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  1. The dude missed a playoff game with multiple injuries we didn't even know about, a day off is understandable.
  2. If the bone was holding a front strap together then yes, the back is more clever then hot.
  3. Evidently you didnt or you wouldn't be arguing a stance that I didn't make and it wouldn't take 4 paragraphs to do it.
  4. If he plays well and stays healthy he will get resigned, pretty simple and I dont think they waste another year with a tag either way. We can debate about what playing well means if that's what you want but I'm expecting 24-28 TD 3600 3900 yards. Young couldn't read a defense to save his life or pass well enough even if he could so I dont know why you mentioned him.
  5. The only thing Bud got right was the stats, good job.
  6. LMAO, you cats cruise this board just looking for something to be confrontational and silly about dont you. The post wasn't a knock on Wentz or a comparison of the 2, if both of you dumb asses would have actually took the whole conversation into context. It was about redzone success being a product of the play caller, QB and targets not solely the QB that's why IMO redzone success shouldn't be a huge factor in whether Marcus gets resigned, thus I used the Wentz redzone rating from the last 2 years as he just got a new contract. It was the continuation of an earlier conversation I was having.
  7. Why in the hell would I intentionally throw out bad info jackass when I know there are people like you out there, I have been wrong before and have no problem admitting when I am unlike a lot of people on this board.
  8. At this point man just STFU already dude, good for you for fact checking and bring Wentzs rating up from the bottome in a conversation that wasn't even comparing him to Marcus, Im sure it was time well spent lol.
  9. What I read in an article was that he went from number one in redzone rating to 28th the next year, it didn't say anything about TD%. Since you love to fact check see if you can find that.
  10. Yeah it was he was one of the top guys on third down the first half of the season I believe.
  11. He was having a good year before the injury.
  12. I'm going by reports from camp, the Oline is in flux Henry has been out and the defense has dominated the run game for the most part because of the things you just mentioned so yeah the passing game is ahead of the running game right now.
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