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  1. We know what Tannehill is, and we know what Mariota is. It's literally the same argument. The ones asking for Mariota's head are saying he'll never turn it around, but yet expect Tannehill to elevate his game to get us to the playoffs. Tannehill was bad in Miami, and will be bad here in Tennessee.
  2. What is the he guarantee Tannehill is taking us to the playoffs? He's had 1 winning season in 6 years. Cool he beat up some scrubs in preseason.
  3. Does anyone see Tannehill winning us the Superbowl this year or ever? If the answer is no, then Mariota stays in. I don't see either as our long term solution. If Mariota is as bad as everyone is bitching about then we are destined for a losing season. Why jeopardize a high draft pick for maybe 1 or two wins?
  4. Honestly, I don't see a change until after our bye week in November barring injury I think they sink or swim with Mariota this year. Maybe let Tannehill finish the season to see if he's worth resigning for next year as we groom a new Quarterback. Franchise Quarterbacks are hard to come by, it's why guys like Andy Dalton stick around for so long. I'm ready for them to move on from Mariota and grab someone like Fromm in the draft. I still think he'll get his fair shot all season to see if he's the guy or not.
  5. This could be a great draft class for Quarterback, or turn to shit real quick if the top guys want to avoid the dumpster fire in Miami. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Fromm, Love, Tua, and Eason all have eligibility left. Herbert is the only senior?
  6. I'm fully committed to Jake Fromm. His leadership is off the charts. He has one of the highest football IQ in this draft class. He's pro ready, and has ran a pro style offense. He's beaten two 5 star recruits out to remain Georgia starting quarterback. I know everyone wants the next Patrick Mahomes, but I think he's going to be an elite Quarterback in this league.
  7. Unless we have a top 10 pick, he might be our best option. Love, is intriguing. However, he's had some questionable play this year. Burrow might be a top 10 pick if he continues playing like this. I am a fan of Eason as well
  8. Everyone is assuming Tannehill with be more productive and effective, because of his play against scrubs in preseason. Everyone forgot about his play in Miami.
  9. As soon as Tanny takes over, and starts losing games the Mariota haters will turn on him also. Tanny was never that good in Miami.
  10. Did you not see what our QB coach did for Paul Crewe?
  11. Very disappointed watching how we constantly get outmatched at the line of scrimmage. I think this has been JRob biggest blunder. Our offensive line is shit, and our pass rush is non existent. We can't get any pressure with our defensive lineman like every team can do against us.
  12. Well you said Marcus is the worst. Theirs clearly been worst Quarterback play around the NFL. Eli Manning is already benched. Mitchell Trubisky would look even worst if it wasnt for the elite defense. Teddy Bridgewater taking over for Brees was rough to watch. Although I have lost faith in Mariota people are acting like we have Rusty Smith out there.
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick/Josh Rosen Kirk Cousins against Green Bay James Winston Definitely been worst QB play around the league.
  14. The hate for Mariota leads to thinking another scrub Quarterback is going to get us some more wins.