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  1. That is a guarantee, where is the prop bet put your life savings on it.
  2. Thank you it really is hard to believe byard was considered elite...elite safeties shut down the likes of Kelce or prime Gronks. Byard gets dunked on by ebron. The coaching staff last year was better at making halftime adjustments, and game planning, it seems now we just try to weather the storm and attack with henry or deep PA.
  3. The Falcons defense is doing things to mahomes people haven't seen in awhile.
  4. Yeah I know, I just figured we would've figured out for someone to fill the void.
  5. I dont get why they don't utilize king in the blitz packages they did with ryan.
  6. Coverage was shotty last year but he was still smart, I just think he contributed in ways that weren't necessarily seen on field.
  7. Packers get an extra day for prep after playing tonight not cool.
  8. The announcer saying "girth" is really disturbing
  9. Yeah let's burn the house down right before playoffs...smart
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