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  1. What you can/can't do with the tickets is part of the terms and agreements that PSL holders agree to abide by. If they don't want to stick with those terms, then they don't need to be agreeing to them.
  2. This lawsuit is a joke. The issue is that the Titans are charging them more than everyone else. The PSL agreement (and subsequent revisions) contain language that the team can change ticket prices, limit the number of PSLs sold to a buyer, and can yank your PSL(s) from you in cases of egregious reselling/brokering activity. Also, you don't get to dictate to the team how much they have to charge you for tickets. The funny part is that the PSL owners' complaint cites the relevant portions of the PSL agreements that clearly spell out the rights of the team, then claims that the a
  3. The station has to be in a rough financial situation to make those types of moves. They get rid of their morning show and replace it with some rookie and his jock sidekick. They pull Mickey from 3HL and put him with the worst radio personality possible, Blaine Bishop. They had a couple of goofs on that lasted a couple of months and recently replaced them with Buck Reising. Reising can be OK in small doses but good grief, he has scant broadcasting experience and his schtick is too much and you can't really take anything he says seriously. And finally, 3HL is ass these days. Bre
  4. Moving on is a staple of the radio business.
  5. It's because he was part of the #1 show that left the team's flagship station. Kuharsky said that the Titans want The Zone in a more cheerleadery type of role. I don't know how restrained (if at all) any of the trio felt when they were a part of The Zone, but they sure as hell have no reason to feel that way now. That was pretty much it. He made some remark about how PK got coverage in a local paper/magazine (Nashville Scene, probably) while he's been on the radio and had recently launched a (horrible, pointless, dull, and widely ignored) blog. PK called him out on it and it went d
  6. I can't wait to see John Feinstein's excuses. He's been hugging Jackson's nuts since before he was drafted because he feels any criticism of him is racially motivated.
  7. Travis and Kuharsky are the only two journalists who weren't pathetic knob-slobberers and people here couldn't stand them. Then they'd complain about the quality of local sports journalism. Go figure.
  8. The Zone is having money issues, the whole radio industry is having money issues. That's why they cut Mark and Kevin and replaced them with the two chumps in the morning and thinned out the afternoon hosts. The Midday180's contracts were up and they couldn't agree on terms with the station. No one outside of the crybabies who have to view everything through a political prism. The rest of the world enjoys those with strong, distinct personalities who are able to articulately and passionately articulate a point.
  9. They are now a part of the Clay Travis Outkick group.
  10. Unless they do. Depending on which variables are in play, running Henry into stacked boxes might be the smart thing to do. Splitting 10s against a dealer's 6 in blackjack is blasphemous, but it's the proper play depending on the circumstances.
  11. A data-driven analytic approach to making decisions is the OPPOSITE of new age crap. Geez. Additionally, the less a person understands analytics, the less able he is to appreciate the use of them. Congrats, Maka, you win!
  12. Because he's loud, obnoxious, and not in an entertaining way. Tries too hard to be funny and doesn't succeed. Imagine the white preppy loudmouth who really thinks he's "down with the brothers," but the brothers he's supposedly down with all laugh at him and he thinks they're laughing WITH him. I don't know if he thinks that or anything, he just has that "everyone knows he's a joke but him" vibe about him.
  13. Read words to the effect somewhere that the team would use their plane. The team plane can't be tracked. Can't remember where I read it; he may end up flying commercial.
  14. I don't see the point of anyone signing him as a starter. At best he can help a really bad team win a couple more games. That just moves them further away from a good pick in the draft. There's really no benefit for a middling team to sign him because he's not likely to be any better than what they already have. As a backup? That's even worse. He's going to have his crowd that's just like the special breed of clowns that every college program has: "his crowd" believes he's the answer to everything and he can do no wrong. They're going to start making noise whenever the start
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