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  1. I wish. I just took a new job a few months ago and moved out of state. This year will be tailgating to Sunday ticket at our new house. We plan on going to a game next season
  2. I was born in west Texas and went to oilers training camp and draft parties with my dad (who also posts on here). Stuck with the team and had no ties to Houston.
  3. It’s not our house or I’d say you’re right. We’re looking to start building later this year
  4. https://www.titanslockerroom.com/collections/kids-titans-jerseys
  5. We ordered them two months before she was born and I think Marcus is the only infant jersey they had. It won’t even fit her properly until next year.
  6. I got Corey Davis, my wife got Henry, and our daughter got Mariota. All look awesome and no regrets. My next will be Byard or Adoree
  7. The belief is that Norwell is headed to the giants and that’s already a done deal. I don’t see them giving him top money and using the 2nd overall pick on a guard. I think they either trade back or pick a QB. If the browns go Barkley at 1, their pick becomes so valuable for teams wanting their pick of any QB
  8. I’m just tired of every single post turning into a 5 part mock draft. Not every reply deserves that kind of reply. Also the 4 post replays to your own reply. Why not just edit your initial post and save people the eye sore of having to see you talking to yourself. I’d just suggest using the time of most of your posts to formulate some kind of weekly thing and posting a FA/draft/whatever else once a week with some thought out into it. Maybe do draft profiles with gifs and analytics. We know you're excited and all but man its gotten way out of hand. Just listen to people’s comments and figure out a happy medium.
  9. Thank you. Getting married, a titans grooms cake, and the fact we can’t lose. Seems like all wins
  10. Getting married. Just happened to work out on a bye week
  11. I listened to it via YouTube and you can barely hear Scotty. There are some parts of the podcast he seems to speak louder and is able to be heard but most of it he's really low.
  12. It's pretty bad here. My part of town has amazing drainage so we've been very fortunate but there is just so much water and so many people flooded. That being said, after Texans fans see how bad their offense is, they'll feel lucky to have FEMA still in town for relief

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