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  1. Mariota needs a clean pocket to work. whatever combo that is shouldn't have taken this long to figure out.
  2. Sign him! Brown's culture has been toxic. It could work and he is way better than dez. Also himand CD could rehab hammys together
  3. Danny Amerson just got cut by the raiders. Could be solid in the slot?
  4. Everyone is talking about how Day is going to develop Marcus very important right? But what about Derrick Henry he excelled in a college scheme to get both him and marcus back to their Heisman potential would probably involve both a power run game and/or run from the gun.
  5. If McDaniel were to fail anywhere else he would have a hard time ever finding a HC job again. If we get him then we have a coach who can get that offense right in the prime of MM's career. Not worried about him picking up an offense he is smart. I am also sure whatever McDaniels runs the receivers will know where to lineup and what route to run unlike mularkeys BS.
  6. I hope JROB buttered up McDaniels last night after the game and convinced him that Mularkey will be fired
  7. Yeah you gotta block inside out on that play, but either way Henry is still left with a 1 on 1. Most run plays that's a matchup you would want, however that play is hard to run with the receiver in tight like that if he motions Davis out instead of supernaw in would've been a lot cleaner play
  8. Not worried about him at all, however the Robiske is over his head. I would like to see the Titans come out in the hurry up just how the Steelers did to us get Mariota into a rhythm. Then resort to the exotic smashmouth after we are up instead of using the trick plays and falling into a hall. Essentially use the pass to set up the run
  9. Mularkeys scheme is simple get ahead then preserve the lead. Hence why he insists on receiving the ball every game for a "fast start as soon as that doesn't happen he has a horrible time adjusting.
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