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  1. I still believe in Mariota. My personality doesnt allot me to just cast somebody with potential to the side. Ima ride with you til the wheels fall off. Mariota is our guy and led us to our first playoff win since what? 2003 season. We won some ball games nobody thought we would win because Mariota.
  2. I agree, he does need to get rid of the ball sooner. Would definitely prevent alot of those injuries.
  3. Nick Foles is a great backup. I think he is best when he is a back up then put into the starting role. I don't know if he could be a starter. He is probably better coming off the bench as a backup with no pressure. And Mariota is doing more with less talent than the Eagles. Eagles also have a pretty solid defense that's been together awhile. If you put Nick Foles on this team last year we wouldn't of made the playoffs. Yea Nick Foles won the SB, but look at all the other factors. Nick Foles isn't a better QB than Phillip Rivers yet Rivers has no Super bowls, neither does Dan Marino and a lot of other guys better than Foles...Right place at the right time...Foles has been in the league awhile and caught fire last year which strengthens what I say...Right place at the right time. Mariota has had to learn a new system and has had different offensive coordinators since he made it to the league...Give him a break lol
  4. No...Nick Foles couldn't win games Mariota has won. Mariota just needs to stay healthy. Only reason we have been relevant is because Mariota!!
  5. Manningenvy isn't talking about horses and lube today.
  6. This dude says some funny off the wall stuff though.
  7. Man this dudes posts have me crying Lololol I am literally crying from this dudes posts.
  8. I did expect more big time plays from Vaccaro.
  9. RasKass

    Adoree Jackson

    You do realize Colts had a more dominant performance with him in the game (Jurell Casey) last game, right?
  10. RasKass

    Adoree Jackson

    Adoree is a good corner. Still young & will get better. His body of work all season is quality. You expecting a shut down corner like Deion Sanders or even a Champ Bailey?? That's extremely rare...Who in this generation is a shut down corner? I've watched all the Titans games except 2 & Adoree was never the issue. We do have a trash pass rush though, that often leads to breakdowns in the secondary, nobody can cover forever.
  11. RasKass

    How satisfied are you with Vrabel's job?

    Ima give him 80%. I feel like his game planning on defense isn't creative enough at times (What happened in the masterpiece vs Patriots). He seems to pout on the sidelines. He took to long getting Henry going this season (Something Titans fans wanted from game 1)...He should have been giving the rock to Henry on goal line situations like vs Chargers. That Bills game when that dude dropped that ball ended up costing us. Had we got that win we would have that playoff spot secured. But overall Vrabel did a good job for a 1st yr head coach. From preseason and game 1 vs Dolphins I didn't know what to expect. We beat some solid teams pretty soundly this year. Vrabel needs to create a more consistent culture here...Titans have been struggling with consistency for a very long time.
  12. I have a good feeling Blaine Gabbert is going to lead us to victory. He has been around the league, he is a veteran. I believe in Gabbert for this upset. Underdog.