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  1. Some people were saying that he needs to lose weight. What is there to lose?
  2. There's plenty to like about Allen. And he doesn't hold receivers back like Mariota. But yeah, that completion % sucks balls.
  3. It will be surprising if he doesn't come here.
  4. Akers. A bit of a toss up, but Detroit is cursed. LA has more depth, but a better track record.
  5. They've traded 5(!!!) first round picks since 2013 for players. Their return on investment? Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham, Jamal Adams. And they also traded away Max Unger during that process. Their only saving grace is the fact that the 1st round picks they did make since then have been even worse than that.
  6. EA had to stop making NBA games because their product was shit compared to 2k. It would be the same if competition was allowed for NFL games. Madden is fucking terrible.
  7. Yeah, and the organization who couldn't put talent on the team deserve no criticism. I think the success and Tannehill and others prove the incompetency of Miami if nothing else
  8. Henry receiving no deal would have set a bad precedent. A team has to make difficult decisions, but this really wasn't one. As far as Tannehill is concerned, the Miami media was determined tear him down. Yet there is maybe 1 situation in his career in which he rightfully deserves criticism. He always does and says the right thing.
  9. I'll give Smith the benefit of the doubt that he was going into the season blind with Mariota. He gave OCs no feedback. Not the case with Tannehill.

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