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  1. Mariota playing for him, He maybe knows will hit the market next year so he's playing safe. No Int, no fumbles... So boring....
  2. Now it's time to say that Mike Vrabel is not a Leader of men. It's time to hire an Offensive Minded Coach, draft a QB,and start it over again. This team is going nowhere. Thoughts??
  3. With 1:20 and no timeouts... Game Over 😩😩😩
  4. You just can open another account.. Easily...
  5. Playoff Machine :
  6. A. Rodgers is a very good QB and he has fix nothing... just sayin'...
  7. They can clean the house again and start it over , (is not my money) , but at some point we need to have patience and wait for better results the next year.
  8. 10-6 here we go !!! Just fuckin' kidding LOL
  9. I thought he was bring here to catch passes in the flat , but here he is being used a primary back , and we know the results...
  10. With the Titans notching a playoff win on the road after clinching the franchise’s first postseason berth since 2008, Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk unsurprisingly issued a statement Sunday supporting third-year Tennessee head coach Mike Mularkey. And that’s understandable given the Titans hadn’t won a playoff game since 2003. But make no mistake, Mularkey’s job was in jeopardy if the Titans had lost and lost big against Kansas City. Tennessee general manager Jon Robinson, a former Patriots front office member, was expected to pursue New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels if he the team had an opening. And there are many within the league who feel Mularkey’s power-run-based offense remains ill fitting for the talents of quarterback Marcus Mariota, whose development stalled in 2017. From a long-term perspective, the Titans may wind up losing as a cost of their playoff win this weekend.
  11. lol sorry , but you should have read the whole article or at least read who wrote it...
  12. Tennessee Titans: If the Titans beat the Jags on Sunday, they’re in the playoffs. If they lose, there could be a coaching change. And if there is one, I’d bet McDaniels is in the mix to reunite with his ex-Patriot colleague Jon Robinson.
  13. You can go and attend , it's up to you. I'm going to be at home cheering for they to win the game as usual , I'm gpoing to celebtrate if they win , that's for sure. This is my point:
  14. I did not wish they lose , I wish a new Head Coach & staff . I want playoffs too as every year , I hope they win and make a run to the SB , but I do not think it will.
  15. At the end of the day this is a Business, just like that. All the hype that Titans official twitter account is doing to engage us to go to the Nissan stadium is business. How many years the stadium has been full to capacity? Many , even when the product on the field was worse than this one. The management is interested in sell tickets and you should know it.They want $$$$. Mularkey & all his dinosaurs folks should be fired at the end of this season; What is the only way to show our discomforts? Not going to the stadium, just like that. Everybody is talking about all the LOVE that Amy Adams Strunk has for Mularkey, and I ask myself why she only gave him a 3 years contract instead a 5 years contract as others coaches? Why? Because this is a business, she can like him but everything has its limits.She should be smart and go to media and put in the hot seat to this coaching staff. Do you want this coaching staff back next year? Go to the Nissan stadium; show your sympathy with this organization. Do you like the mediocrity? Go to the Nissan stadium.But don’t forget this team was 8-4 , now they are selling you that this is the game that matters when they HAVE LOST the last 3 games versus “sorry " teams. I love the Titans and I'll always do , trust me , but I am tired of this mediocrity , because they want us to conform with this slogan "We win we're in" , c'mon , we should be playing for the AFC South title. Be Smart and see how others teams have done very well with a change on the coaching staff. Don't allow the mediocrity, demand a good product on the field, the playoffs should have been automatic this year taking account the state of our division. Is a shame the Titans ask for support this Sunday when we have been all these years supporting them and they have been gave us very poor seasons. I want a Super Bowl, I want a competitive team week in week out, I want to be proud of this team, and I want to be fan of one of the best organization on the NFL. Is that much to ask for??? GO Titans !!!
  16. You need to win in your division to go to playoffs , this team is going to lose this one and the next week vs Hou ....... 8-8 HERE WE GO !!!!!!!
  17. I'm going to root for other teams after the Titans win vs Denver and /or KC , because this team always has disappoint us when the big games comes , so at this moment I guess this is a waste of time ,because they need first win the game vs Denver and then we can start with the all the speculations...
  18. I do exactly the same , and I did it at the end of 2014 too ....