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  1. Need a WR. Don't care who it is, best WR available at 22.
  2. Fuck snow. Fuck the packers. Fuck these officials. Evans, you're cool. Fuck Rodgers. I'm out.
  3. You're really going to critique the top scoring offense in the NFL because they're struggling in shitty winter weather? Fuck outta here, kid.
  4. I can't even blame Vrabel. Inexcusable for the officials to miss that. It was obvious he was out.
  5. GB was given almost a free half because of the conditions. We're ready now. They better bring it or this is our game.
  6. Snow. 15mph winds. Low 20s. It isn't easy, especially as a southern team. It what it is.
  7. The cold is definitely affecting TEN. They look incredibly slow on both sides of the ball. Danny late on his release to both Smith earlier and the pick.
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