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  1. Hmm.. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/02/17/politics/travelers-denied-entry-screened-coronavirus-dhs/index.html
  2. It'd be nice to have a better non lethal option than tazers and pepper spray though. I wouldn't want to live with having shot someone.
  3. All travel is incorrect, I agree. There were restrictions. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/proclamation-suspension-entry-immigrants-nonimmigrants-persons-pose-risk-transmitting-2019-novel-coronavirus/
  4. Where is the support for David Dorn? His lifeless body was filmed live on Facebook as looters robbed the shop that he was protecting. Human life is more important than property, right?
  5. Who doesn't Taylor-30 Year Old Douche Isaiah Wilson- Grounded and mature 20 year old
  6. On a run/PA heavy team with a good defense like he had in Denver, he's definitely serviceable. He's Mariota, minus the idiot fans proclaiming him to be a great QB.
  7. I'm sure that they will. With our QB luck, I doubt we were going to take chances on a 7th round rookie as a backup.
  8. If you're talking about the bullshit drama surrounding the pass rushing situation, you're right. We thought we'd have Beasley and Clowney, and we may end up with neither. Hopefully that guy from Georgia is good.
  9. You're right, Fan relations are up to management and the media. It's just a job for the players. While they are busting their asses during the off-season, job security and self-improvement come to mind, not fans
  10. He's definitely not selling many jerseys at the moment
  11. Some people were saying that he needs to lose weight. What is there to lose?

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