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  1. Vrabel has said that Davis isn't ready due to all the time he missed in camp, pretty telling he has been a healthy inactive the first two weeks of the season.
  2. No team is giving up multiple premium picks without having a contract extension in place, its why any trade involving Ramsey might take a while to be done.
  3. Fitzpatrick was traded to the Steelers yesterday he is no longer available.
  4. Would really love to know what JRob/Vrabel are seeing that no one else is regarding Mariota, how much worse does Mariota need to be before they bench him.
  5. Crazy the amount of injuries to starting QB's around the league after only 2 weeks.
  6. With so few realistic contenders it will embolden a few teams to go all in this year.
  7. Think we will see plenty more big moves ahead of the trade deadline in 6 weeks time, with so few true Superbowl contenders this year, there is going to be an arms race between the likes of the Chiefs/Patriots/Ravens in the AFC and the Cowboys/Packers/Rams/Seahawks in the NFC. The teams listed above will be scouring to trade market to try and find that final piece they believe will help them with that Superbowl push. Only 2 weeks into the season it feels like you can already put a line through around 12 teams playoff chances due to either poor overall roster quality or injuries.