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  1. Sounds like Clowney could be a Titan if they wanted him to be one.
  2. Madden potentially leaked Clowney to Titans
  3. It's because there aren't any cons lol
  4. It's some real psychopaths in here.. can't handle adversity.. It's still a one score game you fuckin clowns..
  5. O man.. What happened to your love fest with Jimmy Garoppolo LOL??
  6. I don't understand how anyone can watch that game and blame Marcus..Some guys just have a hard on for him..
  7. Aren't you guys tired of overreacting to first year quarter backs? It's become a yearly thing..some hot shot QB starts out on fire and then D Coordinators get film and said quarter back is all of a sudden overrated.. Like clock work
  8. That's what I thought..No way Marcus missed him that bad.
  9. I would bet anything Marcus was throwing it to a spot though..
  10. Wait... Wtf was that at the beginning?? Did someone piss off Psycho Vrabel?
  11. That's not what this say's. Arizona’s Dane Cruikshank is a chess piece defensive back who has a similar skill set and fit to the NFL as Minkah Fitzpatrick. He should get more hype as a top 50 prospect, and there should not be a multi-round gap between the two. I explain here: https://t.co/HMhbmR9fnO
  12. Meh, Evans actually solves both needs. Another cover S is more pressing IMO.
  13. Y'all are going to be pissed when Robinson passes on Landry.
  14. Have the Titans even met with Landry? I wouldn't be surprised if they pass on him.
  15. I've been hard on Vrabel the lunatic but this was his best interview by far.
  16. Vrabel is a dick and he's going to wear thin on the players.

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