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  1. So, watching some home videos of amateur football games might help us get excited to see these offenses?
  2. But parents who name their child Picasso might have different ideas.
  3. Those are probably some disappointed parents who named their kid Picasso, and he ends up wanting to play football for a living. His mom is probably a weeping woman.
  4. I saw that. It was on Netflix a while back. A Separation is a great Iranian film that presents more of an urban, middle class look at Iranian life.
  5. It's nuts. My Robinhood portfolio is up 14.64% in the last month. The country is damn near falling apart, but the stock market is smiling.
  6. Agreed. There are probably Titans fans who don't even know who he is, but Long did really well in filling in unexpectedly for Jayon, especially against KC. Most teams depending on a 6th round rookie to start at LB against Mahomes would have been toast.
  7. Offense: Corey Injuries have held him back so much. From the pre-draft ankle injury, then the hamstring injury his rookie season... Then a relatively healthy sophomore season of almost 900 yards with a QB about to lose his job. Then a hip injury and turf toe this past year while trying to acclimate to a new QB, combined with AJ breaking out. He's had a terrible run of luck. If he stays healthy, I think he gets 1,000 this season. More importantly, he needs a big catch in a big moment. I think he gets that. But if he gets injured again, he's toast. Defense: Simmons Last year, he was a rookie who started mid-season and had missed most off-season, pre-season, and early season activities. Give him a full off-season and a full season, and he's going to be a household name by the end of 2020.
  8. I knew they wouldn't top the list of anything, but I would have thought that at some point in their history, someone would have outreceived Kenny Britt.
  9. Without thinking, I would not have thought the Bears would be last on this list.
  10. Incorrect. The answer to the question is: we passed on every down.
  11. What did we do in that very same game on our last drive when we were down?

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