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  1. Even with the low pass attempts the Titans left a lot of big plays on the field last year whether it was drops or off passes that we didn't see much of the year before.
  2. When someone makes things up to try and make some point that keeps moving why bother continuing the conversation.
  3. You are great at making conversation with yourself not so much with others though.
  4. True but the guy was money for nearly a year calling third down and redzone plays that kept defenses off guard.
  5. Who the fuck said that, its like your arguing with yourself at times.
  6. Like I said your premise is wrong your assuming Vrabel is saying dont take any chances at all he is just saying be more smart and throw it away earlier, you have to use common sense.
  7. This board was all in agreement that the Wr core was bad and in desperate need of an upgrade all a round was it not, now its back on QB's make the wr kick again with no exceptions lol.
  8. Jesus the need to be right kills any reasoning in here, Marcus gets hurt taking sacks in the pocket not out there scrambling extending plays for the most part. So what would be more beneficial to him staying healthy with that being the case.
  9. The is the most schizophrenic board I have ever been on.
  10. Your premise is flawed, I never said anything about a leap or the upgrades taking him from a 0 to 60 so how about you stay on topic. My point was that better targets get open quicker.
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