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  1. GoodToGo

    Russell Wilson fan page...

    He’s a lunatic.
  2. GoodToGo

    4th Qtr Points

    Who the fuck cares?
  3. At what point does a shitty QB not make you want a new one? And I’m not talking about stats. The shit is right there in front of your eyes. He has no NFL QB qualities. None.
  4. KC is our only hope. NO and LA have no chance against the evil empire.
  5. Schwartz only rushes four and 13 is wide open most the time.
  6. Jim Schwartz is kind of an idiot for never blitzing.
  7. This Wentz/Foles shit is boring. Foles is playing today. Wentz is on the sideline with cystic acne on his neck and a fucked up back.
  8. Saints and Rams won’t win the SB. Need KC to step up defensively next week. Probably won’t happen.
  9. As much as I hate the Patriots, I don’t even care anymore. Brady and Belichick are the greatest of all time. I don’t see them not winng the SB this season. My heroes will always be the Giants and Eagles so these assholes don’t have eight SB wins already. I’ll just be glad when it’s over for the Pats. It’ll be a long time coming.
  10. GoodToGo

    Jeff Fisher Article

    Had the players to win it all for a time and was too conservative. Never liked him. Never will.
  11. GoodToGo

    Jets hire Gase

    Well, Darnold is young anyway. Maybe he won’t end up a talking head on college game day in the next few years.
  12. GoodToGo

    Jets hire Gase

    That remains to be seen I think.
  13. GoodToGo

    Jon Robinson interview

    With our starter, yes.