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  1. With the opportunity to go on to a conference championship, any coach/player/team whose goal is to not only win, but to annihilate the opposing team, shouldn’t even show up to the stadium. Never take anything for granted. Plus, he’s either stupid or full of shit. There are very few games in an NFL season. The first is as important as the next and so on.
  2. We will not be at a disadvantage on the road. Patriots. Baltimore. We simply have to be the better team. No worries.
  3. LOL at Vrabel getting run over by the ref. And damn, our old unis look way dated.
  4. Head coaches shouldn’t be coordinators. Too much on their plate IMO.
  5. I’ve been in love with this kid since he was in grade school. Wait. That didn’t sound right. Never heard of him. That’s better.
  6. I wonder if he’ll automatically be the backup or will compete for the starting job.
  7. Did the Jags release Foles? Can’t remember.
  8. I wish we were a pass first team. We paid a lot for our QB. Steve was wasted on the same premise. Sigh.
  9. I don’t understand the pick. I know we needed a change of pace guy, but RBs are a dime a dozen anymore. I think we coulda gotten the right guy in round seven.
  10. Firstly, I love the Titans. I’ve lived in TN all my life, and having a local team to root for is absolutely priceless. To those who know college players, absolute kudos. I watch some college ball but only casually. Regarding the Titans, I cannot lie as to what I bitch about. I call it like I see it. On O, I follow the ball, who is throwing it, who he’s handing it off to and who’s catching it. But I rarely see the what others see. Ancillary ongoings. Talent all over the field, etc. And I appreciate those who do. Go, Titans as always.
  11. The pics are too small to make out the penis drawings. But there are a couple of them.
  12. Took these pics at a Walgreens in Middle TN. There are some who think he was gay. I’d say the penises confirm this.
  13. Reid and Fisher aren’t in the same conversation. Reid’s winning percentage and postseason record destroy Fisher. Now Reid’s career is validated tonight.
  14. He has an arm. A bad arm. I don’t believe his deficiencies can be overcome. JMO.

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