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  1. Yeah but still Cameron Wake is or has a few good years left in him. Want to go to a winning team it seems.
  2. Irish of the Luck

  3. Sorry baseball is born. Do not mean to offend fans.
  4. Yeah where does that lead Case Keenum? As true he did not have the miracle season in Denver like in MN. Flacco is again a short term solution.
  5. Ready for Valentine's!

  6. Well hate that Moon never made it to the Super Bowl. But hope Marcus can do that. Just as if he can just stay healthy.
  7. Ready for that of the Super Bowl!

  8. Indeed he is a nutcase. Or a basket case there. But then again Richie Incognito is no angel himself.
  9. Yeah it all depends on if Titans and Eagles can agree to a trade. Just Marcus Mariota a great QB when healthy. But can't manage to play all sixteen games.
  10. Ready for January Jumping!

  11. Happy New Year 2019

  12. Really hate that injuries have plagued his career there. But when healthy, he is elite there.
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

  14. Kern not only has a great gross average in punting but in net that is more important then the gross. Good luck and congrats to the Pro Bowl players.
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