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  1. XanderMXIX

    Dennis Kelly

    Damn bro
  2. XanderMXIX

    Dennis Kelly

  3. XanderMXIX

    Dennis Kelly

    I don’t know how people can do it. I wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed if I lost a parent. Just incredible what some people can will themselves to do.
  4. XanderMXIX

    Path to the Playoffs

    Dolphins lost
  5. XanderMXIX

    Week 15: Titans at Giants Game Thread

    Great, luck will torch us even more now. Unbelievable. Mathews quote the team, we lose walker, Mariota hurt every hour, Conklin done, Logan hurt. Only seems like the good players are getting hurt
  6. XanderMXIX

    Week 15: Titans at Giants Game Thread

    How bad is Logan Ryan’s injury? Hes on crutches. We’ll be fucked if he’s done
  7. XanderMXIX

    OBJ out Sunday per SportsCenter

    They honestly looked better without him so not sure what to think
  8. XanderMXIX

    AFC South Contest - Week 14

    I’ve never participated in this before what is this?
  9. XanderMXIX

    Giants Week

    You did see the int that Mariota threw against the jags right? He literally jumped as he threw the ball. He keeps doing that anyone will pick him off
  10. XanderMXIX

    Giants Week

    Don’t leave Marcus out
  11. XanderMXIX

    Giants Week

    He’s a selfish drama queen. When he’s out the ball gets distributed. They’re better off without him. Just my opinion
  12. XanderMXIX

    Giants Week

    They’re going to have their best games of their career going against Mariota. He makes everyone on defense look good
  13. Haven’t seen him posting
  14. XanderMXIX

    Jonnu Smith Season Over - MCL (again)

    Our injury luck this year has been awfull
  15. XanderMXIX

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    Hopefully his hand isn’t too messed up