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  1. This is the same guy that told us to get lubed up and get ready for the Colts & posted a picture of a horse with its Johnson out.
  2. We need to bring back Dexter Mccluster and Lance Shulters.
  3. I was watching Alliance of American Football last night and Former Titan Zach Mettenber was on 1 of the team's. He was a 2nd string QB. His team was struggling so they put him in and he almost led them back. He threw two deep accurate passes for tds, but his team came up short. It's odd because that seems like his entire NFL career. I remember more than a few games where he played well enough to win, but in the end ended up losing. He was 0-10 in Nashville, but I remember a Steelers game in which he played pretty good, but we loss... I don't know, I guess I am making this post because I feel he never got a fair shot & was on some bad teams under shotty coaching. I hope he gets another shot, wouldn't mind seeing him back in Nashville. & what's up with so many former Titans in the AAF?? Lol
  4. I always root for the Patriots if the Titans don't make the playoffs. I always pull for them in the Superbowl. I am one who was raised and taught that hard work pays off and working hard is rewarding in the end. What the Patriots have done over a span of almost 20 years is amazing. It is not a fluke to win 6 super bowls. Clearly the Patriots work harder than any other teams in the NFL...My aunt told me Tom Brady has been there enough and somebody else deserves a chance... But Why? Tom is 40 years old playing a young man's game still winning Super bowls. He goes to bed at 8, eats healthy and works harder than the next man. Why don't people appreciate hard work and success??
  5. Tony Romo is great in the Booth. The game has missed somebody like him. What made Madden special is he would educate fans and explain why plays didn't work and where players should have been. He broke the game down. Tony Romo might be the best since Madden.
  6. I still believe in Mariota. My personality doesnt allot me to just cast somebody with potential to the side. Ima ride with you til the wheels fall off. Mariota is our guy and led us to our first playoff win since what? 2003 season. We won some ball games nobody thought we would win because Mariota.
  7. I agree, he does need to get rid of the ball sooner. Would definitely prevent alot of those injuries.
  8. Nick Foles is a great backup. I think he is best when he is a back up then put into the starting role. I don't know if he could be a starter. He is probably better coming off the bench as a backup with no pressure. And Mariota is doing more with less talent than the Eagles. Eagles also have a pretty solid defense that's been together awhile. If you put Nick Foles on this team last year we wouldn't of made the playoffs. Yea Nick Foles won the SB, but look at all the other factors. Nick Foles isn't a better QB than Phillip Rivers yet Rivers has no Super bowls, neither does Dan Marino and a lot of other guys better than Foles...Right place at the right time...Foles has been in the league awhile and caught fire last year which strengthens what I say...Right place at the right time. Mariota has had to learn a new system and has had different offensive coordinators since he made it to the league...Give him a break lol
  9. No...Nick Foles couldn't win games Mariota has won. Mariota just needs to stay healthy. Only reason we have been relevant is because Mariota!!
  10. Manningenvy isn't talking about horses and lube today.
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