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  1. That stage at night really does set off downtown. I think we need a big permanent billboard like that.
  2. I don't really know much about Brown but if that's even remotely true I am so stoked. I guess we will know about Mariota this year for sure
  3. If you're feeling that good go ahead and try two fingers
  4. I am optimistic about the hire but think that there was probably little interest in this job an OC would want to go somewhere where the offense looks promising. This offense was abysmal under a supposed offensive genius who was just hired by the Packers, a offensive promise land. Our quarterback is bottom of the league statistically and only threw 11 TD last year. I guess what I am thinking is what OC who is worth anything would entertain this job? I am all for a guy who is hungry for a chance like Smith. At least we have someone who knows what this team is capable or not capable of doing and is not going to waste an offseason and preseason trying to figure that out
  5. Yeah for me , this is really hard to dismiss as anything but an attempt to divide the country. I just think it's part of Putins playbook
  6. Well pretty soon he will have learned them all
  7. We are going to be dangerous when we upgrade the interior O line and get an X reciever to go along with a couple of interior pass rushers and upgrade both qb spots. We are so close right now we just need 5-7 players
  8. Same way that you beat anyone. You score more points
  9. That would be nice. I wonder what the odds were at the start of the season or even better, when they were1-5
  10. Just some long shot fun for the playoffs. Bad bets but fun
  11. Yeah most likely I know that but their path is not that bad
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