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  1. If people are upset with having their taxes lowered, they need to have their heads examined.  My wife wants a big refund for some reason, I want the money available to us each month.
  2. No, but that doesn't mean that everyone implements it properly. I work for a large global conglomerate and our payroll people never seem to have an issue with any of this. My wife works for a small company (500 people) and she fired her comptroller because he either didn't make the adjustments or did so incorrectly. Our incomes rose by $6000 and our tax liability rose by less than $1000. Itemized for 2017, standard deduction for 2018. In the past we had refunds between $3000 and $5000, which is stupid so we adjusted our withholdings so that we'd have a refund of less than $500 or have to pay in as much as $500 at tax time. We guesstimated this year that we'd hit that target with no withholding adjustments and were close - $650 refund. Something that always amazes me is that some people judge their tax situation by the size of their refund (or lack thereof). They have no idea how much they paid in income taxes, what their top marginal tax rate is, or what their effective tax rate is.
  3. The smart decision is to walk away. The dumb decision is to buy tickets for another season. Google's first result: https://hfboards.mandatory.com/forums/nashville-predators.33/
  4. Brady is on a team that's always in contention and he's always surrounded by talent that helps to keep the team in contention. I would speculate that his ego's need to be the GOAT is stronger than his financial concerns. There's a tradeoff between big money and big success and he appears to have chosen success.
  5. KSA Industries is the corporation that owns the Titans. LOL, don't know much about the transport industry, do you?
  6. Or dollars. The harassment ended in 2013. The Instagram post was made in February 2018. He threatened them over FOUR YEARS after the fact.
  7. com·ple·men·ta·ry /ˌkämpləˈment(ə)rē/ adjective 1. combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other or another. "three guitarists playing interlocking, complementary parts" synonyms:harmonizing, harmonious, complementing, supportive, supporting, reciprocal, interdependent, interrelated, compatible, corresponding, matching, twin; More Not to be the grammar nazi (a grammar nazi's work would never be done on this board), but you make a genuine effort to use the proper terms, avoid errors, and so forth. Plus, complimentary/complementary is one of my bigger pet peeves.
  8. LOL, he was a shitbag who was in the process of ditching his wife and setting a GREAT example for his kids. Dumb jock slips out behind his wife's back and talks some game to an immature 19 or 20 year-old ditzy airhead. Real smart move, Steve. Wanna know something about 19 year-olds who fall for 36 year-olds? They're as screwed up as the guys they're falling for. Having an attractive wife who also raised his kids wasn't enough, I don't guess. This isn't to say that either of them deserved death, only that selfish idiots tend to be drawn to other selfish idiots and do selfish idiot things. And if you're not smart enough to realize that then walk right up and happily accept that Darwin Award.
  9. Is he a diva that will destroy the locker room or one that can be managed by the locker room? If it's the latter, I'd have no problem. If you're going to wait on the WR with no issues, you'll be waiting a while.
  10. ::::sigh:::: No one said otherwise. RollDummy's point is that MM's performance is more a reflection of his OC than of himself. If that's how he feels, then Robiskie is to blame for MM's giant step backwards last year.
  11. And had a career high completion percentage, an increase in his TD percentage, a drop in his INT percentage, a drop in total INTs, more TDs than INTs. If you want to compare his from 2018 to 2017, go ahead, but don't ignore the ones that you don't like. If the OC is to blame for Mariota's performance, then I guess it's Robiskie's fault for Mariota's 2017. You know, when the big story was the regression of Mariota.
  12. Speculation of people who know more about it than either of us. For someone who doesn’t think it’s that big a deal, you sound triggered.
  13. Speculation of people who know more about it than either of us. For someone who doesn’t think it’s that big a deal, you sound triggered.
  14. The risk was WITH THE INJURY AS IT IS TODAY, not that he's forever at risk. The issue may be resolved enough in a week not to present the same risk.
  15. Maybe the risk isn't that bad at all and they play him. If so, great. If they determine that it's too much and don't play him, I don't blame them. I trust the judgment of the team when it comes to the risk-reward analysis of putting a guy's career on the line. How many of them will be playing with injuries that are likely to end their career if they are aggravated in this game? I mean, yeah, I understand your "logic" that they owe you, but no. The team will make a decision and you'll like it.
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