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  1. Makes sense. If Sambraillo went down we would be SOL.
  2. How the hell did we not get the bump to primetime? Radiers vs Bucs got bumped likely because the whole OL got put on Covid list.
  3. If im the Ravens I take Jackson but otherwise he hasn't shown any QB ability to be able to succeed in a scheme that isn't built for him Watson and Mahomes I agree with. Dak, Murray, Goff and Wentz are all toss ups IMO. Really comes down to preference. None of them really have a body of work to say they are elite either. All good young QBs. Burrow has played in 6 games. He looks good and I think he will be good. Im not putting him over Wentz just yet though.
  4. I would lean the Wilson, Boyd team. Cooper is going to be a pooper for some games with no Dak. He was saved by a garbage time TD on Monday. Wilson > Murray Sure Murray has the running ability but his success as a top fantasy QB is reliant on that. Wilson probably has the highest floor out of all QBs not named Patrick Mahomes.
  5. Sure he is a little erratic and inconsistent at times but the bad play isn't consistent enough to say he isn't a good QB. I still don't recall anyone saying he is an elite QB right now. I think he is one of the top young QBs in the league and a very good franchise QB. There is a pretty small list of QBs under 30 I would take over him.
  6. Could you imagine if Wentz got to play with Cooper, Gallup, Lamb and Zeke lol
  7. Wentz would kill to have the weapons Cutler had. please give me an example of a QB that has elevated the play of a bunch of PS and backups. Having shitty talent around you is also different from what the eagles are dealing with. Outside of Kelce and maybe Greg Ward who has Wentz had any significant reps or snaps with? These guys are being forced to play due to injuries and have zero chemistry as an offense. Does it really surprise you they are struggling?
  8. Nick Foles was one of the best backups in the NFL. Hell he is currently the starting QB for a 5-1 team. The eagles were a really good team the year Foles took them to the SB. Wentz was the MVP favorite before getting hurt and still got 2 votes despite playing in 13 games. The Eagles were 11-2 with him so clearly he benefited and was playing at an extremely high level. Wentz is a good QB. He’s having a down year playing with scrubs due to injuries. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Eagles end up making playoffs due to the NFC east sucking. When that happens we can just go ahead and discredit it.
  9. In 27 games from 2018-2019 Wentz completed 66%, for 7113yds, 48tds, 14 ints and had a 97.7 QB rating. Thats not good? The Eagles hobbled through the end of the season last year and made playoffs. You want to discredit them beating bad teams, but Wentz has no say or factor on the schedule. By your logic we should discredit our playoffs last year since we beat a bunch of backups in Houston week 17 to clinch a spot. Tannehill shouldn't get any credit for leading the Titans to the playoffs since it went through a bad team. Im not sure of what your opinion is of a good QB. Outside of this year Wentz has always impressed me. IMO its hard to write a QB off due to 1 bad season in which he is playing with 1 starting OL and has lost all of their top skill position players. If any of the top QBs in the NFL faced the same circumstances, I don't think they would have a good season either.
  10. They’ve actually been missing their LT, LG, RG, RT and Peters who was signed be the be fill in RG and ended up being their LT. Oh and now their new fill in OT Driscolls is out.
  11. What the hell was I doing picking Denver? I must have made the picks before Cam was announced being off the covid list.
  12. Ya the unknown from the DUI is what is keeping me from doing this. I like Boyd ROS. Probably a pretty safe WR2. I also have Higgins and have had some injuries so I’m playing Boyd and Higgins most weeks. There are just a lot of mouths to feed in TB and I question what Godwins consistency will be. The guy also has Golladay so I’m considering pushing for him instead of Godwin.
  13. Alright I know the answer to this question but I need some motivation. I’ve been having a rough year in this league so I’m questioning almost every move I make. .5 PPR Trade Boyd and Lindsay for Godwin??? @abenjami @NashvilleNinja @Bink i can’t remember who else usually jumps on the fantasy board.
  14. Sorry @IrishTitansFansaid he was playing like the worst QB in the league.
  15. Miami is obviously looking towards the future and arent concerned about winning now. I think building a winning culture is huge for rebuilding a team. This sets Tua up to be the hero or a zero. I have a feeling the plan all along was to have Tua take over during the bye week. Their bye was moved from week 11 though.
  16. Don’t forget he is also now the worst QB in the league.
  17. If Sambraillo plays well, he is gone. It will be his only opportunity to cash in. Otherwise he will be a swing OT the rest of his career fighting for a roster spot. If he plays ok or struggles, we might as well bring him back to fill in for Lewan until he is healthy. That way we have a swing OT on roster still. Unless we have another option in FA or try to find a late round guy
  18. I think he restructures. He won't get more in FA with the cap situation. He's making good money to play 40ish% of snaps and I don't think he leaves if given the opportunity to restructure.
  19. Ok. I wasn't talking about the Eagles making playoffs. I could careless about their W/L and opponents they played to get there. Wentz has no control over who they play at what point in the season. We got a cake walk game week 17 to make playoffs. Should we hold that against our team? If Houston doesn't clinch playoffs we could have lost week 17 and missed out on playoffs. In 2019 Wentz was a top 10 QB. He did it with a bad supporting cast. He's the first QB in the history of the NFL to throw for 4000 yards and not have a single WR have 500 yards. I'll save you the response of saying their best receivers are their TEs because even Ertz and Goedert were just their normal productive seasons so lack of WRs catching the ball didn't really have an increase in their production. Even combined their stats are similar to Mike Thomas who was the clear cut WR1 in the NFL last year. Ertz clearly benefits from having pass catchers around him.
  20. I'm still hoping we draft a guy in the mid rounds to develop into a legit backup. I'm still a fan of someone like Costello, Mond or Ehlinger.
  21. So you don't have a real list but you want to declare him not top 15 even though your list potentially puts him as a top 15? I think you forgot to not factor in supporting cast with your list but whatever. Rankings are all opinions. I disagree with your thoughts on Wentz and you disagree with mine. If you really think Wentz is the worst QB in the league right now, you need to watch more games around the league. Tannehill would be struggling on the Eagles right now too. Wentz is going to likely continue to struggle this year unless the Eagles magically get healthy. He pulled off a miracle with them last year with a bad supporting cast and this year the offense is even worse.
  22. Wentz isn't a top 15 QB regardless of of his supporting cast? Really. I would like to see your list. You would have to put guys like Carr, Burrow, Rivers, Mayfield, Goff, Bridgewater, Jimmy G or Cam in front of him for that to be the case. If you are saying regardless of the support cast you have to factor in the players around them too so good luck because all those QBs have a better supporting cast. Whoa Tannehill got hit hard with injuries! Take away Henry, Jonnu, and 4 other OL. AJB at 50%? cmon man. He wouldn't be playing if he was at 50% from a knee injury that could lead to further complications. The injuries aren't even comparable to what Wentz and the Eagles are going through.
  23. Kelce is the only starter that is healthy. Peters, Dilliard, Brooks, Seumalo and Lane Johnson are all starters. Peters only came back because Brooks was ruled out for the year during the offseason. Lane Johnson had ankle surgery weeks before the season started and has been trying to play hobbled. Alshon, Djax, Reagor, Goedert, Ertz and Sanders are all either currently injured or working their way back from injuries. Could you imagine if we took away Lewan, Saffold, Kelly, Davis and Sambraillo and forced Tannehill to have Mcnichols, Firkser, Westbrook-Ikhine, Batson and Raymond as his top skill position guys? I can promise you Tannehill would look more like he did in Miami. Tannehill is literally proof that good QBs can't overcome a shitty supporting cast. No one is saying Wentz isn't playing poorly but to say his struggles aren't related to his supporting cast is a joke. Sure him missing throws or making bad decisions aren't on them, but he's always had that issue. He doesn't have any talent to bail him out. He is forcing throws and clearly isn't comfortable in the pocket. Can you imagine how he feels coming up to the LOS and having the Ravens front 7 standing in front of him?

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