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  1. The coaches should inform the refs pregame about Hopkins pushing off.
  2. Bingo! Here comes another idiot responding.
  3. To show what character is like when the chips are down. 95% of posters here know nothing about. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/titans/2019/12/12/titans-marcus-mariota-ryan-tannehill/4341118002/
  4. Sorry I didn't read anyone's posts. Can you intelligent guys please repeat it again?
  5. What does a measly postal worker know about manly? All the postal workers I've seen are girly men.
  6. I like to deeply apologize to go against the team! 😎
  7. Another pathetic attempt by 9 nines and the idiots who responded to this. rns90 is a perfect example of this. This was done in 2014 when he was to leave Oregon for the NFL.
  8. Wentz...Oman's preferred white QB.
  9. It could be construed either way. So many here have extreme hate for MM, by their comments. With those people in mind, Marcus could go in and "their" unwavering opinion of him would produce a bad product. The other spectrum, Marcus could go in and help the Titans win and play his best. But this scenario, wouldn't change anyone's opinion of him so no one will regret their ill thoughts. But life will show you that people should choose their words are either helpful or hurtful. Not only to the other person but to you as well. This is something I still also need to master but fail many times.
  10. Sorry to break it to you but Hawaii doesn't have any Pelicans.