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  1. I believe you are sincere and that it's the only reason you can come up with, unless you put some more thought into it and come up with something even more absurd.
  2. You're trying to make a case that Mason Rudolph might have said something based on the words and actions of people who aren't Mason Rudolph and have nothing to do with him or this incident.
  3. "Well, he's one of those MAGAs. You know how they are. And he was mad. This one person at Popeye's said the n-word. So... that proves he said it!" "Of course his PR people don't want anyone to know about it. That's why they told him, even before his post-game comments, not to say anything about it. Which is why they told us about it today - they don't want anyone to know that it happened. Sooooooooo we know he probably said it because of MAGA Popeye's and because the NFL said that there's no evidence at all that it happened. And all of the Browns players who were asked about it said they'd never heard about it until today, that proves that it happened. And all of the refs who were within earshot of the two guys didn't hear it -- that proves it happened. And it was picked up by none of the mic'd up players and none of the parabolic mics that pick up every freaking breath that's taken during the game -- that also proves it happened. To sum it up, the complete and total lack of evidence at all PROVES IT HAPPENED!!!"
  4. It could be something that was part of his settlement with the league or something the league is doing to fend off the idea that they are holding him back. Regardless, it's on him if teams show up and aren't impressed.
  5. GoT doesn't have these types of problems. Seriously, this place is shoulder-deep with crap from regular posters that defies all logic and reason and you want to put limits on newbies because it's too tough to deal with a troll every now and then? LOL!
  6. Everyone is tired of "Mariota just needs a chance even though it's his 5th year" threads that now we've got a "Winston just needs a chance even though it's his 5th year" thread. And people think the Titans subReddit is dumb??
  7. "I know, we've got 3 guaranteed points. But how about this? Let's let the MVP punter run the ball and get tackled! Maybe we get some points, maybe we don't - but they'll never see it coming!!!"
  8. LOL, he’s made several dumb decisions so far this season and he tends to react to any challenging questions with wandering gibberish. He has no business taking questions if he’s that thin skinned. How dare PK ask him questions about the game, right? His job is to answer those questions- that’s why they have the Q & A.
  9. Good throw by RT. Decisive, poised. Once he throws it to the right team, he'll be gold!!!!