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  1. So what does it matter to him? The guy wanted a handy. He went and got a handy. No big deal. Forced into or not it doesn’t matter on his case. People are trying to force the point that he supports human trafficking since he was a customer when reality he is just supported getting hand jobs in massage parlors. Now the overall issue of the massive human trafficking is a big deal and is fucked up.
  2. He’s not being charged with sex trafficking though. He had no association with that part of it. He’s a customer. He’s just guilty of being a lonely old man who wants a handy.
  3. I figured we should just start one thread for the nba shit talking. so how bout them lakers?
  4. Haha yes. Honesty who cares though. Guys soliciting for sex is nothing new. It’s not like he is raping women.
  5. I think Walton is a good coach. It’s hard to win in the NBA without superstars. I don’t think he deserves to be fired. The way I see it is this is Lebron and Magic’s team and the coach doesn’t really matter. If they struggle Walton will be the scapegoat. It has been this way for almost every LBJ lead team.
  6. I think you are way off. If anything it clears the owners from having to consider signing him in fear of being accused of collusion. They paid him to be done with the situation.
  7. Firkser is a solid depth option at TE. I’m not expecting him to be a major contributor to our offense. I actually thought Pruitt performed pretty well for a guy signed off the street.
  8. He hasn’t played in a game for awhile but he is always a QB that works out for teams. He was also with Gruden in Cincinnati for a year. The deciding factor fo this case was going to be what they found in the owners messages. They must have found something because the NFL did not want those to get out.
  9. And they calculated that they can fling around chump change to make the situation go away so they did so.
  10. I never said how it works other than settlements being the case for majority of lawsuits. My point of wanting to be done with it was in reference to not blowing any more time/money/energy into. They have nothing to gain in continuing with a lawsuit. I’m sure that was also determined in their risk analysis. If $80 mil was the number I’m sure they laughed about that and said no problem.
  11. 8=====👊=D 8====👊==D 8===👊===D 8==👊====D 8=👊=====D 8👊======D 8=👊=====D 8==👊====D 8===👊===D 8====👊==D 8=====👊=D 8======👊D💦 💦 💦 .99999
  12. funng how two of the most popular Netflix documentaries of 2019 involve two men willing to jerk and suck someone off.
  13. I’d be shocked if the raiders weren’t in California next year. They agreed to terms with the SF Giants to play at Oracle but the 49ers and NFL have to sign off on it. There have been rumors the coliseum is trying to get them back. There are also rumors the 49ers aren’t going to sign off on them playing in SF in hopes that they will come use Levi’s. The stadium was originally built as a site for two home teams.
  14. This also doesn’t prove anything about the collusion case other than the NFL just wanted to be done with it. $80 mil really isn’t that much for the NFL. Lawsuits happen everyday and settlements happen everyday. That’s just how lawsuits shake out majority of the time.
  15. I wonder what Reid got in the settlement. Gets signed, then extended and now gets a settlement for collusion.
  16. I don’t think many thought it was because he just sucked. It was because he sucks and would bring unwanted media attention.
  17. Tyrod makes the most sense of that list. I think Tannehill goes to Washington. I don’t think Keenan comes here and Bortles is Bortles.
  18. NFL probably wanted to avoid the owners depositions from getting out.
  19. I can’t remember where I heard it but I posted it on here before the trade deadline.
  20. I thought that was expected? It was a reported rumor of why they wouldn’t trade AD at trade deadline. They wanted their new GM to decided the fate of the franchise rather than someone they planned to fire.
  21. I don’t blame him. There is no way he would play for the 3 yr $250k contract being offered.
  22. If they worked out some kind of player rights with contracts this can be done. If you send him to AAF anyone can sign him. They would rather him develop in pre season and keep on practice squads than risk losing them.
  23. @Rolltide is still waiting to find out what’s wrong with watching tranny porn if you are just curious.
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