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  1. With Tua injury, you would think most Quarterbacks are going to be advised to leave school early. Could definitely see some juniors that aren't ready make the jump to the NFL.
  2. Since his Superbowl run he is 11-24 in the league, and 1-10 in his last year in the league. He probably could have stuck around as a back-up, but he's still not that good.
  3. Special Teams move, more than likely. Started out on defense at Vandy.
  4. The -20 to 20 scale is a measure of a players Approximate Value relative to the average Approximate Value of players selected in their draft slot. This chart plots the relationship between how well a team does one year against how well they did the previous year. If certain teams were notably better at drafting than others, there should be a distinct positive correlation between the plots, with most falling in either the upper right or lower left quadrant. Instead, it’s an unintelligible mess. Anecdotal evidence exists of certain General Managers hitting on more picks than average. Panthers fans have seen that with Marty Hurney’s draft success in the first round. Chase Stuart points to two other examples in Bill Polian of the Colts and A.J. Smith of the Chargers in the mid-2000s. Both built up reputations as draft geniuses after stretches of magnificent drafting that left both of their teams stacked with talent. That changed drastically starting in 2007. Between 2007 and 2012, the pair made 79 draft selections. Three of those have made a Pro Bowl- Eric Weddle, Melvin Ingram, and Pat McAfee. Point The draft is a crap shoot - no matter what you do
  5. That's exactly why he wanted out of Miami, they were playing him at corner when his best fit is S.
  6. Was cut due to lack of playing effort, I doubt we put a claim in on him. He'll likely be claimed by Miami anyways.
  7. Jones has been playing mostly Nose Tackle, we need a DE opposite of Simmons. Unfortunately, Casey is starting to rack up the injuries the past couple years.
  8. Man I would love to pair Simmons with another strong athletic DE like Kinlaw. Draft crush at DE.
  9. I don't think we need to go 1st round for a Quarterback, but we definitely need to bring in someone to groom behind Tannehill. I question the durability of Tannehill. He's a little slow through all his progressions at times and is prone to take some sacks. He's taken some big hits over the past few weeks. We definitely need to have someone behind him next year.
  10. You people are acting like Vrabel is going to put Simms one - on - one vs Tyrek Hill with no help over the top.... 😆(sarcasm to how like played Mike Evans)
  11. Tomachek

    Jamie Newman

    I'm sure he's on a lot of NFL teams radars. Would like to get him later in the draft, but if he continues playing the way he is then he might get some 1st round consideration.
  12. I would like to formally take credit for starting the band wagon for this guy ;), I have a ton of videos posted of him in the draft forum. I hope he declares because he has all the tools to be a very good NFL QB.
  13. Unfortunately this is JRob hand picked head coach after only interviewing 3 candidates, if Vrabel is on the hot seat then he should be also.
  14. My problem is the micromanaging of the offense. He needs to let the OC dictate the game plan.