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  1. PFF says he's one of the worst QBs outside of the pocket. Good thing that he's so great within the pocket per Fahey, albeit surrounded by horrible players. https://www.google.com/amp/s/titansized.com/2019/07/21/marcus-mariota-one-worst-qbs-pocket/amp/
  2. You're right that he had valid reasons for his struggles. But I think that's the case for most players who get the ball in their hands. The good ones overcome and impress, unless it's just not within the realm of possibility. And the bad or average ones get excuses , unless they are physically inadequate. It's really difficult to know what is possible until a player shows you. If they show you nothing, it may be time to move on. Henry showed us that he can surpass the yardage that is blocked for him.
  3. I never thought that was the case, but he wasn't giving anyone much reason to think otherwise. 2016 was an indication that it wasn't all him, but people's memories tend to be short when frustrations are high. He appeared to be a tad trimmer at OTAs, and that was the perception of some who attended as well. I believe that this would benefit his running style, which is about explosive cutting and outmanuevering and maybe a tad too much lateral movement which seems to slow him down. He doesn't have many head-on collisions, so 247 seems like diminishing returns as far as his playing weight is concerned.
  4. I agree with everything that he said. I think that we are a bad matchup for them , especially with the timing of the game, and could end up beating the hell out of them.
  5. They were 21st in rushing the year prior to his arrival, 3rd in his rookie year. He transformed that offense.
  6. Seattle can run the ball because they Wilson keeps them honest. With a lesser QB, that offense falls apart
  7. I read most of this and it was a load of horse shit. This looks like a paid endorsement from Mariota, who would probably roll his eyes at this article.
  8. I'm not seeing the big deal. It's not a cupcake schedule, but not as bad as people are claiming.
  9. Passing is far more efficient than running the ball . Let's do that shit more often.
  10. He meant that it's possible we went BPA and Brown was the highest on their board. Getting the best player is how you go from good to great
  11. I don't think that we invested all that we did in the passing game only to be 31st in passing attempts again.
  12. Mariota sucks. Plain and simple. I don't feel like sifting through 10 pages of diarrhea to try and be convinced that a 24 TD 23 INT is secretly awesome and we're all too dumb to notice. His passing mechanics are the equivalent of the free throw shot of a guy who bombed when the game was on the line . They are broke as fuck and cause him to be inaccurate. He can't throw for shit or see shit around him. He looks like someone put their WR in at QB in Madden because that game sucks ass and you can actually win doing stupid shit like that. He wants to play QB like a bitch and make easy schemed throws and allow men to knock him around. Learn how to throw to the sidelines, you dick.
  13. Jones justifies this contract, if Mosley and Alexander are the new norm. The writing is on the wall for Brown, IMO. He'll be a rockstar FA with his ability and magnetic personality. We'll have to groom someone
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