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  1. Was wondering why so many in draft media were down on Micah Parsons this would explain it.
  2. Packers impersonating the Titans 3rd down defense on that first drive.
  3. Not at all unusual for a team to hold onto assistant coaches until the new HC is appointed and decides who he wants to keep and who he wants to let go.
  4. 49ers can easily add another $24 million in cap room by cutting or trading Garoppolo.
  5. Schefter alluded to the same thing a couple of days ago.
  6. Leslie Frazier expected to be interviewed a second time for the Texans HC job should the Bills lose to the Chiefs in the AFCCG tomorrow.
  7. lol Daniel Jeremiah just updated his recently released mock draft 1.0 by sending Stafford to the Colts, the Lions then took Michigan pass rusher Kwitty Paye one spot in front of us with pick #21 they acquired from the Colts. Jeremiah really sticking it to Titans fans with those changes.
  8. Same question could be asked about Nathaniel Hackett if the Packers win tomorrow and progress to the Super Bowl.
  9. Colts could sign Trent Williams in free agency to fill that LT spot for the next couple of years.
  10. They will probably have a veteran in place whether it be Kelly or Sambrailo in the hope Wilson gets his shit together in the next 6 months. The problem with this draft is if you want an OT that can start anytime soon you probably have to take them in the top 45 picks and I simply don't see JRob taking another RT in the top 45 after taking Wilson last year.
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