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  1. Wasn’t Henry’s high school a small Florida school? I’m not too familiar with Florida divisions. I wonder if they won that game. His highlights look like he is playing against a freshman teams. Najee Harris is probably the best HS RB I’ve ever seen play. His team was decent because of him. They played in a pretty good division in the bay area that is dominated by de la sale. There were games he ran for 200+ yards on 10 or less carries. I can’t even imagine what his stat lines would have been if he played the full game and got 50 carries.
  2. That’s not what he said though. He said the best ILB tandem since your boys played together in 2013. If you say only 34 ILB you take away over half the nfl and some of the best LBs in the league. If he said best 34 ILB in the league right now then I would say there is a strong argument for them.
  3. Was that pro bowl season a breakout year or a fluke? 2016 was awhile ago and people wrote him off. He’s on a one year prove it deal for a reason.
  4. We need Jonnu to take the next step and become a focal point of the offense. For that reason I’ll say him. He’s got the athletic ability. We just need to see him become more involved consistently and not just have plays schemed for him. Defense I’m going to go Vic Beasley. I think he gets 12+ sacks. He gets back to being a force off the edge.
  5. Definitely a homer opinion. I’m sure there are several teams you could argue having better ILBs. They aren’t even close to Willis and Bowman though.
  6. Haha ya the dilated pupil thing was actually funny. He had baseball and basketball pictures with one big ass pupil. Luckily they say little kids aren’t affected as much by the sunlight so he didn’t have to wear an eye cover or glasses.
  7. We have too many of them. About 5 months back my son got shot in the eye by one of his friends. He had internal bleeding. His iris filled up about half way with blood. We had to go to the see several specialists for about 2 months. We were having to do 2 different eye drops 4 times a day. No physical activity for 3 weeks. He ended up being completely fine but apparently shit could have gone bad pretty easily. The doctors were saying it’s pretty common but usually it’s the parents that get shot. Some of the nerf guns they make can really pump out some darts. I’d recommend the safety glasses. The last thing you want is your kid to have to be like Jamal.
  8. Ya very possible. I was having issues a few nights ago getting it to charge. I ended up finding the right angle. No luck the other morning though. I ordered a new battery and charge to check.
  9. I swear this thread jinxed my MacBook Pro. Woke up this morning and it wouldn’t turn on or charge. Hoping it’s just a battery issue.
  10. If Herndon is healthy he might be your best TE this year.
  11. That’s pretty bad depth chart for the position. I would have gone Herndon. Hopefully Jonnu just becomes a stud
  12. Who are your TEs currently? if you arent secure and need immediate contribution then I think Herndon is the better option. If you are secure and want the long term play Smith is the right choice.
  13. This is a tough one because they both have high upside. Herndon might get to that upside quicker. He’s the TE1 and in limited playing time he has looked like a stud. Smith might need Rudolph to be out of town to really become a fantasy standout. Looking at Rudolph’s contract that might not happen until 2024. Id go Herndon solely because I think Smith will never get an opportunity to be the guy. Herndon already is. He just needs to be healthy.
  14. When you have your QB the back up position is far less of a priority. It’s more about filling it with one of your guys that knows your scheme and can execute it if needed. Smith, Vrabel and Jrob have zero connections to QBs across the league. I believe Woodside is a QB they want to become their guy. Maybe we look for another QB after rosters trim down. Maybe we see how Woodside looks before bringing in someone to push him.
  15. My aunt lives just outside of Nashville and has had some serious health issues the past few years. Her and my uncle have been on strict lockdown the past 2 months. They are worried they will have to stay on lockdown well beyond what the state is requiring. If she were to contract covid 19 it would be highly unlikely that she would survive. They are contemplating moving back to California where there are far stricter shelter in place orders.
  16. I think Rivers is hilarious and I cant wait for the videos of him as a head HS coach.
  17. Route running is more than just running around on the field. You have to have coverage awareness, understand leverage, release technique, spacial awareness etc. You cant run a complex passing scheme with players that dont understand those things or cant do them. The guys you listed from the patriots all had those traits.
  18. There are really a lot of things that go into a good passing scheme. The players, play design, pre snap reads, etc. all play a factor. Filling your scheme with the type of player that can execute is just as important as the scheme itself. What exactly are you trying to argue or point out? Did our scheme limit our skill position players from getting open?
  19. Ya and there were a lot of people on the fence about the Mularkey firing. I don’t disagree. I’m just pointing out repeated success even if it isn’t a SB win is hard to move on from. He’s clearly got some kind of in with the organization for them to hand the gm role to him in the first place.
  20. Hard to fire someone when they win the division 4 out of 6 years. The guy has done some bonehead moves but until the results on the field start to reflect those moves I’m not sure why you would consider firing him.
  21. Tannehill has had 2 major injuries in his career. The knee injury took him out of 2016 and he re injured the same knee in 2017 off season. 2018 he had the shoulder injury that was kinda of strange. Dolphins might have been setting up their Tannehill exit by keeping him out. Other than those injuries he has been pretty durable. I definitely would label him as having a questionable injury history.
  22. Ya but they arent championship teams without their QB. 49ers back ups were no name QBs they drafted, I cant tell you who Seattle back up is, GB back up is their future starter, Bills have a rookie 5th round back up, Patriots have no one playing QB, Ravens have RG3 who was brought in as an NFL cast off, Steelers showed last year their back ups are a bunch of nobodys, Chiefs have an old ass Chad Henne, Cowboys brought in Dalton because their is a potential hold out with Dak, Texans have Aj McCarron who has been cut by 5 teams. The only championship quality teams that have invested in the back up position are the Saints and Eagles. Jameis begged to be a Saint and took a massive pay cut and Wentz is always hurt so they need the insurance policy in Hurts. Who else is a championship team that has made the back up position a priority and actually filled it with a quality option? Lets be honest if Tannehill goes down for a few games whats going to happen? We will feed Henry and who our QB is wont matter. Another thing to note is majority of backup QBs in the league have ties to the coaching staff and scheme. Vrabel and Smith dont have that.
  23. We are all in on Tannehill. If he goes down we go down. Thats how it is on majority of teams.

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