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  1. Jones was obviously kidding, but Elliot is not some kind of transcendental type player. He’s a decent running back with a good offensive line. It’s plug and play. Plus, he looks like a goddamn retard with his cutoff shirts. And that feed-me spoon shit is dumb. I don’t like him at all.
  2. I wouldn’t pay Zeke either. He’s average. They keep talking about the wins when he plays. Just means the rest of the team sucks.
  3. He’s not a consistently good QB. I wouldn’t pay him anything.
  4. Big Ben is due for a taste of his own medicine via a pylon into the buttocks. Having said that, the AFC Central was much more (can’t think of the word). And we did well. Then again, we had Steve at the helm. However, I watched the Jags last night. Their D is scary as fuck. Not to mention Foles vs Bortles.
  5. Not happy to not get an extension. So he’s delusional regarding that. Maybe Vrabel can light a cultural fire under his ass. I gotta just say it, though. I think he’s petrified by NFL defenses coming after him. No stepping up in the pocket while continuing to look downfield for options. Just moving backward for a sack or taking off running where he’s gonna get wrecked.
  6. I know he tows the company line like most players do. No point in truly dissing himself. He might say “I need to do better,” but that’s pretty standard. But I wonder what he feels in his heart. Does he believe he’s a starting-caliber QB, or does he question it at this point based on his lack of fundamental progress thus far? He has to know he hasn’t played well enough on a consistent basis throughout his career to remain a starter. The injuries haven’t helped, but that’s football. So what’s in his brain? Confidence? Hope? Fear? He’s too smart (I think) to know he absolutely must improve. But you can’t read his face because it doesn’t change. We’ll never know, but I’m still left curious.
  7. But MM hasn’t had his leg amputated like locker did.
  8. Talking about how people get off on distressing and mistreating animals. Somedude’s post went a little sideways regarding what I was talking about, but the fact remains. A rodeo is animal cruelty.
  9. Moxie. A bit over the top. Actually, way over the top. But I’d take him over our mute any day of the week. Plus I think he’s good enough to back it up. It’ll take two or three more seasons before I hate him, IF they’re successful.
  10. Change passwords as others have said. Unfortunately, you may need to freeze your credit with the three credit bureaus and set up fraud alerts with them. This should all be free. You have to freeze with the bureaus individually, but I think if you place a fraud alert on one, the other two follow suit. It’s a pain in the ass, but it gives peace of mind. Good luck. These types of things suck.
  11. Just saw a commercial for a rodeo at Bridgestone. Why is this shit not outlawed?
  12. Then he should learn to step up in the pocket and not bail on a play when his first choice is covered.
  13. Good drive, but MM still staring down receivers. Throws only to who he knows he’s gonna throw to before the ball is snapped.
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