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  1. I’m sorry, but Fromme isn’t very good. He rarely even passes and never downfield.
  2. Mariota truly never was a true NFL QB. Tannehill knows how to play the position.
  3. No worries. It does look a little strange.
  4. Some good replies in this thread.
  5. All of Gould’s kicks curve.
  6. Well, they don’t use him much, not that they have to with their running game. Just doesn’t pass the eye test for me so far. Misses on some extremely easy throws.
  7. Booger has said “plethora” at least 20 times this game. He makes my ears bleed. Also, I don’t think Jimmy G is very good. Mayfield looks like trash.
  8. Yep. God has a plan for everyone. When Tony Dungy’s son killed himself, I was like, whoa, that could really shake a man’s faith, knowing his son must be burning in hell. Not Tony. He didn’t skip a beat. Talked about God ALL the time. Never said one word about his son that I remember. He still weirds me out over that.
  9. His insults make no sense. Just a bunch of vulgar nonsense. He’s not funny. Adds nothing to any discussion. A truly deep hole of emptiness.
  10. I say the mods shit-can him. He has nothing original to say, and his every post is ridiculous gibberish. He calls people out for simply posting. If the site admin were sane and had any balls whatsoever, he’d just ban him from the board. No insight. No analysis. Just Insults. JUST INSULTS.