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  1. Great season. No excuses. I apologize to any poster I offended. Take care.
  2. Gurley has a debilitating knee issue. Henry is sound.
  3. I was just going by the tweet. Sounded like he was leaving.
  4. I just saw it in the Twitter feed on the sidebar. No idea.
  5. Unless he’s just talking about the makeup of the current team? Hell if I know.
  6. I have no idea how to post a tweet but Henry has basically said he’s not coming back.
  7. That is, if we re-sign him, which we would be idiots not to do. Sure, Henry is our workhorse but Tanney is a great passer. He MUST be allowed to show what he can do, ala Steve in 2003. We need to pass more than we run, at least early on. That’s the majority of the league’s winning plan, and it’s paramount. It obviously depends on the opponent. SF’s QB pretty much sucks, as is evidenced now in that they won’t let him throw and their running game is amazing. But Tanney doesn’t suck. We need more speed on D. Shore up the Oline, even though they’ve been great as of late. After our success this season, Jrob needs to put us in a better place to win than today. I believe he’s capable. We shall see.
  8. Their D and running game are elite. As long as Jimmy G doesn’t fuck things up, they should win running away. Look at what they’re doing to GB. Rodgers is easily a first-ballot HOF, and SF is killing him.
  9. I apologize. I’m very bitter right now.
  10. Eat shit, bitch. SF gonna put the beat down on your child beater “star.”
  11. Honestly, I’ve never been high on Byard. I’ve seen lots of his INTs come from deflections and him being in the right place at the right time. He’s no honey badger.

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