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  1. I would say miss less than two games, but also, dont have nagging injuries that he plays through but make him suck even more. Realistically You want TD's in the 30's Int to be 12 or less and 4k passing yards, at least thats what the better QB's are doing. But he has never thrown for 30 TD's or 4k yards in his 4 years here so it likely wont change now.
  2. So, stats that he has never posted in his 4 years here.
  3. Yeah I still can’t believe how he just bailed on the team. I guess I can’t blame that on Robinson
  4. While it’s good to admit mistakes, and Robinson has found some good players like Byard and brown, he has also missed on quite a few. Johnson, Dodd, Conklin possibly which looks bad because he traded up for him. Some of his free agent signing have fizzled out as such as Mathews and Kline. I guess we’ll see what happens. Hopefully Davis and Adoree will continue to improve and price as great picks.
  5. Is it concerning he only had 7 sacks in 3 years or did I read that wrong?
  6. He also picked Kevin Byard in the 3rd who has become an absolute steal for us from a smaller school.
  7. You should see the Titans official twitter. People saying they are done with the team because we now sign women beaters and that we have no morality. Its insane.
  8. I dipped my nutz in cinnamon last night, did the Mariota Hawaiian dance, and sniffed Amy Adams left boob so that Simmons injury will heal before week 1.
  9. Totally agree. How can you be called the jets and have nothing on there signifying a jet? I don’t get it. Nike pays people millions of dollars to come up with this stuff.
  10. You’d think with the name jets they could do some cool things. Guess I was wrong
  11. I actually have ended up liking ours quite a bit. Besides the blue armpit I think ours look great and love how they incorporated the sword
  12. What do you think? I’m big into unis so that’s why I posted. I like the metallic green helmet and the shade of green. Other than that I think they’re not great. Their is no jet anywhere on the uniforms which seems odd. I like how we incorporated our swords in ours. This one seems a bit lazy like the jags.
  13. He’s a great human being though, I can’t stress that enough, he’s a great human being. Really all that matter am I right?
  14. 100% agree. It’s kind of strange, but in game they look so much better
  15. I just assumed when he said getting healthy he meant he wasn’t yet
  16. Probably saw Mariota stats and realized his career would be killed
  17. I think we should have got Jake Locker as the OC. I think he’d know how to utilize him the best. He could show him how to retire after his rookie deals up, how to get hurt the right way, and honestly just like Mariota, Lockers just a great guy, which is really important when building a team
  18. They know whoever they get Mariota will make them look like ass so just promote from within and then go get a real OC next year after mariotas gone.
  19. Imagine if we had a good QB. I’ll be so glad when he’s gone. Hes become such a huge weakness and we still went 9-7 that’s the amazing part
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