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  1. I don't understand how anyone can watch that game and blame Marcus..Some guys just have a hard on for him..
  2. Aren't you guys tired of overreacting to first year quarter backs? It's become a yearly thing..some hot shot QB starts out on fire and then D Coordinators get film and said quarter back is all of a sudden overrated.. Like clock work
  3. That's what I thought..No way Marcus missed him that bad.
  4. I would bet anything Marcus was throwing it to a spot though..
  5. Wait... Wtf was that at the beginning?? Did someone piss off Psycho Vrabel?
  6. That's not what this say's. Arizona’s Dane Cruikshank is a chess piece defensive back who has a similar skill set and fit to the NFL as Minkah Fitzpatrick. He should get more hype as a top 50 prospect, and there should not be a multi-round gap between the two. I explain here: https://t.co/HMhbmR9fnO
  7. Meh, Evans actually solves both needs. Another cover S is more pressing IMO.
  8. Y'all are going to be pissed when Robinson passes on Landry.
  9. Have the Titans even met with Landry? I wouldn't be surprised if they pass on him.
  10. I've been hard on Vrabel the lunatic but this was his best interview by far.
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