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  1. I feel like I keep noticing Landry more and more each week. He is disruptive as hell and he’s always hustling to the ball from the back end on run plays away from his side. I still can’t believe we got him in the 2nd.
  2. Has Henry ever even shown up on the injury report in his 4 years here? That dude is a machine. *knocks on wood *
  3. They could but they’d pry overthrow him!
  4. We’ve made some fantastic open field tackles today.
  5. 2nd Chiefs game in a row we won on a skinny post to a white WR. 😱
  6. It's absurd to even discuss Robinson being on some sort of hot seat. He clearly has an eye for talent and is not afraid to admit his mistakes.
  7. Marcus Mariota is the least elusive fast guy I’ve ever encountered.
  8. That first half wasn't on Vrabel. It was 100% on the players.