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  1. frickthejags

    Broncos close to a deal for Kirk Cousins?

    from my understanding, Kirk would be able to choose anywhere in FA, he might not choose denver, i think he said that Minnesota is his top choice. A trade would give Denver sole rights to Kirk. Redskins get something out of Kirk, and the Broncos get sole rights to him, the only one dicked is Kirk
  2. frickthejags

    Torn ACL for Conklin

    and the number 25 draft pick rather than number 21
  3. frickthejags

    Rapoport: Mularkey Staying with Extension

    Winning one game in the playoffs or actually having a chance to go to the SB in the following seasons instead of being in the 8-8 hole. seems like the fake fans are the ones who want to keep Mularkey imo
  4. frickthejags

    Rapoport: Mularkey Staying with Extension

    Not even. Mularkey was carried by the no-huddle, its the only reason why he got this dumb extension
  5. frickthejags

    Rapoport: Mularkey Staying with Extension

    so we are "fake" for wanting to see our team win?
  6. frickthejags

    Poll: Should the Titans fire Mike Mularkey

    1. "garafolo" has a top 5 coach, and did well in the other games 2. Sure, a rookie QB, but was on track for one of the best, if not the best rookie qb seasons of all time 3. Sure, but thats total yardage. Offenses don't run against us bc we have a very good run defense, so they pass against us more often. Opponents pass against us the most out of any team, we are actually 14th in passing YPA allowed
  7. frickthejags

    Patriots Week: Bring. On. The Champs.

    I actually think we have a decent chance at beating the pats. I think Logan Ryan and Adoree Jackson can lock down Hogan and Cooks decently. Then we have to deal with Gronk. Cyprien actually looked good in coverage yesterday, i guess we have to put him and probably another corner on a double team Their O-Line is ass, our pass rush is pretty good like 4th in sacks our something, Brady shouldn't get much time in the pocket. Also, our stout rushing defense should contain Dion Lewis for the most part. Their rushing defense is seriously bad. They're like 31st in YPC given up. If Derrick Henry plays like he did on Saturday, our offense will be rolling. Their pass defense is also bad, they are 25th in YPA given up. our pass game should be rolling with our rushing offense opening it up Lets get it boyos
  8. frickthejags


    "Shut down the run and we surprise with a pass." more like "shut down the run and we will keep running it up the middle"
  9. frickthejags

    Texans In Turmoil

    maybe i shouldve bolded "dream"
  10. frickthejags

    Texans In Turmoil

    yeah but i doubt mularkey gets fired, but im pretty sure robiskie is gone But a dream come true would be if Bill O Brien swallowed his pride and took a job here as an OC, and we only extended Mularkey on the condition of letting BOB call his own plays. BOB has tailored to his QB's strengths incredibly, BOB didnt really like mobile QBs and look what he did with Deshaun
  11. frickthejags

    2018 Biggest Needs?

    Can you draft a coach or offensive coordinator in the first round?
  12. frickthejags

    Robiskie: Hold My Beer

    No, Robiskie is going out there on his own
  13. frickthejags

    Head Coaching Search 2017-2018

    mcdniels or shaw
  14. frickthejags

    Typical fair weather fans want to get rid of Mularkey

    So we're fair weather fans for wanting to see our team win? I dont get ur logic