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  1. If you're going for comp picks you can't sign big ticket FAs... they offset each other.
  2. I think RT and Henry get about 45 by themselves...
  3. they used his fifth year option...... edit: nevermind misread.
  4. Why would Ryan restructure for 3 mill more guaranteed. It just makes no sense. He could get more then 3 mill guaranteed next year if hes a free agent.
  5. Theres just 0 possible way the giants are going to eat 35 million in dead cap by trading him this isn't madden
  6. And he's wearing the glove for fun? Coaches are lying? conspiracy theories galore? ur sounding like the trump squad here
  7. I've yet to see a defense of the Central Park five. Explain how that is not racist after DNA evidence was provided?
  8. lol at anyone saying they'd rather have Davis then the DROTY. Bigger miss will probably be not taking White instead of Adoree (who I still really like). but yea theres always going to be players you'd rather have had in any draft.
  9. Sharpe should certainly be above Taywan on the depth chart. Taywan played an average of like 10% in his last 4 games here. Sharpe was hitting 80%+ consistently. Yea no Davis or Decker but he still has to have the advantage. Taywan played really poorly down the stretch and had almost no catch radius or strength at all.
  10. Lol at anyone who thinks Henry is in the same conversation as Gurley
  11. only thing I disagree with is Malcolm is certainly our best CB. He was above Logan in NE and I don't think Adoree is there yet?
  12. Davenport, Ward others play positions that are not worth multiple firsts/first+2nd

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