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  1. They need to learn and adapt if they want to win a Superbowl. We rely way to much on the run game to set up the play action game. When we turn into a drop back and pass team we can't keep up.
  2. This is exactly the thinking/mistakes that leads teams make, it's the reason why teams end up with Andy Dalton's of the world. Do you really think the Chiefs expected Mahomes to be this good? Where they crazy to trade up for him after signing Smith long term and winning with him? If you think a prospect can be a star in the league, you absolutely take him.
  3. Not going to lie, I had some serious QB envy watching Mahomes. If Love's potential is anywhere near Mahomes, you pull the trigger. Right now our offense depends heavily on the running game, I would love to flip the switch on that.
  4. We need a few physical corners that can play tight man coverage.
  5. Legit question, after watching Mahomes today if Jordan Love is sitting there with our first pick do you take him? Obviously he has a down year and he didn't have much talent around him, but the potential is there.
  6. Are you 12, legit question. You and @ARROWhave the trash talk of middle schoolers. I would be embarrassed as a fan base that this is the representation they got in a smack talk thread.
  7. As much as Chiefs fans want to write week 10 off as a fluke, our defense also dropped 2 interceptions that game. Game should have been more lopsided.
  8. You realize Hyde only ran 13 times right? Derrick Henry is going to have triple the attempts.
  9. An actual intelligent response. I just like our chances better to sustain drives and keep your offense off the field and cold. Mahomes will make his plays, but I still like our defenses chances of forcing a game altering turnover then your defense stopping Henry.

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