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  1. Either Henry or Conklin. He's a higher priority, IMO. Jonnu didn't get a lot of looks last year, but he was one of the league's most effective players when he did. His 80% catch rate was right at the top of the league, and his actual YAC vs expected YAC was #2 in the league- behind only AJ Brown. He is trending up in all of the right ways. He's only going into year 4, but the going rate for TEs is still very cheap. Kittle is very likely going to reset the market for TEs, rightfully so. Robinson and the coaches like him too much to let him go, so we need to lock him up before that happens.
  2. Tannehill has a career record of .500 and QB rating of 90 as a starter with a 100 game sample size while with a bad franchise 90% of that time. His W/L record is 21-11 if you look at his past 32 games, a two season sample size. You are exaggerating any concerns that may come with signing him.
  3. Just imagine how much Brady and Vrabel would butt heads. The season would be a disaster and a media circus if we struggled.
  4. You aren't alone. Maybe he's helping Brady out and putting the squeeze on Bill's balls.
  5. Maybe contract negotiations aren't going as well with Henry and he's just paying lip service. We can't really draw any conclusion unless he went through every single player whose contract is up.
  6. The upside is not higher with Brady. He's never had a QB rating, completion %, or YPA as high as Tannehill had last year. And unsurprisingly, never as many rushing yards, which is a pretty big advantage to be able to get from the QB. And he's played with HOF talent and the best coach in sports history in a shit conference. So nobody really wants to hear about how good Tannehill had it last year.
  7. I wouldn't underestimate him after a change of scenery and chip on his shoulder. He's basically in the same spot with the franchise that Tannehill was before he was traded.
  8. Tannehill makes far more sense for the role that you mentioned.
  9. Please, point is in the direction of an MVP caliber QB on a rookie contract who is currently available. Since you can't do that, were really have no room to gripe about a QB who just finished a season with the 5th highest QB rating of all time, do we?
  10. That's A really dumb argument, tbh. Maybe if you compare QB ratings now to those of which 20 years ago, but it's anything but meaningless. Anyone would trade anything for a young guy with Mahomes talent and upside. But he's also playing for one of the best offensive coaches of all time. For Tannehill to put up similar efficiency and production numbers per snap on an offense which was such a slouch before he took over is extremely impressive.
  11. Is Brees a franchise QB? His former team let him walk.
  12. That guys with high numbers are good?
  13. He just had a higher QB rating than Mahomes ever had in his career. He had nearly as many TDs in 4 fewer games.
  14. Why were Suh, Landry,Stills, Tunsil, and Fitzpatrick available? The owner answered this question. What they were doing wasn't working and they weren't winning, so they blew up a bunch of contracts , got what they could and started over.

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