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  1. By far but it doesn't stop them from throwing that out there all the time lol.
  2. You have to have a special trait to be a first round edge rusher IMO and his best trait is just effort.
  3. You are wasting your time arguing with him.
  4. I'm not as high on Winovich, I see him in 3rd at the earliest.
  5. Is JR Crickets still open I wonder.
  6. Magic City and the Gold Club alone was enough to do in Atlanta.
  7. I know that was a joke, you have been firmly entrenched in that camp for months. I dont hate the pick but would like it better if it comes after a trade down, I just dont see him as a 3 down lineman.
  8. That's an insult to Lance, he was good for one year at least if I remember correctly lol.
  9. Not shocking at all for a guy with a nerve injury to his passing arm lol.
  10. I agree lol, some are even talking about the merits of wasting a first round pick on third string QB this year even though it's a bad draft for QBs.
  11. I've been saying all off season he isn't a lock to go number one.
  12. Tillery is probably the only guy guaranteed to be there at 19 but probably has the most upside of them all.
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