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  1. Sounds like Clowney could be a Titan if they wanted him to be one.
  2. Madden potentially leaked Clowney to Titans
  3. It's because there aren't any cons lol
  4. It's some real psychopaths in here.. can't handle adversity.. It's still a one score game you fuckin clowns..
  5. O man.. What happened to your love fest with Jimmy Garoppolo LOL??
  6. I don't understand how anyone can watch that game and blame Marcus..Some guys just have a hard on for him..
  7. Aren't you guys tired of overreacting to first year quarter backs? It's become a yearly thing..some hot shot QB starts out on fire and then D Coordinators get film and said quarter back is all of a sudden overrated.. Like clock work
  8. That's what I thought..No way Marcus missed him that bad.

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