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  1. siamesedinasour

    Cardinals Hiring Kliff Kingsbury as HC

    The Cardinals might not go 0-16 in 2019, but they're giving their best effort to do so.
  2. siamesedinasour

    Cardinals Hiring Kliff Kingsbury as HC

    This feels like Lane Kiffin to the Raiders.
  3. Hire Defelippo and sign Foles. Not really, though.
  4. siamesedinasour

    2019 Draft - Players that fit the defense.

    Dang, next year's draft is going to be stacked.
  5. I have always pictured him or her as something like Beavis.
  6. siamesedinasour

    Desperately Seeking QBs

    Lol - he tucked in his shirt for his combine drills.
  7. siamesedinasour

    Steve McNair's Killing

    There were some daughter jokes. I went back and looked but decided not to link. So, if I have to call this an L, I will. But she was definitely not off limits. Which only makes sense because I have yet to find an off limits topic here except for, perhaps, extreme racial slurs.
  8. siamesedinasour

    Offseason Preview From Turron Davenport

    And by the way, Turron is the man. So glad he came to Nashville.
  9. siamesedinasour

    Offseason Preview From Turron Davenport

    Unleash the Quinnen Williams bong video, please.
  10. siamesedinasour

    2019 Outlook & Position Breakdown: Running Back

    Aside from the not notifying coaches he was finishing his degree, he really hasn't done anything nor said anything controversial. He's been nothing but a team player, and yet many fans have seemed to think of him as a prima donna.
  11. siamesedinasour

    FA WR targets - Who do you have an eye on?

    I'm not quite up on my modern lingo but, and I certainly mean this sincerely, in what way could "is ass" be meant to be complimentary? I just want to be sure I'm going to use it correctly. e.g., "Derrick Henry sucked earlier this year but lately, he is ass."
  12. siamesedinasour

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    Ironically, he had his highest success rate as a rookie (55%), despite 61 of his 110 carries coming on downs with at least 10 yards to go.
  13. siamesedinasour

    Robiskie Fired in Buffalo

    There was a hole.
  14. siamesedinasour

    Robiskie Fired in Buffalo

    Robert Foster was impressive as an UDFA WR. Pretty sure that was in spite of Robiskie.