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  1. Jim Wyatt released his OL Training Camp Preview today, was really glowing in his praise for Kelly. One of the big things to watch when the players report next week is who starts camp on PUP, we know Simmons will, question is what happens with Conklin/Walker/Smith. If Conklin starts on PUP he is in real danger of losing that starting RT spot to Kelly, Wyatt also discussed this possibility in his OL preview.
  2. Wyatt isn't leaking any information, he made a comment based on his own observations that he is confident Delanie will be right to go in week 1 but didn't share that same confidence regarding Smith as he simply hasn't seen him progressing out on the practice field. It isn't as if he has released some tightly held Titans secret.
  3. Where has he shared confidential information, all he did was make a comment on Smith based on his personal observations.
  4. Never said he did, just said this renewed speculation regarding Smith was made on an observation by Jim Wyatt not some fantasy football website.
  5. No this is based on what Jim Wyatt said this week, while he wouldn't share exact details of what is going on, he does see which players are in the building rehabbing injuries and what stage of the recovery they are at.
  6. Deion Jones is a pretty good cover ILB, but personally I think the Falcons might of overpaid a bit with his new contract announced today, $14.25 million a season is a big whack for a guy who has had stress fractures in his foot and missed most of last season. Statistically wise Jayon Brown was trending towards Deion Jones level production with the way he was playing in late 2018, and with a couple of years left of his rookie contract looks to be an absolute steal for us for the next couple of years.
  7. I think Pruitt is a replacement level TE, competent blocker and very average receiver, Firkser is an ordinary blocker and a pretty handy receiving TE. If the worst case scenario happened and Walker/Smith were both out again, Pruitt would be TE1 purely because he is a better blocker, last year Firkser was used almost exclusively on pass plays, there was a stat floating around that a pass was called on more than 80% of plays Firkser was on the field, that is a massive tell for any offense. Personally I think Delanie will be fine by week 1 and thankfully he will resume his role at TE1.
  8. Really is a mystery what is going on with Smith, there is absolutely no way even a high grade MCL tear should be taking this long to heal, he has either had a setback in his recovery or the full extent of his injury was never correctly reported. Was a little surprised to see this quote from Jim Wyatt this week as Smith was seen working out on a side field during the last couple of open to the media OTA practices before not being sighted during mandatory mini camp. I was hoping Smith/Conklin would be healthy for the start of training camp but it seems that is highly unlikely now. Going to be a heavy dose of MyCole Pruitt as TE1 early in training camp and preseason games.
  9. Its certainly possible that he would prefer playing at home in Nashville but there is no way he would be giving the team some kind of meaningful discount. Not really much point worrying if he will be playing here anyway, with the 5th year option in 2020 and a couple of franchise tags after that, the earliest possible time we would have a shot bringing him here is after the 2022 season.
  10. Way too early to tell if Edge will be a priority in the 2020 Draft, Alton Robinson is an OLB I will be keeping an eye on this CFB season.
  11. Pretty good statistical comparison to the Titans 2017 and 2018 seasons here.
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