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  1. Offense - Anthony Firkser - If he improved on his blocking this off-season he'll see plenty of snaps in this offense. His receiving ability can't be ignored Defense - Sharif Finch - Probably our most productive pass rusher last year. Definitely has the opportunity to shine this year.
  2. Haven't dived into the potential 2020 class yet but these are the positions I'll be looking at: Quarterback Tight End Center Right Tackle 3-4 defense lineman Edge Corner One sleeper I like at QB is Jordan Love from Utah State.
  3. A truly dominate NT has more impact that you think, I would love having a nose knocking the shit out of a center every play effecting the way he snaps the ball. Problem is it's hard to find these guys now as college defense have to get smaller and quicker to compete with the offenses.
  4. We could probably get the Princeton QB John Lovett as a free agent, many think he can be a Taysom Hill type player.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if we go RB 4th or 5th pick, Lewis was trash late in the year.
  6. Arizona sent the No. 15 pick, a 3rd-round pick (No. 79) and a fifth-round selection (No. 152) to the Oakland Raiders for the right to take the signal-caller. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000929007/article/cardinals-trade-up-to-get-josh-rosen-at-no-10
  7. I think we are in the position to go best player available, we've done enough homework on majority of positions at all level of the draft that we don't need to force a position just because there is a run of a specific group early in round 2.
  8. Stidham is probably the best pure passer in this draft class. Unfortunately he folds under pressure and I'm not sure if he can overcome that.
  9. Trevor Lawrence might be worth it, if he continues to build on his impressive freshman season. The guy is currently making throws with ease that some NFL Quarterbacks struggle with.
  10. I want Mariota to be our future, but the frustration is definitely there. I can't blame JRob/Vrabel for wanting to bring in their own guy especially when they inherited a Quarterback that can't finish a season.
  11. Tyree Jackson is interesting, and we do have interest in him. Has a cannon for an arm and can't make all the throws. Never had a QB coach, so his mechanics are trash. If a team can fix his mechanics his accuracy should improve dramatically.
  12. I think name not thrown out enough is Zack Allen from Boston college. We need someone to set the edge opposite of Landry, and he would be perfect. He could even move inside on passing downs.
  13. Tyree Jackson - Buffalo (Combine) David Pindell (QB/WR) - UConn (Private Workout) Amir Hall - Bowie State (Private Workout) Eric Dungey - Syracuse (Private Workout) TJ Linta - Brown (Private Workout) John Lovett - Princeton (Private Workout) Kyle Shurmur - Vanderbilt (Local Pro Day) Unless theirs someone they secretly met with that they love, looks like they are looking at athletic quarterbacks in the 6th round to undrafted range. Shurmur being the only one who could be considered pro style, but was a local pro day visit.
  14. Actually started out as a defensive lineman in college, but played left guard for us in preseason.
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