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  1. Nearly all our former kickers do well. And the one we have essentially sucks.
  2. Plus, he seems kind of passive. I wonder if he has the balls to be a HC. One has to be demonstrative to be a head coach. Maybe he has balls, but I never saw them. You gotta have a big mouth and take control. Your guys gotta “buy in,” or so they say. On offense alone, he will fail. He’s behind the mask. His emotions never get pissed enough to breach the mask. Passive.
  3. With all our weapons, he did nothing to further our progress. Henry made him look good. We should have murdered our opponents with our personnel.
  4. In Japan. Heart surgeon number one. Steady hand. Don't be stupid
  5. All kidding aside, we are going to beat the Ravens. I’d tell you how bad, but it’s gonna get super graphic and awful and scary. We’re talking scratch marks. DNA. A barrel. Maybe two. Limbs. Nobody wants to talk limbs! Hair! Lamar was out of town. His cell phone pinged way out of town. It’s good now. We don’t need a lawyer. We were fishing. I caught a big ole black runny fish (wink). Racist!
  6. This is an open invitation for @woolfolksunclesuncle to be my boyfriend. We don’t have to be exclusive or nothin. I just need somebody to hold me when I’m cold. Especially in the 4th quarter. Did y’all know there was a poster named @WashYoHands? I wish I was still a dude. Maybe I can hide for a few minutes and be a dude again.
  7. I had to edit my own shit. I just couldn’t do it. I can’t be funny for you. There’s no chemistry.
  8. Ravens week? Hell, the Ravens are weak. Unless we give into some insatiable desire to take the kind of generational dump that alters the brains of our children to the point where they break with reality... We. Will. Win. Go Titans.
  9. Welp. All good now. No self harm necessary. Y’all have a good morning.
  10. I was the very first poster here to shit on MM. I was crucified. I was the first poster on this board to shit on Jadeveon Clowney. I was crucified. I did not post these opinions to gain attention. Or to gain acceptance. Or to gain Tegridy. I did these things for you. And for me. My fellow Titans fans. My fellow Americans. You don’t understand my sacrifice. The hate I’ve endured has affected not only me, but the Constitution of the United States. The very fabric of my shirt. But I will endure, as shall we all. Go, Titans.
  11. I’m watching this on C-SPAN, and I believe I may cut my throat, shoot myself in the head, disembowel myself, punch me in the face and throat, break my arms and legs and trip myself.
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