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  1. You never know. Having KD isn’t a guaranteed that we won’t struggle. Everyone stepped up a notch to make up for there being no KD.
  2. I thought Warriors did a great job forcing Lilliard into bad situations. They executed the traps on him perfectly almost all series. You saw Portland blow trap after trap on the defensive end. The warriors were just the better team. Curry, Klay and Draymond were all great. Looney has been really good this postseason. It’s pretty impressive getting the sweep without KD, Boggie and Iggy for 2 games. The bench players were about as good as you could ask for.
  3. There are some states where you don’t have to wear a helmet but you are required to wear some form of eye protection. You don’t have to protect your brain but you have to protect your eyes.
  4. Oh for sure. California has some of the strictest laws on seat belts and I always wear a seat belt. I know a seat belt will limit the amount of injuries I can sustain in an accident but I also don’t want to get a ticket. For the safety aspect I just think a person should choose how safe they want to be. My complaint is pumping up the safety as being the reason why the government gives a shit. It’s all about the money. The states various laws show they don’t really give a shit about your safety. If there wasn’t money involved people should be able to choose how big of an idiot they want to be.
  5. Oh you are a little grammar faggot lol my phone has been autocorrecting this incorrectly lately. I can’t figure it out. Any ways why did everyone avoid the motorcycle question? How do you guys feel about people that are allowed to ride around with nothing more than a helmet protecting them? In some states they aren’t even required to wear helmets. Are these guys really that dumb to ride around on motorcycles? The laws are different from state to state. In New Hampshire there is no seat belt law. In some states it’s a secondary enforcement meaning they can’t even pull you over for it. In some states they only enforce the seatbelt laws for the front seat riders. Fuck in some states they allow people to ride in the truck bed with no ticket. They allow people to make dumb ass decisions all the time but they really care about the safety of the people. The fact that some states can’t even pull you over for it just shows it’s a cash grab.
  6. Haha oh man you are really pissy about this seat belt thread. How do you feel about people riding around on motorcycles with nothing protecting them other than a helmet?
  7. I’m a jackass for telling a story about a friend who survived a crash due to not wearing a seat belt? Ok. I never said seatbelts were dumb. Simple fact is seat belts arent some automatic life saving feature on a vehicle. If they were I get enforcing wearing them. If people don’t want to wear seatbelts that should be there decision.
  8. How the hell does Bran get around in Kings Landing? There are way too many stairs for a cripple. First course of action should be getting that place up to ADA standards.
  9. there was nothing that surprised me in this final episode.
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