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  1. I’m out. The wife threatened me with Fox News tomorrow at noon CST. I’m filing for divorce.
  2. Both. But never at the same time. It could be catastrophic. However, never underestimate yourself. Some day. Some where. There’s a duke and deuce being dropped at the same time. We will know when because the world will never fully recover. It’s too much. And yet strangely, not enough. Fuck the commode. We don’t need that downward spiral. I’m gonna go smoke a duke for America. Goddamnit. That’s my hairpiece (tears in eyes), but no crying. Crying is for those who pay taxes.
  3. You bastards can have your fun at my expense. But while you’re wasting time, I’m sending all my energy to Derrick Henry’s duke. I wake up every morning praying I will have a duke like what’s coming out of his helmet. So defined. So pronounced. It’s like the stool chart I saw. Perfect. I just want to duke it out and take my shower. A power shower. Having unleashed the duke. If that comes up later in the day, I’ll yo-yo it till tomorrow. Another opportunity. For the duke. The perfect moment. It might take awhile. But I’ll get there. Fuck you.
  4. I wash everything in hot. Her? Cold. I figure we come together quite warm. Fuzzy.
  5. I’m glad you moved me. My bowels moved too. It was like a once in a lifetime thing. Talking Heads. Don’t you fools ever forget.
  6. If you’re talking to me, once every three weeks. I figure a whole month owes me something. My wife just marks her calendar and we move on.
  7. It occurs to me that profanity is alive and well on this board. Much appreciated. On other boards (not Titans-related), I’ve had to make compromises. But I enjoy the work-arounds, nonetheless. We’re all friends here, though. So fuck all of you
  8. I came here for a stool culture. Am I in the wrong office again? Goddamnit.
  9. I thought this was a public toilet. Have I been deceived? Goddamnit.
  10. What am I creating here? A topic or a post? I need clarification from the humans! And... we’re going to beat Houston into the ground, sans Hopkins. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  11. Dude. The humans are inherently flawed. Dems this. Republicans that. It don’t matter. Those who truly have the power will eat your lunch and take a shit on your empty pail. I appreciate your efforts. But they are in vain. Maybe start on the ground if you really wanna push your misgivings. Not here. We’re just words on a page. And contrary to modern thought, that’s saying something. So... get in somebody’s face.
  12. Nah. We’re good. There’s no winner in this fight. The humans don’t like each other. The humans do this thing called uniformitarianism. It's a geological term, but it applies to the human condition, too. We just keep doing the same thing. Fucking each other over.
  13. Dude. Just watch the games. We need to do better. We have to do better if we’re gonna get anywhere. Numbers mean jack diddly in hindsight. We’re getting some starters back. That is encouraging. These assholes don’t watch the games like we do. They don’t see every play with the eagle’s eye. Goddamnit. We’re the professionals here.
  14. You said their. You should have said there. If you can’t differentiate among these words, you are a MORON. Are you surprised that you’re a moron? There Their They’re It’s October. Are you this stupid all year long? Is your stupidity all that interesting?

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