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  1. It seems he got all soft last year. Good luck to him.
  2. Memorial Day is Here!

  3. For now would try to hold off on extension for Marcus. Great player but sadly he is injury prone. Only playing 16 games once!
  4. Mother and May Day

  5. Maylock seems to be a no nonsense type of guy there!
  6. Ready for Easter!

  7. Tony Bennett the Virginia coach seems like a classy guy. Great coach and a class act.
  8. What I did for Love!

  9. Well it all depends as he had only played once a sixteen game season. But sadly those injuries are preventing him from his potential.
  10. Yeah but still Cameron Wake is or has a few good years left in him. Want to go to a winning team it seems.
  11. Irish of the Luck

  12. Sorry baseball is born. Do not mean to offend fans.
  13. Yeah where does that lead Case Keenum? As true he did not have the miracle season in Denver like in MN. Flacco is again a short term solution.
  14. Ready for Valentine's!

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