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  1. Henry is going to be the bell cow. I would go Antonio Gibson early. He can be utilized in a variety of ways RB/WR/Returner.
  2. My dick is so small it makes yours look average.
  3. I'd be the first to admit I was against signing Tannehill long term, actually relived how reasonable this contract is.
  4. Lol this board is going to have a meltdown if they let Tannehill walk.
  5. Jones played END for us almost his entire career, until last year. No reason why we can't snag Reader if they feel he's an improvement to Jones at Nose Tackle. Jones moving back to defensive end is a huge improvement to the undrafted rookies we keep throwing out there. It would allow us to rest Casey and Simmons more having good experienced depth across the defensive line.
  6. Insane to think 10+ years ago we signed Stewart to a 7 year 37 mil contract and Roos to a 6 year 43 contract, pretty much what we are paying Lewan for 5 years.
  7. Theirs no way we can pay Conklin what we paid Lewan. The rumors are 5 years 80 mil which is what Lewan got.
  8. NFL off season for the most part coincide with tax season for me.
  9. I'm also leaning towards he'll transition to someone during the season calling the defense without giving them the title. That way the responsibility is on him and not a rookie caller.
  10. Went to the same college as Haslett, it's cool to see someone come from that background in the NFL. Also grew up in the same area as Ben McAdoo.
  11. I'd throw them at highest a 4th like we did with Tannehill if we can't reach an agreement.
  12. Would you expect anything less from an article writer that looks like this....

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