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  1. Please do, its been declared a mistrial anyway.
  2. A "dude you know what I meant stop being a dick" button might help us all.
  3. Perfect example of what I was talking about.
  4. What's painfully obvious is that most of us dont actually take the time to read an comprehend the entirety of the post and in what context it was made lol. Jesus half of the arguments are totally unnecessary.
  5. You're still making shit up dude, how about you ony reply to me with qoutes if you can't keep it real.
  6. We are talking about Offensive coaches.
  7. I agree with 80% of that but even when Fisher drafted Air Mcnair he didn't change the offense to fit him at all, he kept the same run first minimize mistakes offense. Our QB's have been horrible since McNair but my point is that they haven't tried to be a pass first team regardless no matter who the QB or OC is and that's been this teams philosophy. I think Vrabel is willing to change that to some degree though.
  8. How long have you been a fan again, I'm starting to get a ABC feel from you.
  9. where did i say that, you love to make shit up dude
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