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  1. There’s definitely not going to be a competition and even if there was Mariota would win it.
  2. Still think Spain was a lot better than Kline. Right side is still super iffy with Conklin and Kline over there.
  3. Definitely finished the season looking like a top 3-5 back going into next year. 16 carries for 93 against the Colts was impressive to me considering they literally played a 10 man box the whole time.
  4. Bridgewater and Flacco are both pure ass. I hope one of them is Jax QB next year.
  5. After I saw the RB stats I quit reading.
  6. Kelly is playing better than Conklin right now anyway. Conklin was getting dominated last week before he left the game.
  7. I didn’t even read this. You lost me at trade Mariota and sign old ass Joe Flacco for 4 years. He has been pure garbage ever since he got lucky and won that super bowl. He finally is having a decent season again.
  8. This is a good post. Nice work. TE is a big problem for this team.
  9. Looked like he was on Sunday. Actually I think Robiskie called better games than what I saw Sunday.
  10. Pretty sure Robiskie wasn’t his OC either
  11. Should left that little bitch in Buffalo