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  1. Hopkins has lit us up every time weve played them, even at full strength. I hope you are right, but I have seen this one too many times against them.
  2. And they're getting our secondary at the right time too. What's your point?
  3. Just saw a tweet from the Titans were going code blue for the game! All light blues for the first time!
  4. Should I use KY Jelly or peanut butter for my asshole this sunday?
  5. Gonna be tough. I hope we can make it. Would suck to be playing so well and miss out.
  6. Just because he’s playing well this year does not mean he will next year. Yes he’s played great but already declaring him franchise QB? Too much for me
  7. You aren’t going to like the conversation after the seasons over and we miss the playoffs
  8. While that’s good it’s looking like our only shot is to win the division. Wildcard seems too hard with Ravens now likely resting starters last week of the season against Steelers. I just don’t see us beating the Texans twice. Really sucks that we waisted the first 6 hands on trash Mariota.
  9. Unfortunately it’s looking like wildcard will be impossible. We have to win 2 out of next 3 and hope the Steelers lose 2 bit the ravens now have a 2 game lead so they’ll most likely rest starters against the Steelers so that’s gonna be an automatic win for the Steelers and I just don’t see us beating the Texans twice in 3 weeks. Really sucks
  10. They gave up 21 points in the first half to a team that scored 12 combined the last two weeks! Lmao!!! Damn you are stupid