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  1. Wait a minute... have we been getting our ass beat? I thought we were on a heater. Smh
  2. Love him but nope. Kyler Murray, nick boss, D.J. Chark, terry mclaurin.
  3. Miami is looking like one of the most dysfunctional franchises of the last decade. I’m willing to dismiss anything that Tannehill ever did there. I know that the consensus is that he is not the long term answer but the guy throws some dimes into some tight windows so he is obviously going to throw more pics than Mary. The thing about this roster is that we don’t need a great qb to compete, we just can’t have a horrible one. Either way I am excited to watch this team again. I’m not bored so I’m jus going to expect little and hope for the best.
  4. It’s no secret we need a new qb although I don’t put yesterday’s loss on Mary, but with the way our division is, we can’t have a game manager. The colts and Texans are too good to beat with any game manager. Those dreams have come and gone. We need a dog
  5. What happened? The NFL happened. It do not take long for DC’s to realize that he cannot throw outside the hashes or deep. They condensed the field and now it’s like he is playing in the red zone all game. His confidence is gone and it doesn’t seem like he really puts in the effort to improve on his weaknesses or just can’t. He will soon be forgotten.
  6. Well in all fairness that should have been dubbed “average to good”. We were never good