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  1. Well, at least we have that much in common. One of us however, is willing to put the blame where it belongs. The other, not so much.
  2. Yeah, let's not. The content of the emails released by Assange was what skewered clinton. The dirty deeds of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the media and hillary clinton were exposed, and the voters didn't approve of them, or the people who perpetrated them. Next time, don't choose a crooked shitbag for a candidate.
  3. Gee, a "chef" that doesn't know pork butt is shoulder meat. You can't make this stuff up folks.
  4. How is this different from what Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson did? Especially considering that Steele and Simpson did it with the help of the obama justice dept., the FBI and clinton's cash? Other than the fact that what Assange released to the world was the truth. Those emails were real, whether Assange got them from a DNC insider or not. The dirty dossier was nothing but a work of fiction. Pure Russian disinfo. JFC, if it weren't for double standards, you guys wouldn't have any standards at all. Both meddled, but you should be disturbed by the fact that one hacker/journo and his network were more effective than the DNC, the DOJ/FBI and clinton's operatives all working in concert. But then again, clinton dirt is probably easier to find, since they've been scattering their slime from Arkansas to Haiti, to the Balkans for 30 years or more. I have to laugh about the obvious timing of this. Epstein's case starts to get interesting and here comes CNN,... CNN: Oh Look! SQUIRREL!
  5. I happened to notice the other day that (one of) my beloved Stanley Thermos, by Aladdin Industries, was made in good ol' Nashville, Tenn. I got it about 1972, the date code is 0571. It still works great, and will keep coffee hot for 24 hrs no problem. Anybody down there know someone who used to work for them? Now they're MIC and weigh about 1/3rd of what they used to, and feel like a cheap toy when you pick one up. They were lifetime guaranteed back in the day. If mine were to fail, I'm sure they'd replace it with Chineseum junk I have no desire to own. They're probably not even a vacuum bottle anymore. They're probably full of Styrofoam or some crap.
  6. So, despite the fact that the defenses the Titans have fielded in the last 3-4 years have managed to beat Brady, Rogers, Wilson, Brees, Wentz and Stafford, they're going to lose to all the good QBs in 2019? With the best defense they've had in the last decade? Interesting.
  7. Of course they did. Not even the racist democrats in the KKK could stand a lying, corrupt candidate like hillary.
  8. I hope someday we get to find out what the democrat's "Salute to Mexico & Central America" is costing us. 'Cuz that one's gonna be a doozy. ROFLMAO
  9. Oh look! Whataboutisms. We love those 'round here at TR.
  10. Well, let's see who the man has been supporting politically, and the causes he's championed for the last 30 years or so,... https://www.opensecrets.org/donor-lookup/results?name=EPSTEIN%2C+JEFFREY+E&page=1 Welp, that looks like roughly $150K to dems, and <$20k to republicans. Odd that I don't see Trumps name there anywhere, since y'all are claiming he and the Donald are so tight.
  11. It'd be a damned shame if Clowney decided at some point he'd rather play for Vrabel. /snark
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