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  1. Ready for NFL 2019 100th Anniversary!

  2. Really wished the fans were a lot more nicer to Andrew. Really that was classless, not classy by any and all means. Andrew has been through a lot!
  3. Not in the level of Brees, Rodgers, Brady but great but never won the big game.
  4. Of course has denied it. But what next $50M a year? Do not be surprised.
  5. Ready for the Back to School!

  6. Good luck to him. And maybe he just does not want to get hurt anymore over the C.T.E. issues.
  7. Ready for July Heat!

  8. Glad he is losing weight. Good for him!
  9. Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

  10. Yeah as really Marcus just can't stay healthy. Seems like a great nice guy. But really he just needs to stay healthy and play to an elite level there.