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  1. Again, this is horse shit. Goff and Winston had more talent around them, yes. And one looks good and the other still sucks. But Prescott? In 16, our line was as nearly as good or comparable. Same in 17. He was one of the most sacked QBs in the league last year. Mariota has had a 1,000 yard rusher each year that Dak has. Are a washed up Dez, washed up Witten, Cole Beasley, and 9 games of Cooper really better than Delanie Walker, Rishard Matthews and Corey Davis? Dak has played better because he is better
  2. Sadly, I was in this boat. It's why I'm triggered when people use the same excuses that they did in 2017. I was fooled once . But people are clearly ready to give Mariota as many chances as it takes for him to have a decent season
  3. Isn't this the guy who liked Mariota? This seems mostly accurate, though it's too soon to really label these younger guys
  4. Murray, sure. The OL struggled because they couldn't blow 8 defenders off the LOS in a predictable scheme , which put more pressure on Mariota to make the most of his opportunities. Which he did not.
  5. The entire offense was exposed , which includes the QB. Teams focused on stopping the running game, putting more pressure on him to move the ball, and it resulted in a 13 TD 15 INT season. I'm not sure why this is being used to defend him. It just gives more substance to the argument that the OCs have had to hide him in the offense
  6. To me, he just looks like he's been exposed and as you said, losing confidence. Since he's never really been good at moving the ball between the 20s, it seems like DCs are more focusing attention on the areas where he has a tendency to throw INTs- the middle of the field, where he'll actually force some throws, and deep, where he tends to airmail passes. They just have to be in the right place at the right time. That was a common theme in his INT "highlights". And with an OC who actually did a good job of scheming guys open, they realized that they just need to blitz him and keep him in the pocket, which has a 11% chance of resulting in a sack. This is just my uniformed opinion, but Mariota came into the league having some parts of his game which translated well to the NFL- teams knew that he was fast and had to factor that into their defensive plan, and he could whip the ball into the middle of the field at a high level and has a reasonably good sense of how to avoid danger with his arm. If he had a complete game, these factors would be deadly. But his game didn't really develop beyond that . His pocket presence and ability to throw outside the numbers doesn't look much different than it did in his rookie year. We can add better players and more consistency with his coaches, but if he hasn't improved in those areas simply through live reps, I'm not sure if he ever will . Or how much of a difference they will make, since those areas of weakness will still be there
  7. What was the difference between the talent on 16 and 17? Murray may not have been the same, but that shouldn't make nearly that much of a difference
  8. Stop blaming his teammates then. Please tell me about this awesome supporting cast that Dak had. We saw that team the year before he arrived, and it was shit. They went from the 31st scoring offense to #5. There is more to it than him simply having a better team around him, which other than Mariota's rookie year, I disagree with as well.
  9. Mariota needs to work on his TD/INT ratio more than I need to work on my reigning in my emotions.
  10. He's got super loose hips and serious burst for a TE. Fuck that 3 cone time. He will be a menace with and without the ball if he can translate that athleticism into his route running
  11. With the way Mariota has played over the past two years, he could have prime Jerry Rice and TO and still throw fewer than 20 TDs. Defenses aren't going to give you plays, especially in the red zone. That's the difference in his and Dak's game.
  12. I don't think that Firkser is a guy who anyone inks in as a starter, but he's a great backup receiving option who you wouldn't worry about if he was forced into a bigger role. I'm surprised with how well he moves, relative to his testing numbers
  13. Davis has looked like the best player on the field on several occasions. He'll only get better
  14. He looked like a guy who would be voted the 50th best player by his peers. I took it for granted then, but the potential was unbelievable at the time. He's been a dud since then. Sigh
  15. I'd be hyped beyond belief. Mariota, at 22 YO, was excellent in '16. The staff is trying to coax that out of him by swarming him with talent and bringing in T Hill, to push him. It's a win-win scenario to me. If he doesn't rise to the occasion, Tannehill will.
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