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  1. I still cant believe the Texans didnt take VY. He would have been huge there. Seems like such a huge missed opportunity
  2. Delanie literally questioning the Titans social media
  3. Your profile picture is how I feel after reading all of that
  4. To be fair, even though Mariota wasnt playing great I think he looked better before Vrabel got here.
  5. Do you think they will have butt-sex later?
  6. He doesn't trust his offensive line. Even after he stepped up he starts running because he thinks the defender is going to get him from behind. Part of the O line being bad is them, but it is also Mariota running into sacks. Unfortunately, he looks broken. I think injuries from each season have mentally blocked him from playing the way he did in college. he was fearless there, but not anymore. I blame him, but I also blame the Titans as well. We never put him in a system that plays to his strengths.
  7. Broncos - W Chargers - L Bucs - W Panthers - L Chiefs - L Jags - W Colts - L Raiders - L Texans - L Saints - L Texans - L 5-11 my opinion
  8. Just going by what Davenport tweeted
  9. Kevin Byard has our longest TD pass dating back to 2018. Let that sink in, our safety has the longest TD pass we've thrown in over a year.
  10. Ironic that he’s the one that calls others Tard