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  1. We aren't close to being a legit threat in the playoffs with this group. Shame.
  2. Sucking is contagious, looks like the offense has caught it too.
  3. Welp that drive did nothing for our 3rd down defensive rate
  4. It's close gonna need to see that sideline shot again
  5. Good for you! I was fortunate enough to get into the 2nd round of invintational pre order from Sony Direct in September with free launch day delivery as a PlayStation Plus member. Then last Thursday night Friday morning Sony billed and my bank held it as potentially being fraud. When I awoke at six am to an alert from my bank I immediately approved it, Sony had sent an email as well stating an issue had accured and to update my/verify my payment information before six pm est or 9 Pacific. I checked and updated my information at 6:20 am which really wasn't necessary due to the initial charge wouldn't have made it that far if it was incorrect. Went to bed that night with a pending charge looking all good, woke up Saturday with a cancellation notification from Sony. Chat was useless asked to have it escalated which it supposedly was, have received two emails since stating that they hadn't forgotten about me! Another stating your PS5 is on the way with the 12th come and gone and nothing to show for it and no charge to my account. I've attempted multiple phone calls and chats all being "too busy" I requested the PS4 VR camera adapter as well and was approved but never got any shipping information. When I got to the house yesterday the 12th there laid the adapter in its shipping envelope soaking wet! Luckily the adapter was in a zip baggy, but if not for that it would probably have been ruined. Attempted to order from Walmart with a group of three other people during the noon, 3pm, 6,pm and 9pm pre-order times with no one never making to the payment method. Sat in the que today with Sony Direct for three hours with nothing to show for it but a drained battery. Bank asked about my recent experience and I explained it was complete ass, but in nicietys, they've called twice today but I haven't had time to hear their potential spew. Well that's my experience, haven't decided which one is more inept the Titans defense and special teams or my order experience!
  6. Defense has been soft all year and the special teams situation is truly retarded. This organization has been smelling its own farts to much.
  7. Colts first punt all night with 3 minutes left, that's not winning football.
  8. This teams soft and been that way all year.
  9. After all the dumb shit all year your down 17 and you don't kick the field goal?
  10. I'd say the call on third down when Tanny got sacked on third and one. Defense made a goal line stand we were running well eating some clock Henry looked posed to hit a big one and boom shit call by Art, then the shank and it was a wrap. I've mentioned it before we are going to have to go three yards and a cloud of dust due to the defense not being able to get off the field and a completely incompetent special teams.
  11. Worst Oiler or Titan combo of poor special teams and defense I've ever seen.
  12. Sucks but we are pretenders. Vrabel and Jrob have really shit the bed with the personal and coaches on defense and special teams. Bottom of the barrel both are.
  13. It was dumb. Was this guy that hot of a property that someone was going to sign him off the practice squad?
  14. Colts have no respect for our defense and with good reason.

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