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  1. More lawmakers that don't understand existing laws. Gee, whodathunkit eh? LOL
  2. They didn't break the wheel? They remade it of titanium instead?
  3. Sure you don't want to throw the NYG game in there too OMan? Only in @OILERMAN's world do you end the first qtr with the lead, win the game 17-0, yet were forced to execute a "comeback" to win the game. The defense was rolling over for the Jets early on, and Marcus kept them within striking distance, until it mattered. Games are 60 minutes for a reason.
  4. LoT. Lame of Thrones. What a disgrace. 15th century political correctness run amok.
  5. If I was at Lucasfilm I'd be hollering to cancel the contract with D&D.
  6. Fitting that the lame Stark would end up on the throne. Since the term "lame" describes this ending better than any term I can think of. As much as GRRM has relied on real history and events to shape his weaving of this tale, this ending reflects nothing of reality. And that's just lame. If this is how he intended it to end, and he laid this out for D&D, then he decided to become politically correct at the worst possible time. Give me back the GRRM from the last century for the books please. This was a gross disappointment.
  7. I think that given the O-Line's struggles (scheme and injuries) the season was pretty much in the shitter when Delanie went down and then Matthews decided to walk. At the bye week one of the media pundits asked either Sharpe or Taylor (I can't remember which) how many guys had the new scheme memorized. The answer was just one,... Marcus. And then post-season we learned he was riddled with injuries we'd never heard about. I think if the whole team had been able to play, and decided to play, and hadn't been hampered by injuries when they did play, that things would have turned out differently. But,... YMMV
  8. Does any part of this diatribe allow for walkaways or injuries that afflicted players other than the QB, or players that struggled to learn a new scheme in 2018?
  9. Welp, there's one less Joe has to contend with. Unless of course he decides to make her his running mate. LOL
  10. She might be done killing for her original (list) reasons. But if she's around and should someone threaten Jon's life, I think she'd embrace her skills and put them to use on his behalf without reservation.
  11. Got to be Bonzo on drums. Mel Schacher or Stanley Clarke on Bass. Plant or Freddie out front. Stevie on Blues Guitar, Eddie VH, Joe Perry or Angus for pure rock guitarist. For acoustic guitar, Tommy E. gets the nod.
  12. Rohrbacher? He already talked about this. More old news that doesn't add up to anything.
  13. And yet, it's not ironic at all that you obviously don't know the difference, and are incapable of that level of discernment.
  14. No one wants public servants indicted and prosecuted for their political beliefs. We want them prosecuted for their nonfeasance and/or malfeasance. If your political beliefs lead you to commit such crimes, then you have no legitimate claim to being a "public" servant. You're a political servant, and we don't want or need those anywhere in the justice system.
  15. As Mrs Gump used to say,... "Stupid is as stupid does." So, if a woman is doing you, and you think she might be stupid,...
  16. What's pathetic is the way the Maddow media whistles, and you idjits come runnin'. Swallowing everything,... Hook, line and sinker. Hillary didn't win. The Dems didn't carry the Senate. The economy didn't tank. The Stock Market didn't collapse. Trump survived his 1st year. (and his 2nd) Mueller didn't find a case for collusion or obstruction. Schiff and Swallwell obviously lied about the "evidence." And my personal favorite: "It's only a matter of time." When you get done with that bong hit, go buy a clue. You've been duped.
  17. He's also a prime example of how much difference it makes when an O-Lineman is in a blocking scheme he's suited for, and/or accustomed to. He failed miserably in Whiz's power scheme, yet went to the SB with ATL in their zone scheme shortly after being traded. But Bob Bostad was the O-Line coach during his last 2 years in N'ville too, so that may have been a factor as well.
  18. No actually, your side has proven it every passing day. Since about the time hillary declared she was running for president. Or maybe it was when Trump declared. No matter. The leftist mainstream media keeps leading you guys off of cliff after cliff and you won't or can't put down the Kool-Aid, so you keep falling for it with what appears to all the world to be a complete herd mentality. Personally, I would never have guessed it, but the proof is right here in this forum almost daily.
  19. You must have missed the memo,... It was all the Boomers' fault. LOL
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