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  1. I had no idea Jones was available this offseason. I thought it was Clowney or bust but gimme Jones, all day everyday. Good lord...he and Simmons in the middle?!?! Our LB corps with a decent secondary? We'd have a damn good defense.
  2. I want that, too, but we can't afford sacks on 1st down plays. The protection needs to improve dramatically to run the sort of offense I think we both want to see. They can pass on 1st down now with the current personnel but you're talking short quick hitters, 5-7 yards. Henry is good for 4-5 yards a carry with no risk of sack, interception, or QB strip sack. Conservative? Certainly. But I'd argue it's reasonable gameplanning given the personnel we have.
  3. The OL can't protect the QB, OMan. PA works, especially on roll-outs, but are we going to run PA on every pass play? 3rd and long we going to run PA? Roll out right and eliminate half the field? And I'm not just talking about yesterday's game, but this idea that this team can become more pass-heavy given the current OL. It's just not feasible.
  4. You touched on the weather....I think the cold coupled with the battles these guys have been through over previous 3 weeks, all on the road, finally took its toll. I've never seen Byard miss so many tackles. We lost in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Henry looked slow. DBs looked almost lazy, at times. The whole team just seemed worn out. This is why winning as a 6th seed WC team is difficult. It's one helluva row to hoe to the SB. Especially when your 3rd playoff road game is against an incredibly fast team in inclimate weather. Davis is an absolute joke for a 5th overall pick. He's soft and has the gate of a speedster but never shows his speed.
  5. Tough call. His YPC and yards after contact are incredible and are unlikely to diminish much in the next 2-3 years. You can't just throw a 5th round pick in the backfield and get anywhere close to the same production. He was used very little his first couple of seasons so his shelf life should be a bit longer than a normal rb. I agree with the poster who said you run a large risk of him holding out if he's tagged. I'd re-sign him but I would do everything possible to minimize his future cap hits. Maybe a large signing bonus with smaller AAV (I'm not a cap expert, by any stretch of the imagination lol)?
  6. Goddamn, Kelce is such an insufferable douche bag.
  7. Hell of a run, boys. Sad to see it end but what a fun season it's been.
  8. I'm a big UGA fan and I fucking pray we don't draft Fromm. He'll be available late. Let's hope JRob doesn't see him as a value pick.
  9. OL can't give him time. They stack the box, bring the heat, and there's nearly an immediate breakdown unless Tanny rolls out. I mean, I disagreed with you on that series before halftime but, in general, I do agree we didn't pass the ball enough. I mentioned in my prediction post that Smith should come out heavy with the pass in this game. He didn't. But it's tough to lean on the pass with the way the OL is 'protecting' today.
  10. He's their best at beating up pregnant women and abusing children, too.
  11. I think KC is the better team and belong in the SB. THAT SAID, the lack of holding calls against KC has been ridiculous. There's been egregious holds on nearly every Mahomes scramble. There have been other 50/50 calls (like the "hold" on Brock) that ALL went KC's way. There are a few fingers on the scale, for sure.

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