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  1. Y'all see Jameis Winston's numbers?? Look at Evans numbers...See what even a bum QB like Winston can do with a true number 1??
  2. This Bills vs Bengals game has been good. Bills have a very good squad...When they mature they're going to be formidable. Frank Gore is the most underrated Football player of all time.
  3. Translate please...Not everybody speaks Gay boy language.
  4. I don't necessarily disagree with that call...However I don't understand why he put Adoree Jackson back there to field punts. Adoree has been nothing but horrible at punt returning. Adoree has been muffed punt prone, Fumble punt return prone and he doesn't know what a fair catch is. Adam Humpheries has been solid through 2 games, why change. In that game Adoree cost us twice...1 obviously the fumble...2 there was a punt where the jags punter shanked it at the 50, Adoree instead of fair catching it, let it bounce and it ended up at the 20...that was a 30 yard difference in field position. To me that's on Vrabel for putting him back there.
  5. I honestly thought you meant signing Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant...Those brothas have a shady past and both are pretty dark...
  6. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157744253189171&id=370174424170&fs=1&focus_composer=0 Sounds like Dyson was in the Sauce on the sideline which makes it even more epic Lol.
  7. Hmmm still to early and to early to make a verdict on Vrabel. However both would be trending down if this was the weekly team rankings GM & Coach combo lol. He has definitely been missing on free agency picks and draft picks lately and unfortunately. He was on fire a few years ago. The year is still to young to be pointing the finger. Let's see how the rest of the year goes.
  8. Bill Belichick is so good because he leaves his ego out of everything he does. He adapts to the talent he has, especially on defense. Not many coaches or people in general are willing to do that. Very rarely have we ever looked at a Patriots roster and thought they were simply the best from top to bottom People can use his disciples proteges etc etc, but they will get the watered down version every time. However, this post only proves my point of how knee jerk and cry baby fans can be...Thats why I don't take these negative Mariota comments seriously. These are the same people who would rip guys like Odell who throw fits after losses. Vrabel at times has out coaches himself...But there is a learning curb to everything in life.
  9. Rather have Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton.
  10. Its your post and I respect everybody's opinions, but this season is way to early to be throwing in the towel and throwing players under the bus. Coaches need to put players in positions to be successful. Our crappy route trees are an issue...I seen a play that had all our receivers on one side of the field on a 3rd down...What??...And Adam Humpheries was a beast for the Bucs, even the Patriots wanted him...He comes here and sucks. Coaches need to scheme better and draw up better plays...Our 3rd down conversion percentage is trash. Our 1-2 season is a culmination of alot of things.
  11. Males now a days are more emotional than past generations of men. The world and society has become more feminine and males have become more emotional and feminine. They say testosterone levels are way below our grandfather's generation. When you don't react off of emotions like a woman and look at reality you can see that our issues run much deeper than Mariota...As far as list off issues why we are 1-2 Mariota would be about 4th or 5th on that list. Emotions blinds you...Im a logical guy, I dont have knee jerk reactions. You people are focusing your issues on Mariota because he is the QB and he is a nice person. Mariota has been a solid QB who has won us a playoff game...Hasnt happened since Mcnair. Society has always found it easy to crucify the nice guy, they did it to Jesus Christ. So who is Mariota to escape the wrath of man?? 😂😂
  12. Mariota will turn it around. We just had a culmination of bad things and unfortunate events last night. I believe Vrabel is a fair guy, he knows last night was anything but Mariotas fault. A Td and field goal would have beat us...Adoree messing up once again (Which is Vrabels fault putting him back there). Fumbles and refusing to fair catch. And our defense getting Shlacked by another back up quarterback. I think we had bigger problems than Mariota. Those phantom penalties didnt help much. When I get to work and guys who usually talk trash after my team loses says they couldn't watch because the game looked fixed against the Titans, you know it's bad.
  13. How does this franchise seem to stay mediocre year in and year out lol. Not bad not good, just mediocre. Jeff Fisher was the most mediocre coach 8-8, 9-7, 10-6 back to 7-9, 8-8 etc...Virtually nothing has changed through several coaching changes, quarterback changes, ownership & personnel etc. Say what you want about Mariota, Gravel or whoever, they are only carrying on Titan tradition lol We have never really been terrible for a long stretch lime the Browns or Bills, but we have also never really been good either. I think our most consistent & best stretch was early 2000s of course. We don't have that losing culture of the Browns, nor the winning culture of many other teams...We have a mediocre culture lol.
  14. If this is true then Mariota is starting to lose the benefit of the doubt lol. Post the source...lol