's not the worst coach in the world, but there's a limit in today's NFL as to how far he can take a team.
  4. We rode a ridiculously easy schedule with a healthy team to barely make the playoffs in a weak year for the AFC, in which the lowly Jags made the freaking AFC championship game. We were better in some ways this year defensively, but I don't think the jump in talent made the difference between being middle of the pack and #3 in scoring. Especially since Morgan, Orakpo, and Jones were non-factors. Offensively, we could have been a completely different team with Walker, Matthews, a healthy O line, a coach who knew how to manage Davis' injuries and implement him effectively, and of course a QB who could grip a ball. The difference in this year's NE victory and last year's defeat was nearly 100% coaching.
  5. Aren't all OCs former positional coaches? The league hasn't been recycling OCs for decades, new ones come along all of the time. And they must have not been so horrible that they had to be fired right away.
  6. abc2330

    Delanie Walker's replacement

    Have some patience. The coaches and Delanie rave about him. They see a lot more of what he's capable of than we do.
  7. abc2330

    Delanie Walker's replacement

    Jonnu was more productive in his first two seasons than Delanie. Come on, man.
  8. abc2330

    Delanie Walker's replacement

    Because young players are, by nature, inconsistent. Especially on offense. And especially with a garbage QB and having to learn new systems each year. I could really care less about drops. Brandon Marshall had a ton of drops, Julian Edelman drops a ton of balls. But they are tough to defend before and after the catch. I can deal with a measly handful of drops each year.
  9. abc2330

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    Since 2016, our winning percentage has been better with a backup QB starting, FWIW....
  10. abc2330

    Schefter: Packers to Hire LaFleur

    We've only seen Rodgers with one coach. Mariota, the most even-keeled, expressionless player in the league showed visible signs of frustration in 2017. Imagine years of being with someone who makes your job a hell of a lot more difficult due to their incompetence, and constantly being injured because the team is 100% dependant on you making a shit plan work. Rodgers sat for 3 years and went through a QB training regime far more involved than anything current QBs are allowed to endure. I don't buy that he's difficult to work with. We've all worked for idiot bosses and have been frustrated. That's all that ordeal in GB is. This was probably his and Cobb's final game together. He doesn't seem like such a selfish, egotistical player to me. He seems like a guy who wants to win.
  11. abc2330

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    Only if it's not an issue when he's healthy. Which is never. So, no.
  12. abc2330

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    Didn't he miss two TD throws to Davis this year because of terrible ball placement? Even his Philadelphia TD throw was short. Davis just beat his CB so bad that it didn't matter. His ball placement is meh on short-intermediate routes. He doesn't hit the receivers in stride.
  13. abc2330

    If you need a reminder.......

    Every single one of those QBs has been more productive than Mariota. He's more comparable to Tyrod Taylor. A little more in terms of passing yards, but worse in terms of TD/INT .