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  1. Pass on Fitz..again. They Titans are kinda caught in between, do you pay for an expensive backup with the ability to start in 2020 if Marcus for whatever reason isn't the guy. And if you do go that route and Marcus stays healthy and plays well then you cant afford to keep two expensive QB's on the roster. Any QB good enough to be a bridge to the next guy isn't going to want to sign a one year deal.
  2. Nailed it, that gets a lot of people in trouble not just GM's.
  3. I was a borderline starter and top notch backup at worst, his talent level wasn't the reason he went unsigned and people need to accept that.
  4. We have also seen you take any and every opportunity to blame every short coming and player deficiency on the QB, dude its tiresome and lame. Why dont you save us the time and create a topic listing all the players and coaches that he is holding back.
  5. Wait how may of you knuckleheads said there was no collusion going on and that he just sucked lol.
  6. Hilarious, first it was Davis then Lewis and now Taylor. The revisionist history in here never ceases to amaze me.
  7. Woodyard is a vocal and emotional leader and still a very good player he isn't going anywhere.
  8. It's not about what you think about the Qb it's about having a balanced passing attack to help whomever is throwing the ball. Davis is the only players that can beat man coverage and zone on the outside. Walkers targets are primarily from the slot as well as Smiths.
  9. I personally think the need for a true slot receiver isn't a big need with Smith and Delanie coming back. They need more consistency on the boundaries.
  10. Everyone in Denver hates this deal lol. The ownership situation is the only reason he isn't on the hot seat more than he is now.
  11. You have no idea lol, he gets roasted by the Denver media with enough balls to stand up to him.
  12. Anyone blaming Marcus for Lewis being ineffective should not be taken seriously lol.
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