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  1. Consider the source. ^This. It's up to the GM to have a backup good enough that the team shouldn't need to pressure a player to come back early from something as serious as a cracked vertebra. And now we know those "Abdomen" mentions on the injury report was a strained Oblique. Sorry folks, but that's a significant "core" muscle, and we all know what that means. LOL I think Marcus probably welcomes the idea of Tannehill being a Titan, if for no other reason than the team won't (shouldn't) fall into the abyss because of a Gabbert, or a Cassel or a Mett, and he'll be able to actually recover from injuries, rather than play through the serious ones. And if he can't, then he'll likely be playing elsewhere.
  2. The reality is Delanie will be 35 when the season starts, Jonnu's season ended in injury, Stocker left and the need is real. Between the assist to the outside running game and what happened last season a Tight End should be a priority. They have a bully in the backfield, and need one in the passing game too.
  3. The only person more wrong than Mularkey, more often than Mularkey, is you ya putz. Give it up.
  4. Simple Jake being Simple. Nothing more needs to be said.
  5. Busted. Well, except the pervert part. I don't think it's perverted at all.
  6. I'm thinkin' some scallions, sliced and sprinkled over the top, right after it comes out from under the broiler, lightly caramelized and still bubbling. Maybe serve it with a pepper sauce too, like Yucatan Sunshine or Melinda's Hot Pepper Sauce. The bread needs to be traditional Hawaiian, or forego the bread altogether and serve it on a bed of rice.
  7. The stinger injury Mariota suffered later in the year wasn't the same injury Jake. He was advised by a spinal orthopedic surgeon not to play the final game. The Ulnar nerve is not in the spine Jake. Buy a clue Jake. It's simple, even for you. Take a toke and chill Simple Jake. Mind over matter and all that.
  8. Okay Mr simple, let me spell it out for you. The reason I posted the Wiki article is because without knowing the percentages of motor function vs sensory function was lost due to the damage there's no way to know how badly Mariota was affected Or for that matter, how bad Farve was either. Just because the same injury was suffered by both guys we still don't really know jack shit. We're flying blind here. Don't take stupid to new levels Jake. That's a bad look even for you. Dial it back a tad, have another toke, and chill. We'll know more once TC gets started and the reports start coming in as to who looks good and/or bad. There's no sense arguing speculation.
  9. Then I guess you're saying both the NFL and ESPN are full of shit, and their stats are wrong according to Jake. Cool, glad we got that one cleared up.
  10. Sounds like what we heard about DGB coming out.
  11. GB went 8-8 that season. The worst completion percentage of his career in 2006, 56%. Averaged only 6.3 YPC. Tied for worst in his career. 18TDs 18INTs 72% passer rating on the season. Left the game because of the injury. Lost the following week to Seattle, throwing 3 INTs .
  12. LOL,... Documented bullshit. You've become a caricature of yourself SK.
  13. They aren't facts, they're speculation. Your speculation, and a handful of rabid Demotwats who refuse to accept the results of an investigation THEY wanted. Get over yourself SK. Your bullshit doesn't fly.
  14. That's why the clause about being recommended for indictment is included. If they recommended Trump for indictment, then once he's impeached they could go forward with it. But Mueller has already said no pending or sealed indictments exist. You wanted this strategy, you got it, and now you want to weasel your way around the guidelines for its use. You failed.
  15. Have you seen a Dr or talked with any psychoanalysts about these hallucinatory episodes you're having?
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