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  1. This thread has gone way off topic. But OP was spot on. Kudos on his great prediction. This board has a long history of shitting on people who have great insight on certain things, before they come to fruition and are justified. The naysayers attack with their bolognafied bullshit. And even the crow served up later won’t make them admit they were wrong. Just a bunch of irrelevant excuses.
  2. This team could go either way. I think it’s still a total mystery. Great win today. Sploosh.
  3. I’m just messing around. But your post is a little incoherent. Many of mine are too.
  4. Paragraphs, first. Titans, second. Commas, third. Coaching, fourth. We have the firepower to throw whenever we damn well please. The coaches are holding us back.
  5. Totally agree having watched the game today. I’ve already expressed my disdain regarding the coaching today. Last season, destroyer.
  6. We were talking about CD here, not AJB.
  7. Don’t need a few minutes. He would be a destroyer.
  8. I didn’t see him today. Will look for some highlights. Listen, I never hated the guy. Just thought he’d be, you know, more.
  9. The positive for me is that the game finally ended. I don’t like watching our boys screw the pooch.
  10. Agreed. But I’m tellin’ ya. Dude couldn’t shake a breaded chicken in a pan. Was that our fault? You seem to maybe think so, but I don’t. AJB has caught very similar passes across the middle and has run wild. He may do very well in a different scheme. And kudos to him if that happens. I’m just talking about his time here.
  11. I don’t mean to be breaking any major ground here. I just look at his college stuff and the look on his face. He will not be a successful NFL QB. Don’t worry about what I say. It’s just a hunch. Who the hell cares about Chicago anyway? 🤨
  12. He had plenty of opportunities here in our scheme. All he could do was make amazing sideline catches. If he caught the ball anywhere else on the field, he could not get any YAC. Ever. The exact opposite of AJB.
  13. Great hands. Great blocker. Slow. Can’t create after the catch. That was when he was here anyway.
  14. Not sure how long Dalton will be at the helm, but I predict Fields will suck. Too inconsistent. He may have a bit of success running, but that’s all. Bad draft pick.
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