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  1. We must end up with a developmental QB, a backup RB, another OT, because we will lose either Conklin or Kelly, a another CB because we can't afford Ryan and another Rush backer.
  2. The biggest difference I see between MM and Tannehill is that MM was often late and off target with passes into the slot . Tannehill is much quicker making decisions and frequently leads his receiver perfectly. That accuracy is essential for YAC production by AJB. Tony Pauline opines that EDGE position is neither deep or strong in the 2020 draft. The CB and OT positions are one of the strongest areas of the 2020 draft. Both positions are loaded with prospects that should be available through day 2. In building the 2020 roster, I think that Titan's should prioritize th
  3. I recall that in the 1st half of the season, he was often late, picking up stunts. I am not sure if it was a miscommunication issue with the center. He also seemed to have issues with bull-rushers, walking him into the QB's lap. I think he has gotten better. I am sure that the Patriot's defensive coordinator will test him. Do the Patriot's have a star interior DT? Let's hope that he passes with flying colors.
  4. I haven't heard Nate's name mentioned during last several games. I think that is a good sign if you are an offensive linemen. How much has Nate's play at OG improved in the last 8 weeks? His abilities or deficiencies will be exploited during the playoffs. Does anyone subscribe to PFF for that info?
  5. I am intrigued by Tyler Huntley of Utah. He may be a tad short, but has great accuracy, pocket presence and a strong arm. Tyler should be available the 4-5th rounds.
  6. Why do I see other NFL team's WRs getting so much separation , while the Titan's WRs are covered so tightly ? Is it our offensive schemes? I don't believe that our WR's are slow or run poor routes.
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