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  1. Definitely finished the season looking like a top 3-5 back going into next year. 16 carries for 93 against the Colts was impressive to me considering they literally played a 10 man box the whole time.
  2. Bridgewater and Flacco are both pure ass. I hope one of them is Jax QB next year.
  3. After I saw the RB stats I quit reading.
  4. Kelly is playing better than Conklin right now anyway. Conklin was getting dominated last week before he left the game.
  5. I didn’t even read this. You lost me at trade Mariota and sign old ass Joe Flacco for 4 years. He has been pure garbage ever since he got lucky and won that super bowl. He finally is having a decent season again.
  6. Kline is very bad and I have no idea how he got an extension. People always bring up Spain but I think he’s a lot better than Kline, he just doesn’t pull as good. Jones is really struggling as well.
  7. This is a good post. Nice work. TE is a big problem for this team.
  8. Looked like he was on Sunday. Actually I think Robiskie called better games than what I saw Sunday.
  9. Pretty sure Robiskie wasn’t his OC either
  10. Should left that little bitch in Buffalo
  11. Gotta disagree on the hurdle. You don’t want it to be common place but it was a 3rd down late in a one score game and if he doesn’t hurdle he’s tackled short. He did a really good job of protecting himself on that play I felt like.
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