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  1. You mean they weren't convinced by two seasons' worth of "proof", but a couple of passes in PSG1 caused them to do an about face?
  2. There has to be. Look at all the posts! They're in too deep, can't let it go now. A lack of anything about a controversy only means they'll work harder to convince themselves that one exists. See?
  3. They replayed it in slow motion, but the idiot announcer was counting in real time the number of seconds between the time the ball was released and the defender made the hit. He counted 3 seconds, LOL.
  4. Always impressed by these "I know what they're thinking" posts.
  5. Maybe they weren't looking at cramming as many sports clich├ęs as they could find into one production, not that what they ended up with was anything to get excited about.
  6. Darius Reynaud. They signed him in 2012 and he did fine. He began 2013 with the safety against the Steelers, continued to suck, and was cut after the 49ers game in which he killed a possible 4th quarter comeback by muffing a punt.
  7. I was so impressed by his insincere sanctimonious grandstanding that I really believed, for a couple of seconds anyway, that his opinion mattered. As for Lewan... I believe him until given reason to doubt him. He seems to barely be smart enough to know not to take any banned substances. He does not seem smart enough to have his supplements tested. Has always struck me as a guy who is bright enough to not intentionally do anything wrong but ignorant enough to end up in trouble because he doesn't know what he's doing.
  8. I understand what you said. You made a wild assumption that they collude with scalpers to generate additional profits for themselves. They could generate additional profits, and more of them, and more easily, by simply pricing their tickets higher. Since you brought it up, what percentage of, say, concert tickets do you think TM gets double commissions on each year? Just curious.
  9. If the problem is scalpers, the solution is for Ticketmaster to sell tickets at higher prices because scalping only works when the true market value of a ticket is considerably higher than the price printed on the ticket.
  10. We live outside of Nashville and have been DT once in the last couple of years, and that was just driving through. We go to Titans games and park across the river (on the stadium side), and that's about as close to DT as we get. We went there a couple of times a month for years on end. It's not worth the hassle anymore. It's a crowded redneck version of the LV strip. No thanks, I can have the real LV strip (minus the rednecks) for less hassle than going DT. I disagree. Drunk redneck tourists and the wealthy the are geese that are laying the golden eggs, and they're going to see the majority of the rewards. There are spillover benefits to regular people (great increases in property values, for example) that they can take advantage of. I don't know about you, but if my property value shoots sky high in a relatively short period of time you can bet your ass that I'm selling and getting the hell out because the odds are that something is coming that I'll hate.
  11. The team was a result of the growth, not a cause of it. The city was growing before the Titans arrived (that was part of Bredesen's selling point to Adams) and the city was growing afterwards. Had the Titans never moved here there wouldn't be much difference in the growth of the city. It would still be the mess that it is.
  12. In the same boat. Not a fan of public financing of stadiums. However... if my family is going to be punished with a higher tax rate for the crime of not sucking at life in order to (among many other things) waste money those who do suck, I want as much of that money as possible wasted on something that benefits my family. I simply want as much of an ROI as I can get. That being said, I don't live in Davidson County and don't care about the taxes in Davidson County. One other pet peeve: what difference does it make if the owners are billionaires? Public funding for stadiums is a good/bad idea regardless of an owner's wealth.
  13. Little did we know when he was hired in 2011 as a lowly QC coach that it was all a ploy by his daddy to allow him to rise up through the coaching ranks, surviving the death of the owner and the resignation of a controlling owner, two GMs, and three head coaches. It was also part of the ploy that he rarely said anything to players about being part of "that" Smith family and that he has a reputation in the locker room of being very respected by the players. I'd say if his dad is competent to orchestrate all of that, we should let him be the GM.
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