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  1. Do we trade up for Sweat if the slide continues. A la Landry
  2. These would be the worst jerseys in the MAC
  3. If the only move we take to address the OLine is taking one player in the third round, I will personally begin to write the eulogy for Mariota’s football career and JRob’s stint with the Titans.
  4. Matt was drafted as a third string QB in the Alliance of American Football.
  5. This is not a realistic scenario, and I’m not gonna parade it as such. I’m just curious what everyone would do if Foles lead the Eagles deep in the playoffs again, and they decide he is their guy long term. Would you trade for him? If so, what would you trade? Would you keep Mariota and let them compete? If we traded Mariota, would we somehow give him to the Eagles or to another team? What would we expect in return? I firmly believe that Mariota can still be the answer so I probably wouldn’t do it. Also, Wentz’s injury history doesn’t really address our problem of needing a healthy QB. What do y’all think? And like I said, this thread isn’t meant for realism; just a kind of interesting talking point that could have a chance to arise.
  6. I’m not saying Brown isn’t a diva but look at his situation. His QB is one of the NFL’s all time biggest assholes. His organization refused to give a proper contract to the best RB in the league (stats wise). His head coach has been criticized as having the least control of the locker room in the league. His OC situation has been a revolving door of people who are never respected (because Ben thinks he is always right). He plays across from a WR who has been a known diva since college. You ou have to remember that Brown was a sixth round pick. He is undersized and he doesn’t even have all world athleticism to make up for it (like Tyreek Hill for example). Brown became a star through determination and hard work. Im not saying Brown wouldn’t be a diva if he came here, but the culture he is in is probably the worst in the league. I don’t think he would enjoy our anemic passing attack, but maybe with a WR that can actually catch the ball, the passing attack would become less awful.
  7. Wentz is ruining the franchise.
  8. There are currently two startup football leagues going on. One of them, the AAF (American Alliance of Football) just did their QB draft. The Memphis Express picked Zach Mettenberger. As their 4th QB. Zach Mettenberger is a QB4 for a team in what very well may be the 4th or 5th most competitive football league in the world (NFL, CFL, Arena, XFL?, NCAA FBS?)
  9. If you count just these drops in the video then Marcus's stats on the year are 72% at 210 yds/gm with 5 TDs and 5 ints. That's assuming that every player would have gone done where they caught it.
  10. I don’t think our receivers caught it
  11. No shit we wouldn’t have taken a QB. Judging this trade as a win or loss for us solely depends on whether you’d rather have the package we have now or Jalen Ramsey. All depends on Davis at this point.
  12. I liked Correa coming out. He's like the reverse Dodd in that he was played in the wrong position his entire career.
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