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  1. If you say so. You’re the intelligent guy on the board. Why even waste your time here? Go spread your sickness elsewhere.
  2. Why in the fuck is this thread so hard to understand? MM has this year to prove he’s not a bust. End of story.
  3. At least I’m not in jail getting punked like several of your posts have inferred.
  4. Their excuses have nothing to do with football, at least pertaining to my threads. It’s all about falling asleep in a hooker’s crotch or something. Makes no sense.
  5. Thank you for your incomprehensible comment. Much appreciated.
  6. They may have made a bad decision. Nashville is so intoxicating, though, maybe they actually were intoxicated.
  7. His OC is a TE coach. Unconventional. But. What are we waiting for? The second coming of Bill Walsh to get this guy to put us into winning situations? I dun no.
  8. That will occur when we bring the fans back by consistently contending for the top. I don’t blame fans for selling their tickets while we struggle. It’s a lot of money to wear a paper bag over their heads when they can watch the disappointment at home.
  9. I’m not going to watch whatever the fuck this is. But I’m sure your homies will absolutely love it.
  10. If popularity is more important than simple observations on a football forum, so be it. You must have been prom king or something.
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