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  1. Yeah it was terrible. He was afraid to tackle and kept trying to strip sack. He was bad bad
  2. It feels strange to say but I fully expect a comfortable win. The things that I keep coming back to are this. 1. We have more of a team first mentality. The Chiefs have more talent on offense but are a bunch of individuals. 2. We can run the ball. Sure, they can sling all over the yard and drop 4,tds in a quarter but they feast on quicks strikes and momentum. I feel like our ability to control the ball will keep them from going on these heaters. Most other teams are forced to try and play their game. I think we can keep the pressure on them by running 3. The weather. It’s going to be very cold. This favors us. Throwing the ball requires both the qb and receiver to execute whereas handing off limits the risk of mistakes. I expect some stone handed deflections which we can capitalize on. 4. Coaching. I think we have the edge. Reid is great but his postseason record leaves a bit to be desired. I think that the postseason exposes teams which are undisciplined. We have been improving weekly and cutting down on stupid penalties. 5. No pressure. We are playing with house money at this point. KC though, Has to be feeling it. Titans by 7-12 pays 1800 on 100. I’ll have one on it. Titans up!!
  3. Of course these articles are boring. Marcus is boring. Sure, he is a nice guy, but he literally has the personality of a bag of rocks. I still don’t understand the love fest.
  4. RIP buddy. We are starting to get some help on the other side now.
  5. One thing I don’t hear a lot of people talking about is that cold weather makes the nipples hard. I’m not sure if it will affect the outcome but it should be fun to watch
  6. These rookies have all been coached up great. They don’t look anything like rookies right now. Love the culture and focus on constant improvement. Next man up
  7. The odds on the titans has been phenomenal based mostly on public perception of the titans as a poor franchise and very little outside interest or prime time slots. Mahomes blowing up should help it again
  8. They started at 50-1At regular season end. I got em at 40 a day before pats game
  9. Wow that’s the most optimistic thing I’ve ever heard from you. This is a special team
  10. The greatest receiver ever, jerry rice, did this for years. It worked out ok for him
  11. Man! How great is it to be watching games with a vested interest this late in the season. I’m usually looking around for some lame project this time of year
  12. Andy Reid’s is elite territory after bye weeks.

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