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  1. I’m happy for RT, he did what Marcus should have done he let it all hang and played as if there would be no tomorrow. Funny how adversity brings the dog out of some people.
  2. So disappointing, they just will not allow you as a fan to get totally behind them. #GoodtoGreat
  3. My parents had season tickets from 1976 until the day they left so I naturally followed them to Tennessee, the only team I ever rooted for since age 7.
  4. They will get some of that late round magic that Pees brought from Baltimore with the low round picks and undrafted FA’s. I always noticed some no name cat tearing up the end In Bmore.
  5. Definitely going to have to generate pressure without a dominant end.
  6. Oman would it be too much to get Butler I think the receiving core needs revamping.
  7. He would be awesome in the box, and he isn’t just terrible in coverage.
  8. JRob drafted according to his Patriot pedigree, the only thing missing is the Lombardi trophies to justify such a bold choice. I loved the fact that he drafted with a champions mentality, however the fan in me wants us to win now . I like the pick. Titanup
  9. Seems like he would have tried to play last night knowing that was the last time.
  10. They say that he may have torn his Achilles. Bad break for 88