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  1. I might be sore, but Officiating definitely favored the Chiefs. Chiefs may have the world's fastest WR and a QB with a golden arm, but they are still a finesse team and will be bullied by the 49'ers . Plus they will not have the advantage of home field or weather in the Super Bowl. I don't think it will even be close.
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    We must end up with a developmental QB, a backup RB, another OT, because we will lose either Conklin or Kelly, a another CB because we can't afford Ryan and another Rush backer.
  3. Andy Reid & Clark Hunt should be so proud that they built a Super Bowl team with players with police records like Tyreek Hill. I hope Lamar Hunt returns from the grave to haunt his son, Clark, for discarding the decades old policy of building a winner with players with character and christian values. It's interesting that the game officials were so willing to call penalties on pass interference and OL holding , when in all other playoff games that i watched, they let the players play. That's what you call home field advantage. I thought that only Tom Brady received that kind of preferential treatment. I guess that Vrabel hasn't paid his dues. I think that our coaches read too many of their press clippings. Why else do we run Henry into a 10-11 man front on a 2nd and 3rd and 1. Was it to prove that we could run through any number of defenders and were the tough team. I thought we were trying to win the game. Our wide receivers were both 1 on 1. I think we were out-coached. I seems that KC was on a mission to stop Henry no matter what. After watching Andy for so many years, I think he got tired of losing and adopted a new philosophy; "whatever it takes". He practically invited Tannehill to complete easy passes and we declined. Andy Reid changed his stripes this year. Maybe Vrabel will learn from Andy. Was it just my impression, or did our team lose its will to win in the cold weather in the 2nd half. Their Def line was quicker off the line then our OL in the 3rd quarter. I guess their players are more used to the cold weather. SF 49'ers will absolutely dominate Chiefs on the OL & Def lines. They are even more physical than the Titans. They beat the Packer's without breaking a sweat. I have never seen a more physically dominant team, both on the OFFense and Defense. The Chiefs may have a great QB, but I think he will be running for his life. If the Chiefs put 10 or 11 on the line of scrimmage, SF will just lob short passes over the top for huge gains. Unlike us, they have no manhood to prove. The 49'ers running game is even more impressive than ours and will run the clock. Good night Chiefs.
  4. The biggest difference I see between MM and Tannehill is that MM was often late and off target with passes into the slot . Tannehill is much quicker making decisions and frequently leads his receiver perfectly. That accuracy is essential for YAC production by AJB. Tony Pauline opines that EDGE position is neither deep or strong in the 2020 draft. The CB and OT positions are one of the strongest areas of the 2020 draft. Both positions are loaded with prospects that should be available through day 2. In building the 2020 roster, I think that Titan's should prioritize the signing of Tannehill, Henry, Kelly & Simms. Kelly is a good RT and cheaper than Conklin; maybe by 1/2. We have depth at CB and probably should target one early in the draft. I would use the cap savings to sign a good EDGE player in FA; Judon, Fowler & Dupree might be in our price range. The Edge FA position has many elite rushers and might push prices down a bit. Look for CB, RB & OT on day 1 & 2 of the draft. Then QB and ILB on day 3 or 4.
  5. I recall that in the 1st half of the season, he was often late, picking up stunts. I am not sure if it was a miscommunication issue with the center. He also seemed to have issues with bull-rushers, walking him into the QB's lap. I think he has gotten better. I am sure that the Patriot's defensive coordinator will test him. Do the Patriot's have a star interior DT? Let's hope that he passes with flying colors.
  6. I haven't heard Nate's name mentioned during last several games. I think that is a good sign if you are an offensive linemen. How much has Nate's play at OG improved in the last 8 weeks? His abilities or deficiencies will be exploited during the playoffs. Does anyone subscribe to PFF for that info?
  7. PFF's 6th rated college QB after 13 weeks. 6. TYLER HUNTLEY, UTAH Huntley is the nation's most underrated downfield thrower of the football as he leads the country with a ridiculous 77.9% adjusted completion percentage on throws targeted at least 10 yards downfield. He's completed 47-of-68 passes at least 10 yards past the line of scrimmage and has connected on 10 touchdowns compared to just one interception. Overall this year, Huntley is the nation's leader in adjusted completion percentage to all levels of the field, throwing a catchable pass on 86.2% of his throws while still throwing for 788 yards on deep shots targeted at least 20 yards downfield to rank 17th-most. In fact, he has the nation's highest passer rating on deep passes at 145.5 while also possessing the third-highest passer rating from a pressured pocket (123.5) and the eighth-highest passer rating from a clean pocket (130.9). It doesn't matter the situation, it doesn't matter the throw attempt, Huntley is every bit of an elite quarterback and deserves every bit of recognition he receives this year.
  8. I am intrigued by Tyler Huntley of Utah. He may be a tad short, but has great accuracy, pocket presence and a strong arm. Tyler should be available the 4-5th rounds.
  9. Why do I see other NFL team's WRs getting so much separation , while the Titan's WRs are covered so tightly ? Is it our offensive schemes? I don't believe that our WR's are slow or run poor routes.

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