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  1. Chipotle? Send me the restaurant name in PM. I might be in Tucson in a few weeks.
  2. I think he plays 65-70 range by choice.
  3. How many games you think Lebron plays?
  4. Lol are you posting this as an unconventional workout or trying to impress us?
  5. Oh god another post from @XanderMXIX about the uniforms. You ever get those complaints into madden?
  6. No doubt the competition is tight. Hard to even say there is a favorite but to say the warriors will be lucky to even make the playoffs is laughable.
  7. I love how everyone is writing off the warriors. A roster consisting of a 2 time MVP (only unanimous mvp in the history of the nba), DPOY, 5 time all star/one of the best shooters of all time and a 23 year old all star PG is going to be lucky to make the playoffs lol.
  8. CP3 is better off retiring
  9. Sorry meant to put at times in the game. He is going to have a role similar to a PG at times in the game. He has his whole career. That doesn’t make him the PG. He takes over games and he can’t do that without the ball in his hands. He’s not going to be matching up with Lilliard, Curry, CP3 etc.
  10. Is there even a thing as a true PG anymore? Lebron will take the ball up court and the offense will run through him but that doesn’t make him the PG.
  11. This would make sense. There was the period after she switched the key that it went black for a few seconds too. I still think the prisoner is Dr. Brenner.
  12. If Hopper still alive it will ruin the season. I think the prisoner is Dr. Brenner.
  13. Tannehill won’t come back to be a backup to a rookie.
  14. We were willing to take a $20 mil cap hit this year for him. $27 mil for 1 year isn’t a big deal. We just need to avoid a long term high guaranteed money deal with him. I think it all comes down to whether or not he can stay healthy.
  15. Iggy is still on that roster.... Glenn Robinson III and our draft picks. We are waiting on Livingston to make his decision too. Once he does we will finish out the roster. I don’t see us signing anyone more than a rotational bench player.
  16. Ok Jake. Dlo is an interesting addition. I’m only concerned about his lack of defense. We will need his points while Klay is out. Once Klay is back we probably look to trade him or bring him off the bench. After next year who knows what he is. Draymond Curry and Dlo can lead the warriors for half the year. Once Klay is back that is still 4 all stars. Cmon Jake don’t be that simple. That roster is obviously from pre FA.
  17. Remember when you picked Portland to beat the warriors in the WCF because they didn’t have KD?
  18. Boogie was great in his limited time and reduced role for GS. I doubt he will be as happy if he is in a similar role with the lakers.
  19. Lakers grabbing all the warriors scraps
  20. The west is ridiculous
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