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    Around the NFL

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    Around the NFL

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    current 2019 NFL draft order

    2019 NFL Draft Order after Week 14 Interesting little quirky situation, the Cards/49ers have the same SOS and are separated by additional tiebreakers, also the Chiefs/Rams have the same SOS but would need a coin toss to separate as they are in different divisions. 1. 49ers 2. Cardinals 3. Raiders 4. Falcons 5. Jets 6. Bills 7. Jags 8. Bucs 9. Lions 10. Giants 11. Bengals 12. Packers 13. Browns 14. Redskins 15. Panthers 16. Eagles 17. Broncos 18. Dolphins 19. Colts 20. Titans 21. Vikings 22. Ravens 23. Steelers 24. Raiders (From Cowboys) 25. Seahawks 26. Raiders (From Bears) 27. Texans 28. Patriots 29. Chargers 30. Packers (From Saints) 31. Rams 32. Chiefs
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    Around the NFL

    That is putrid from the Vikings offense.
  5. AussieTitanFan08

    Around the NFL

    No idea what happens to him in prime time games, he is 0-6 in MNF games. DeFilippo copping plenty of criticism as well.
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    Around the NFL

    WTF was Russell Wilson doing on that INT
  7. AussieTitanFan08

    Derrick Brown Aurbun

    In his recruiting class Brown was considered one of the top prospects coming out of High School. My question regarding Brown is whether he offers enough interior disruption/penetration to be worthy of a late first/early second round pick. We have solid run stuffers in Johnson/Jones, if we were to spend an early round pick on IDL he would need to offer some real pass rushing /disruption upside.
  8. AussieTitanFan08

    Rashaan Evans

    The draft capital cost is just too prohibitive to make that move, assuming we end up picking somewhere between 16-22 it would likely cost our first and third round picks this year plus our first rounder in 2020.
  9. AussieTitanFan08

    Marquise Brown = Tyreek Hill?

    Next year is the year to spend a premium pick on a WR, this is the year for Edge/DL in the first round.
  10. AussieTitanFan08

    Rashaan Evans

    Absolutely, I remember in January when everyone was calling me crazy for suggesting we would have to trade up to get one of the elite ILB in the 2018 draft. Vander Esch was my draft crush in the 2018 draft, in tandem with Jaylon Smith they have been incredible for the Cowboys this year.
  11. AussieTitanFan08

    Rashaan Evans

    Totally agree with this.
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    Giants Week

  13. AussieTitanFan08

    Giants Week