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  1. abc2330

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    Aren't ole miss guys almost always busts?
  2. abc2330

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    Might want to watch Davis and Taylor in college. Taylor was putting up numbers against the top SEC teams.
  3. abc2330

    If you need a reminder.......

    If Ryan can get 1,000 out of Harry Douglas , then this should put Ridley's 800 yards into perspective. Whereas Mariota has never taken a receiver to 1,000 by himself. He's never even taken one to 900 yards.
  4. abc2330

    Beddingfield's Roster Review

    Blakey said that Minnesota and Jacksonville had the 2 most talented rosters. No wonder he sucked BBC. He doesn't know what a team looks like.
  5. abc2330

    If you need a reminder.......

    What if it is the other way around, and Mariota is only capable of getting a receiver to under 1,000? That kind if goes along with what we've seen from him- his floor and ceiling aren't that far apart. Mariota had a solid rookie season, of course Walker is going to be hyped. The problem is that he hasn't improved and the rest of the league figured him out. It's clear from Walker's comments in recent years that he feels like his numbers don't represent the quality of player that he is.
  6. abc2330

    If you need a reminder.......

    The "peak" of a receiver is directly tied to the ability of the QB. If you're stuck with shit QBs like Ryan Tannehill ,Alex Smith, Jake Locker, and Zach Mettenberger, then you're peak will be fairly low.
  7. abc2330

    If you need a reminder.......

    He had nearly 900 yards with that QB mess in 2014. I think that he's capable of over 1,000 on an annual basis.
  8. abc2330

    If you need a reminder.......

    Matthews had 114 yards against Houston with Cassell at QB. The second most during his time at TN. And Walker's production during the 4 games '15 with whoever the was the backup was right in line with Mariota. Maybe the guys are just good and can produce with any QB?
  9. abc2330

    If you need a reminder.......

    Walker's potential is 800 yards per year? I disagree with that.
  10. abc2330

    If you need a reminder.......

    Harry Douglas was a 1,000 yard receiver with Matt Ryan. Don't be an idiot.
  11. Blake Beddingfield will tell you that it was a great class.
  12. Because he was such a rousing success in Minnesota.
  13. abc2330

    Rookie QBs

    I could see them looking at Clayton Thorston in round 2-3. They're definitely going to fall in love with him during the interview process.
  14. abc2330

    An early look at Drew Lock

    He looks promising. Sexy arm. He looks composed and relaxed in the pocket. He tends to stare down receivers, but he also quickly pulls the trigger when he finds someone open. He's got functional athleticism, and a big arm which can make NFL throws on the run. Several "perfect " throws which can't be defended. I'd absolutely take a chance on this guy. His ceiling is very high, his arm very strong, and his accuracy has improved each year in college. There's much to like.