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  1. Ain’t gonna matter when these guys are your 2021 Super Bowl champs.
  2. It’s nice not having to worry about our GM making shitty decisions. The dude is no nonsense and rewards guys for stellar play. Easily a top 5 GM in the league today.
  3. I might do a complete 180 on J-Rob if he lets Tannehill slip through our fingers. There is ZERO reason 17 shouldn’t be our starting QB week 1.
  4. Carlos Hyde isn’t in the same solar system as Derrick Henry.
  5. We just beat the defending champs and a 14-2 team without really needing to use our QB all that much and he delivered when we did use him. The hate for Tannehill is honestly hilarious because of “muh stats” but accounting for 3 TDs on 14 pass attempts against a top 5 defense is pretty damn solid in my book. The 49ers hid Jimmy in the 2nd half of the Vikings game and people are equating that to what the Titans are doing with Tannehill. The Titans aren’t hiding Tannehill. We simply haven’t needed to use him much in the past 2 games. The situations aren’t remotely similar.
  6. It’s like they don’t realize Henry has used them as toilet paper the last 2 times we’ve met.
  7. Chiefs fans are confident. What’s new. “STOP HENRY AND MAKE TANNEHILL BEAT YOU!” Feel like I’ve read that before. 😂 https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=327953&page=3
  8. To be fair on that goalline sweep he most likely scores the TD if the 2nd defender hadn’t came from behind and literally lifted his leg off the ground to remove his momentum. It was a very smart play from the defender.
  9. Tannehill has been accurate as they come this year and we’ve got some big play weapons. We’ve shown we can score quickly or on long drawn out drives. I don’t think we’re gonna be able to play our game tonight because your offense is simply too lethal. With that being said, we’ve shown we can hang with the big boys if it comes to being a shootout. Our offense will need to be nearly flawless though and possibly get a big play or two from our defense/ST. Either way it’s going be an uphill battle from our standpoint but I think we’ve shown we can do it.
  10. I’m praying the Ravens sell out to stop the run.
  11. Annoying. Chicks are drawn to me like a moth to a flame.

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