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  1. I think Tywin knew about Jamie and Cersei but refused to believe it.
  2. It’s too bad that he’s such a mental midget considering he was a very productive receiver for us.
  3. We were having such a great offseason only to be undone with this fuckin awful hire.
  4. No, no, no tgo. You got it wrong. Ya see it’s actually next year’s 4th and this year’s 7th.
  5. If this dude ends up makin a cupcake commercial Imma lose it.
  6. If I remember correctly that SF games was on Delanie more than anybody. He had a dropped TD pass and willingly went out of bounds which gave SF time to march down the field. I believe Mularkey had a clock management blunder as well. That Cards game might be the worst of Mariota’s career.
  7. Big Ben was brutal in his first SB if I remember correctly.
  8. You could make this assumption about 31 other fanbases as well.
  9. Ebron had a great year but he’s still a low IQ player who makes backbreaking mistakes. Dropped 3rd down pass and runs a route a yard short of the sticks.
  10. And they all think he’s better when he’s outside the pocket making plays with his arm. He’s actually worse at that!
  11. So him adjusting his opinion based on recent play is a bad thing now? Should he just blindly hate on a guy even if he improves?
  12. Say what you want about Marcus but he makes 75% of those third down throws Gabbert missed.
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