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  1. I would like to know who is making the call on Mariota. At some point loyalty has to go out the door because at the end of the day this is a business. Good teams make the switch. Mariota is a failed experiment 5 years in the making. He is holding this team way back and making it difficult to truly assess some of the talent on this roster. There are obviously other bad picks that need to be weeded out in the off season as well. If Robinson is the one making the call with Marcus, it is a bad look on him for sure, but it might be Amy pulling the strings on this decision. I would say Robinson is trending down and the longer this team goes without winning, you have to question the whole organization, starting at the top.
  2. Or it could be the spark the team need. I feel you take the gamble knowing Mariota isn't going to get better, and Tannehill could at least right the ship. The players just want to be able to do their jobs and perform.
  3. I disagree. The players aren't stupid. Trust me, they know. Also, I sense they may be frustration in the locker room, and not just with Marcus..
  4. From a team standpoint, it makes sense to start RT next week and see what happens. At this point we just need to convert 3rd downs and get the ball to our receivers for a shot. We know that if Tannehill doesn't have an impact we are going to be in good position for a top QB next offseason.
  5. Mariota should just retire. 5 years later going from a Heismann winner to an absolute scrub. He is a liability, both from a play and injury standpoint. He has steadily regressed since his rookie season. He is holding this team back and just collecting a paycheck at this point. Just bow out gracefully like Locker did out of respect for the team and the fans. Trust me he knows he is done.
  6. Did anyone notice Minshew before the game. He was all fired up and ready to go. Then they show Mariota who just looks calm and miserable. He looked defeated before he took his first snap. This is not leadership, and the whole team feeds of this energy, or in our case lack thereof.
  7. I'm still disappointed Jones was not replaced in the offseason. There is a reason the Texans moved on from him.
  8. And it's painfully obvious this play calling is catering to Mariotas ineffectiveness and very limited skill set. Just like it has under every OC he has played under. It is just brutal when you have all these rookies coming in the league and lighting it up.
  9. Also have to ask how good Conklin really is. Saffold and Kelly have been underwhelming obviously and Jones should have been upgraded in the offseason. Conklin just hasn't been a big difference maker like he was his rookie season.
  10. I thought Smith called a great game vs the Browns, and these last two have been absolutely terrible. Vanilla, predictable, and no adjustments.
  11. We will be near the bottom of the league once again after Sunday. This performance was inexcusable. From good to bad apparently the new motto.
  12. #8 jerseys will be on clearance everywhere tomorrow. Grab them up before they are gone!
  13. Any defenders left going down with the ship??