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  1. So why are Tannehill's numbers suddenly so much better, if we have an average-below average receiving unit?
  2. These arbitrary rankings are pointless and often baseless. The QB on the team averaged over 9 YPA, let the league in QB rating, and completed 70% of his attempts. It doesn't sound like he was working with a bad receiving group to me. They were close to the top of the league in catch % and had some of the best receivers in terms of YAC.
  3. Out of all the players on the offense, it's odd to suggest that Henry is the one who isn't getting the ball enough.
  4. I don't know, an 24-49 starting record is a pretty remarkable feat.
  5. I could see him getting twice as many opportunities as Lewis. They tried to do everything they could to keep him from getting the ball last year. They wouldn't spend a 3rd on a RB unless they planned on using him.
  6. Bortles was probably the only QB we faced who made Mariota look good by comparison.
  7. Why exactly would you think that Blake Bortles is a better option than Flacco?
  8. I'd like to see Evans on the field a lot in 3 WR sets, if he turns out to be a threat in the passing game that he is capable of. It would also be a good excuse to keep Humphries out there more often.
  9. He can separate. He can catch. He can pick up yards after the catch. He can do everything except for stay healthy, and in turn be consistent. It all comes down to that.
  10. You're absolutely right. When you have the second fewest passing attempts in the league, the #1 WR will have somewhere around 50-60 catches.
  11. Davis averaged 14 YPC. Brown made the most of the receptions, but he was also the designated target on many of the PA plays and the beneficiary of some excellent blocking from the WRs.
  12. Does he have arm strength comparable to Patrick Mahomes? Of course not. But at worst, it's a non-issue and he shows no difficulty throwing the ball downfield. Is he accurate at doing so? Sometimes he is very accurate, sometimes he is not. The 29% completion percentage on deep balls is pretty vague and could use some context. Nobody was even close to him in terms of passes which traveled 40+ yards according to PFF. They probably throw deep passes more than they run the ball. He's a wild card given the disparity between Hawaii's offense and what he will be asked to do in the NFL. But he's the only QB to have a winning record, much less a 10 win season since they moved out of the WAC 10 years ago. Some of these scouts claiming he's a product of the system or that Hawaii is still a passing juggernaut really seem out of the loop.
  13. That was just one scouting report. These are from the two reports on NFL Draft Network: Arm Strength - Cannon arm with all the juice you could possibly hope for. He'll get away with late delivery on some of his sideline throws because of how much juice he gets on the ball. Strong ability to push vertically and with pace, too. Big-time ability as a thrower on the move to generate heat and nail coverage busts. PROS: Throws the ball all over the yard, showcasing accuracy to every level of the field. Terrific arm strength that is capable of hitting every throw. Does well to work in rhythm while challenging defense vertically. Works his progressions and even shows the ability to manipulate coverage with his eyes to help his targets get open. Does well to dial up the fastball and work his off-speed pitches when touch is required. A fierce competitor that isn’t afraid to take off with the football or take a big hit while delivering the football. He’s a good athlete that is dangerous with his legs. Absolutely looks the part in terms of his frame. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/cole-mcdonald/FGjhbAs4JT

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