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  1. The root appeals to a very special, racist group of idiots. Jay Z doesn't need the NFL. He probably wants to improve the relations between a predominantly African-American sport and those who watch it. Kaepernick made him look like a fool by taking advantage of his naivety when it comes to entitled professional athletes.
  2. I hate to continue making excuses for any player. But there are situations, such as that of Amari Cooper, Robert Woods, Wes welker, Emmanuel Sanders, etc. where the player's inclusion is inconsistent or they just never really get to show what they can do at their first NFL home. Let's just hope that we can get him more involved while he's still here. Unless we by some miracle begin to understand this forward pass trend, It's impossible for this franchise to consider paying him or any other WR more than what they are giving to Humphries.
  3. Drafting Tua would help us go from Good to Great. Instead of, "Good Lord does Mariota get hurt a lot", it will be, "Great! Tua is down again..."
  4. The same can be said for every receiver on the team, even those like Davis and Humphries who have proven that they can do it. These play designs are predictable, they don't really give the receivers opportunities to win one on one matchups. It's pretty telling that when Tannehill was calling plays on the last drive, it was effortless and Humphries was more open than he's been the entire year on the TD. He knew that he was going to be open as soon as he saw the matchup and the coverage. Smith just needs to be able to do that, and can't.
  5. When a team or player is performing at an unsustainable level, it always comes down to earth. Our offense is performing at an unsustainable level in the red zone. The offense is especially frustrating considering that we are the best in the league at converting certain short-yardage situations (red zone), yet bottom 5 in other short yardage situations (3rd down conversion rate). This makes no sense at all other than to question the guy calling the plays over the course of the game.
  6. Robinson isn't the sole proprietor of the franchise. He easily could have been out of a job for drafting a QB instead of using the resources to help out who the owner decided was the face of the team.
  7. We've made it clear, through our persistent goal line formations, that the priority is to control the ball , wear the defense out, and keep the opposing offense off of the field. We're 27th in third down conversion % over the past 3 weeks, as well as the entire year. So the execution of that plan has sucked and we've relied on perfect red zone performance and a lot of luck to overcome that over the past few weeks. We're average in terms of YPG over the past 3 weeks despite facing 3 bad defenses. Tannehill has put a lot of lipstick on a pig via his late game heroics , league-leading success throwing into tight windows, and perfect red zone performance, but the offense clearly sucks if you look at the big picture.
  8. If we had 7 or 8 wins, then I'd agree. But we are 5-5 and just a couple of weeks removed from a bad loss. If we are going to be a super conservative offense, that is fine. But at least do that effectively, instead of being one of the worst teams in terms of converting third downs and time of possession. Run screens, designed short passes. Don't run the ball on the first two downs and expect to convert a 3rd and long when you have no clue how to execute a passing offense.
  9. I just assumed that Wilson has been MVP before, but apparently not. You're right, even if it is neck and neck, I think it's time that Wilson gets it.
  10. It would be unanimous. He'll be drowning in endorsements after this year.
  11. Which is exactly why 25 teams sent someone to the tryout, which would closely replicate the conditions of a tryout that they would conduct instead of the waste-of-time scripted Pro Day that Kaepernick released to the public. He's now elevated his stance against individual NFL teams to the entire NFL, who didn't want this "amazing" tryout to be released publicly.
  12. I hope that his career as a martyr dies after this stunt. Hopefully the unbiased reporters who lack their own agendas are pissed about him making the NFL and everyone look stupid for years, now seeing how full of shit that he is. The average Joe/non-football person will undoubtedly be fooled by the agenda Kaepernick is about to push with his tryout footage, but many of the major sports talk personalities have either played football or have been around it long enough to see right through this. He probably finally milked this too much.
  13. Nobody expects those numbers that you listed, obviously. I thought you were just exaggerating to make a point. But those guys are hardly being given a chance to contribute even though they've proven that they can, in an area that our offense currently needs help. Smith should try harder to get more than one player involved.
  14. The end result looks great, but we are a perfect 10/10 for TDs in the red zone with RT which is completely unsustainable and shows how little room for error the offense actually had in these close wins. We've been 1st in this category, nearly last in third down %. We have to find ways to stay on the field and get in the red zone more when that success rate imminently comes back down to earth, and getting your good players involved is a nice start.
  15. Cooper had a 600 yard year and was on pace for another 600 yard season prior to the trade. Davis has been in a worse situation during his entire career than Cooper was those two. Once NE spends consecutive #1 picks on NFL skill players, it's time to accept that it's acceptable