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  1. I didn't see it personally, but someone mentioned that the FO was worried they would be wasting their defense just to see if a 5th year QB could finally put it together. That, combined with the rumblings that some of the coaches preferred Tannehill lead me to believe that Amy is pushing this.
  2. It's as if the D linemen are equipped with football magnets. Mariota tucks the ball and holds on for dear life when they get close, and gravitates towards them.
  3. Prior to the season, everyone would have agreed with you. But now he's being outplayed by QBs whose respective teams had no intention of playing. during RT's previous two seasons, Miami won 80% of the games in which the team held the opponent to 25 or less and had very good numbers . We can win with that. We had a slightly lower winning % with Marita in the same scenarios. His numbers still sucked, but the offense at least did enough to get us to the finish. Now he can't do anything.
  4. They're definitely waiting for that scouting report from Ciah Fahey.
  5. How many jobs and careers is Mariota going to cost before that put a stop to it? His reign of terror needs to come to an end.
  6. You can say that again. Twice isn't enough.
  7. What else do they need to see? I'd rather see Woodside out there . Several other mid round qbs have out shined him, I'm sure that he would as well
  8. Travis is a Marita fanboy who said that he would have had 100 sacks last year if he didn't have Russell Wilson pocket presence and elusive ability. And wasn't Cowherd just talking us up before the season? This is good. Maybe the pride of Robinson, the coaches, and players will take over and we'll make the change that we know we damn well should have made already.
  9. Travis doesn't know anything about sports. His speciality is the political side of things.
  10. I'm sure that it's more about money to Davis. He probably also takes great pride in his work and wants to join HOF company. That probably kills him more than anything right now. It probably also kills him that in crucial situations like the 4th down last week and in the red zone, Mariota looks elsewhere.
  11. The line actually graded out well on PFF with the exception of Douglas, who was awful. Saffold more or less said that they aren't the issue
  12. At least people are beginning to hear our public cry for a better QB It will be porn. Not that he's Brady, but we'll no longer be worried about the QB position.
  13. I thought that he was below average prior to this year, though there were some legitimate excuses. But my goodness. He's taken that to an entirely different level. As you said, even Sharpe looks good and has broken open for at least 3 deep plays (1 actually came to fruition). Let alone the other receivers. Even Jonnu looks like he could break out if given the opportunity. He should trust all of these guys. He
  14. Imagine trading a first and more for Ramsey, and then seeing him get beat badly by a WR like Sharpe. I'm sure we all agree that we need to hang onto that pick now
  15. No doubt that the OL has some issues, but the GM and coaching staff can't be happy that they are matching records of the early stages of an expansion team with an infamously shell-shocked QB. Not to mention every addition to the passing game that we make seem to make it even less effective. I wish that Mariota did PEDs instead of eating donuts so that we that we could make an easier transition