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  1. Without details, it’s hard to say. But both actions are obviously deplorable. Child abuse should be a lifelong ban.
  2. If MM is the future, the Titans have no future. Regardless of any backup. Tannehill ain’t no Tom Brady or Kurt Warner either.
  3. I will off myself. Sooner than later. And thanks for the encouragement.
  4. The OT rules are better than they used to be. But it still too often comes down to a coin toss, which is fucking ridiculous.
  5. Jesus. KC D is Swiss cheese. They scored way too quickly. This is all on Reid if they lose.
  6. No idea. This season it’s all on the D. But he can’t win when the shit gets real.
  7. If Reid loses this game, he should retire. He’s the most successful failure there’s ever been.
  8. Patriots will win the SB this season. Probably next season too. Being a football fan sucks.
  9. 15 minute overtime? I thought it was 10.
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