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  1. You did well, sir. And the answer was a resounding no.
  2. The pundits always talk about getting film on the “new” team. But our fundamentals are quite strong.
  3. I didn’t watch the video, but MM’s fans are delusional and most likely nearly blind. Close to five years of suck. And I called it very early on. Even with the pink eye I was dealing with.
  4. These prognosticators and fortune tellers get paid to do just this. Be confident without wavering until they are proven wrong. Tannehill passes the eye test and then some. Ups and downs? Sure. Happens all the time to the best QBs. But I believe we have something special in him. And a player/person has a lifetime to learn, no matter the lessons. This guy is smart. He’s a leader. He believes in himself and his teammates believe in him. And he elevates the team to wins by creating fear in our opponents because they have to respect every aspect of our offense. Not much else you could ask for.
  5. The Vrabel gif is interesting. The very last time Mariota took a snap (int), Vrabel said exactly the same thing after it happened. WTF? At least he’s as confused as the rest of us.
  6. This will keep him from forgetting he sucks. Kinda sad.
  7. I do wish he would get in Lewan’s face more when he does boneheaded crap. Lewan needs to be humbled.
  8. It’s most likely an easy win for them without him. No need to risk it.
  9. FWIW, I’m proud to be a part of the “tard army.” It's all I’ve got football-wise. Do I want change across the board? Yes.
  10. I’ve lived in TN my whole life. I’ll never not be a Titans fan.
  11. I have always had to look away from this gif. Ouchie.
  12. Still waiting on Burrow’s scouting report next year. Still not sure if he reads defenses well, can go through progressions and not lock in on his first read, etc.