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  1. Raider fans were defending him so hard during the JuJu Smith drama and he posts a video like that. Hilarious.
  2. CB in tight-man in stride = Back shoulder. CB burned post-toast to the bitter = Under thrown. I am a Mariota fan but lets call a pineapple, a pineapple.
  3. Not just Evans, the other 4 guys were watching the play in jog mode too. EDIT:but yeah Evans was the wose offender here
  4. Thats how Nick Williams should be greeted in the locker room
  5. Uniforms are different so maybe the other teams will think it's New England they are blowing out
  6. That is the true flaw in Mariota's game, he gets skittish and panics with traffic/trash around him.
  7. And this sort of struggling was foretold was gonna happen by Dan Orlovsky until the system clicks for Mariota, if that ever happens.