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  1. I like to see chicks naked so the Arya scene was a little disappointing. Side boob and ass crack wasn’t enough to get people this upset.
  2. I hope you fuckers are watching this game 7. Unfucking believable.
  3. I wouldn’t say they are stars. They are very good players but they aren’t good enough to lead a team to the finals.
  4. This really isn’t a bad trade for KC when you think about it. They basically traded away only a first rounder for their pass rusher. That 2020 was recouped in the Dee Ford trade. The 3rd round swap means very little. The switch to a 43 makes Frank Clark a far better fit than Ford. Both were going to be paid. They obviously didn’t feel good about Fords fit moving forward.
  5. I really liked the episode it just made me want more episodes. With just 5 left I’m not sure how they are going to end this thing.
  6. I think Theon is gone too. He will go out protecting Sansa.
  7. Something for sure is going down in the crypts
  8. This episode had a lot to it. Would have been a great episode if we were not on a countdown to the end.
  9. You could also end up like the Broncos going this route. The recipe is really just to hit on a rookie QB and have a win now roster around him. That rookie contract allows you to be flexible with your roster. It’s a gamble but there has been recent success with it (Seahawks, Eagles, Texans, Bears, Cowboys, Rams, Raiders, Chiefs, Jags, Browns next?) We will need to sacrifice somewhere on the roster to pay Mariota 30 mil per season. I’d rather keep our roster and swap in a rookie QB contract.
  10. 3-5 more mocks really means 10-15 more mocks
  11. He’s not been forgotten about. Many teams have been reported to be interested in him. AZ would be better off keeping him then trading him for a 3rd or 4th.
  12. I don’t think any of them are special and I wouldn’t be shocked if 1 or 2 of the top 3 are there past 15. Murray is my favorite but he will need to go to a team that builds a scheme and roster around him.
  13. Jrob would have to absolutely love one of these QBs in order for it to be in consideration. The article insists that if one of them fall they have to consider it. I just don’t see it being that black and white.
  14. I really think Justin Fields from Ohio st will be right there with him. These two guys check a lot of boxes. Obviously Lawerence is a bit more proven since he got to play his Freshman year.
  15. 2020 and 2021 will have some top QB prospects. Tua, Herbert, Fromm and Eason for 2020 (Herbert is the only one that can’t return for 2021) Lawerence and Fields for 2021 Im sure a few more guys will emerge. Costello from Stanford is a guy to watch.
  16. Well next year we probably dont even have a QB under contract to begin the offseason.
  17. Would it be fair to suspend Hill if his fiancée broke the boys arm? I thought I read somewhere that Hill wasn’t even involved on the report the 2nd time.
  18. I don’t think there is any consideration to take a QB early regardless of who is available.
  19. Lol it was basically your argument you just didn’t say that. when I said he is looking good I basically meant he was going to look good only for the regular season and suffer a quad injury in the second game of playoffs. So ha I was right
  20. They need a superstar. They need a player that can take over a series. They have a really good roster and high quality players but no elite players. Denver is similar. They are the Celtics without Kyrie.
  21. Makes a lot of sense. Not sure what the ending would be as taking on all the undead from kings landing might be a difficult task for those in Winterfell. I guess there could be signifance to Jon riding a dragon. Him and Daenaerys could fly down and blow up Kings landing with the wild fire. Would be pretty funny since that’s what the mad king was gunna do. I’m guessing Jaime comes up with the idea.
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