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  1. I'm interested in what they are going to do with Dennis Kelly, he's clearly deserving of a starting position. However, is he too big to start at guard or do we move Conklin to RG (even though it's been stated he's our RT by JRob)?
  2. https://nfltraderumors.co/2019-restricted-free-agent-tracker/ Interesting list here, who would you make a run at? I would make a run at MICHAEL PIERCE he would give us the true NT this defense needs. Yes this draft class is loaded, and a 2nd round pick is high for a NT. However, he's a proven commodity in the defense we run at a position much needed.
  3. Cool he can be mediocre at two positions, will save 4.5 mil I believe cutting him. JRob is definitely looking to upgrade the entire interior offensive line.
  4. So you never watched him, your just going by the media says. I watched the Iowa clips, it's the first game where I saw an impact. Still disappointing you don't get the same player week to week.
  5. Florida game done, still unimpressed. You want to tell me what game he looks like Fletcher Cox.
  6. I watched Simmons vs Alabama this morning and came away unimpressed. I don't see all the hype.
  7. His blocking blows, he could be elite if he can refine that part of his game.
  8. I have a funny feeling we are going offense early a combination of TE/WR/G/C and filling out the defense later in the draft.
  9. Would love for Morgan to retire as a Titan, but I'm not paying him much more than the Vet minimum at this point is his career.
  10. Our current OLBs are: Landry, Finch, Correa, Troy Lewis, and Gimal President I think I could be fine with Landry, Finch, Correa if we target Edge early in rounds 1 or 2 as long as we make some more key free agent additions on both sides of the line. We been looking at a lot of late round edge players, I wouldn't be surprised JRob is targeting another Finch type player.
  11. He's a younger Derrick Morgan. Generates a ton of pressure and very good at setting the edge. Landry will be our sack monster hopefully, we need that guy who can set the edge consistently.
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