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  1. I think Garoppolo will end up going to the Bears. He'll be a really good fit for Loggains offense.
  2. http://walterfootball.com/freeagents2017WR.php Adam Thielen, Vikings, RFA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qKuEH3yNWU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp11l8VT7Zw http://min.247sports.com/Bolt/Calculating-Adam-Thielens-worth-in-free-agency--51409981 He plays like Julian Edelman, but he's 6'3. Very versatile, can play inside or out. Good hands, good body control, good quickness for his size, and physical. Should be a match for any offense. Robinson will lose a draft pick if he's able to get him, though.
  3. These are the 2nd half drives of the Falcons; anyone with GamePass can check for themselves that these are pretty accurate ..... Drive 1: 19 Yard Line, R(-3) P(+7) P(Inc, catchable, defended) Drive 2: 15 Yard Line, P(+17) R(+5) P(+41) R(0) P(+17) R(+9) R(-3) P(PI +3) P(+6 TD) Pats try an onside kick, Falcons recover at the Pats 41 Drive 3: Pats 41 Yard Line, P(+9) R(0 Hld -10) P(Inc, caught, punched) P(Sck -10) Drive 4: 10 Yard Line, P(+39) R(+1) P(+29) R(-1) P(Sck -12) P(+8 Negated by Hld -10) P(Inc) (deleted) Drive 5: 27 Yard Line, R(+8)
  4. Yeah, and they were also making some very solid tackles, which is key, because a lot of the Pats' offense are run after the catch from short passes. They've actually played really well during the playoffs.
  5. What Dan Quinn preached this season was an attacking attitude always, by both the offense and the defense; they were going to keep their foot on the gas all the time, and it's worked very well for them, getting them to the SB. If they played conservatively, kicked a FG, Pats score, Falcons 3-and-out trying to burn clock, Pats score again, then win, it would've been they played too conservatively. This season, the Titans with their hang on to the lead strategy, should have lost to the Bears, twice in the same game, but for drops of easy catches in the endzone. Krzyzewski's 1st attem
  6. That Atlanta defense played really well most of the game, but tough to maintain that intensity the whole game, specially when the offense dictates whether you have enough time to substitute tired players. The only other team I could believe make that kind of comeback against a team playing that well with that lead are the Packers under Rodgers, but even they couldn't come back when the same thing happened to them in the playoffs. I'd say this is Brady's and the Pats' greatest Super Bowl win, because of what they had to overcome. For a Super Bowl, the Falcons didn't make much mistakes, j
  7. But does Brady even reach his prime, sitting on the bench behind McNair?
  8. @IsntLifeFunny, apologies, your post was spot on. I was looking at the trees, and lost sight of the forrest. Your point was the point I was trying to make, but got caught up in stats. Put McNair in a potentially better situation, like with Belichick and the Pats, and he might likely develop into an even greater QB, and yes, even potentially win multiple SBs.
  9. Finding a great anything is a crapshoot, but finding really good people, including potentially really good QBs, is a skill that not everyone has, but Belichick in several instance has proven he does have that skill. Evaluators don't look at Winston and Mariota thinking that they'll be the next HOFers, but rather QBs who could potentially be really good. That's the starting point. You mentioned Mariota shined despite Whisenhunt's stupidity, and mention Mularkey as a competent offensive mind, as opposed to Whisenhunt. Whisenhunt actually tailored the offense to Mariota's strengths, a
  10. That's cool ... that's your opinion. Based on the stats, though, Brady's overall got a much better completion %, and throughout his career has much better TD x INT ratios. In McNair's 13 seasons as a pro, 11 with the Titans/Oilers, he's had only 3 seasons of good TD:INT ratios ... 3:1 in 1995, 24:7 in 2003, and 21:12 in 2001; otherwise, it's been terrible. A lot of the numbers there are even worse than Cutler's TD:INT ratios. McNair may have brought about leadership and knowing how to win to the Titans, and maybe that's what the Titans were looking for when they drafted Vince Young
  11. Well, we have very different opinions on that. Belichick has been able to win with Brady, Cassel, and Garoppolo, and they are able to execute the same offense Brady does, not dumbed down. Why is it that HCs who know how identify and develop QBs, either through themselves or through the coaches they hire, are so "lucky" to have Brady, Wilson, Palmer, etc., while coaches who never get a good or great QB are always "unlucky"? You say give Brady to Lovie or Fisher, and they win rings? imo, those HCs don't know enough about offensive talent to know what makes a great QB, and there's a b
  12. I didn't see it that way; I saw near perfect performances by both teams, with very few mistakes, and a few key plays that determined the outcome. In the 1st half, the drops by Edelman and Hogan, as well as the fumble by Blount(?), and ofcourse, the Brady's pass being intercepted ... I don't even see that as a big mistake by Brady, but just great read by the defender. All were huge and put the Pats in the hole. In the 2nd half, there were 2 mental mistakes by the Falcons ... the holding penalty by one of their OL and the sack that drove them out of a potential FG earlier on ... maybe
  13. One thing to consider, though, is that Belichick raised his own offensive and defensive "geniuses" in-house; Patricia was a rocket scientist, while McDaniels was a plastic sales representative. Mangini was a 23 year old ball boy for the Browns, but he took him in, and slowly brought him into coaching. Belichick brought in Pioli to be a pro personnel assistant, while he was still HC of the Browns. Dimitroff was part of the Browns' ground crew (his father was a scout for the team). Besides that you got Crennel, O'Brien, etc. It's no accident; Belichick knows how to identify people who w
  14. Imagine if Ballard offered the Colts' HC job to Shanahan, and the 49ers were stuck with Lynch for 6 years, without Shanahan running the show.
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