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  1. So do I need to call out of work next Sat or Sun?
  2. Hmm, bald with an orange glow. Trump is a dem! Wow, Trump is deep state, destroying the gop from within. 5D chess motherfuckers.
  3. They made have added Fowler to mess with how the Patriots game planned for us??
  4. 28 - 10 Titans. Philly doesn't know what the offense is going to do. We play a complete game and surprise all the doubters.
  5. Sooo, I watched the game with Oman or JoelinBellevue. Every MM play that was less than perfect, they would pick him apart. I ACTUALLY have a video of them after last weeks game... Same old song and dance. PS. @Rolltide It's OK to beat off to this video, its almost like tranny porn.
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