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  1. Probably saw Mariota stats and realized his career would be killed
  2. I think we should have got Jake Locker as the OC. I think he’d know how to utilize him the best. He could show him how to retire after his rookie deals up, how to get hurt the right way, and honestly just like Mariota, Lockers just a great guy, which is really important when building a team
  3. They know whoever they get Mariota will make them look like ass so just promote from within and then go get a real OC next year after mariotas gone.
  4. Imagine if we had a good QB. I’ll be so glad when he’s gone. Hes become such a huge weakness and we still went 9-7 that’s the amazing part
  5. I’ve gone through parts of it. 69 pages just too much for me to read each post.
  6. You have to be one of the most narcissistic, entitled people on this board. Really blows my mind.
  7. Any idea why we haven’t heard anything on interviews?
  8. My bad. 4th quarter, game on the line at home versus the eagles is much harder than going against the patriots in the super bowl.
  9. So he can win the super bowl but he can’t win games Mariota has. Ok then
  10. Yeah nobody would help out, oh well
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