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  1. You set the foundation for your team. Some of the highest % owned players on championship teams are waiver picks ups. It happens every year. Chubb, Kittle, Samuels, Lindsay, Ebron and Damien Williams were the big ones last year.
  2. You don’t win your league in the draft so I don’t mind the auto pick. Makes it a little more challenging.
  3. Ya typically I’m doing something better than a free fantasy football league draft on Friday night of Labor Day weekend.
  4. Two years of auto drafting. Hopefully I can remember this year
  5. Lol whats next the 85 bears and 01 Ravens? We are right there with them.
  6. Their roster is better than the roster that got them to the finals last year. I actually like the doubt. They will play with a chip on their shoulder. People forget how good Curry is. Draymond didn’t have a great regular season last year so they are writing him off. Klay is injured and people are acting like he won’t be fine once he is back. WCS is going to fit well. A big that can run the floor will have many opportunities. Don’t forget about Looney. Russell is going to get a shit ton of open looks. The defense will take a step back but they were never and elite defending team. They wear teams down on the offensive side.
  7. Good trade. Reid RBs are a must have. Even if he loses touches and isn’t the work horse he will have big value in the passing game. It’s not a question of how much volume will he get it’s a question of how much volume he can handle. Freeman is locked into a RBBC situation. He is ranked outside the top 30 for RBs and only was he finishes as a RB2 or better is if Lindsay gets hurt.
  8. Alright I’m bored. What is even the question? Your two options are two unrealistic contracts for a franchise QB. $30 or $40 mil guaranteed? Russel Wilson just signed a $107 mil guaranteed deal. NFL players hold out and turn down deal every year due to the terms and guaranteed money. That is by far the most important number for contracts. Not sure why you think anyone is off for speculating that that number is what truly is holding up a deal from being done.
  9. I don’t even know why I bother to respond to you. Have a good night Jake. Keep it simple.
  10. Would you rather take a 4 yr 30 mil with 90 guaranteed or a 4 year 40 mil with 60 guaranteed? Yes you fucking moron the terms are more important than the per year number. This isn’t simple basketball contracts. Maybe he wants the more per year if they aren’t willing to give him the big guaranteed number with the 30 mil per year break down.
  11. It always about the terms with these big nfl contracts. The display numbers mean nothing.
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