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  1. Hmm, bald with an orange glow. Trump is a dem! Wow, Trump is deep state, destroying the gop from within. 5D chess motherfuckers.
  2. They made have added Fowler to mess with how the Patriots game planned for us??
  3. 28 - 10 Titans. Philly doesn't know what the offense is going to do. We play a complete game and surprise all the doubters.
  4. Sooo, I watched the game with Oman or JoelinBellevue. Every MM play that was less than perfect, they would pick him apart. I ACTUALLY have a video of them after last weeks game... Same old song and dance. PS. @Rolltide It's OK to beat off to this video, its almost like tranny porn.
  5. Oman's cardio dance workout. Looking good big guy!
  6. Jayon Brown is built just like Keith Bullock. Dejavu, looked just like him.
  7. Can someone pm me link to watch the game. I am a cord cutter and use my attena to normally watch. Fox over the air broadcast has been down for weeks. Since i am in West Tennessee NFL game pass will not let me watch the game live. Thanks in advance!
  8. He probably would hit back if he wasn't afraid of being charged for child abuse. #shortpeopleproblems