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  1. I really think his broken leg messed up his psyche. I feel he plays a little timid now almost anticipating the next hit.
  2. Yeah man its definitely hard to deal with especially if they keep happening. It sucks you had to deal with that
  3. Well I think Arthur Smith seems to gel with him personality wise and isnt changing the playbook on him so that is good. I think he has lost confidence from other things too. Don't get me wrong, I think Mariota has been terrible, but we have done him no favors. Constant coaching changes have really hurt him just like they did Alex Smith
  4. Are you being sarcastic? I played football in HS and I had a pretty bad head injury, cue @japan saying thats why I act the way I do. Anyway, it messed me up mentally and even though the injury healed I always played timid and worried about if it would happen again. It eventually got so bad that I was benched and that was the end for me.
  5. As much as I think Mariota has been bad, whoever wrote this is a jackass. The reason the did his 5th year is so they can see what they have. Theyre not gonna sign his 5th year and then be like, well hes sucked in practice so thats it. Most likely hell get the first 4-5 games of the season and if we start slow because of him hell be pulled. These articles are just to get clicks. I highly doubt this guy even believes what hes writing. One thing I will say though is that I really think that broken leg is what has caused his play to be the way it is. When he was so calm and confident. I think having an injury like that has mentally messed him up to wear he plays a little panicked. I am rooting for him this year. I hope that he can bounce back and go to his old form. Just my two cents.
  6. Cam Newton has been good. MVP and been to the super bowl
  7. These guys wanting to be the highest paid because of their ego. I remember when you had to actually accomplish something, MVP, Super Bowl or something along those lines to say I want to be the highest paid QB. Now you have chumps like Prescott who has not achieved that much wanting to be one of the highest paid. These QBs are sabotaging their teams.
  8. If that’s the case then you can’t really get mad. If he’s damaged for life they should at least acknowledge it.
  9. I think his nerve injury permanently damaged his arm
  10. Just ordered 17 tanny jerseys. He may be the greatest QB in titans history after VY
  11. Lets not forgot Mularkey having Adoree Jackson as the main target on a 4th dwon play against the cardinals a few years back at the end of the game. That was the final straw for me
  12. Do we know if his hand is completely healed? For all we know he may still have some nerve issues and that’s why they gave him some rest.
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